admin being dumb


There are probably more, but those are the biggest ones. Thanks for the ask! -Heinz


If Taishiro were to happen, I bet Sora wouldn’t be surprised at all. 

She just knew and had expected it to be already. 

Also, I remember reading how Sora and Yamato floating towards each other during the Monzaemon’s Lovely Attack is foreshadowing their 02 epilogue future. Well, guess who else are floating towards each other then.


((In which Admin Sal has no energy and motivation, but a massive artblock and a new marker. Sorry guise, this literally is the first thing I was able to force from my hands today, and as you can see, I didn’t try very hard /sobs

But oh man I love it when Artie’s favorite quote gets thrown back in his face like that… though Al, honey, I doubt that quote meant you go around stabbing people with pens instead, no matter how sharp those fuckers are >v<b

Also, tumblr, please stop screwin’ around with the quality of my pics man why is everything blurry stahp eet))

((Admin’s useless advice #2038407623478513134509870978072304750847: For watercolor, all you need to achieve happiness and save your ass is a #6 round (KEEP THAT MOTHERFUCKER NICE AND POINTED), a #000 (DON’T BE CHEAP BUY THE NAME BRAND FOR THIS FUCKER IT’S SO WORTH IT TRUST ME), and a small (or medium if you have to) Chinese brush. Optional is a medium waterbrush for quick line-and-wash sketches ))