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There are probably more, but those are the biggest ones. Thanks for the ask! -Heinz


If Taishiro were to happen, I bet Sora wouldn’t be surprised at all. 

She just knew and had expected it to be already. 

Also, I remember reading how Sora and Yamato floating towards each other during the Monzaemon’s Lovely Attack is foreshadowing their 02 epilogue future. Well, guess who else are floating towards each other then.

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Svt reaction to you (their s/o) finding Jun sooooooooo attractive in very nice teaser?!? I mean it's not their fault for appreciating some good Junhui😍😍

tbh this is me.

this will be 9/13 bc tumblr is being dumb.

-admin gen


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you do not even understand how proud i am of this fandom omfg apparently fans CALLED yg entertainment asking for winner photos because yg admins were being dumb. that means that our fan power was able to bring us what was rightfully ours and we didn’t just get one photo we got TWO and the fact that winner fans actually took action and fought for our group is a bit sad but honestly so meaningful, in itself. like wow being a winner fan sucks a lot because of the deprivation and shit but being in such an awesome fandom makes it so worthwhile you know? :’-)