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There are probably more, but those are the biggest ones. Thanks for the ask! -Heinz

queeniedreamy  asked:

Svt reaction to you (their s/o) finding Jun sooooooooo attractive in very nice teaser?!? I mean it's not their fault for appreciating some good Junhui😍😍

tbh this is me.

this will be 9/13 bc tumblr is being dumb.

-admin gen


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((In which Admin Sal has no energy and motivation, but a massive artblock and a new marker. Sorry guise, this literally is the first thing I was able to force from my hands today, and as you can see, I didn’t try very hard /sobs

But oh man I love it when Artie’s favorite quote gets thrown back in his face like that… though Al, honey, I doubt that quote meant you go around stabbing people with pens instead, no matter how sharp those fuckers are >v<b

Also, tumblr, please stop screwin’ around with the quality of my pics man why is everything blurry stahp eet))

((Admin’s useless advice #2038407623478513134509870978072304750847: For watercolor, all you need to achieve happiness and save your ass is a #6 round (KEEP THAT MOTHERFUCKER NICE AND POINTED), a #000 (DON’T BE CHEAP BUY THE NAME BRAND FOR THIS FUCKER IT’S SO WORTH IT TRUST ME), and a small (or medium if you have to) Chinese brush. Optional is a medium waterbrush for quick line-and-wash sketches ))