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Seeking Admins!

Who are we?

@thevajunglebook​ and @theinkstainsblog

What are we doing here?

We’re making a directory.

Our mission is to take some of the burden off your shoulders when it comes to finding other booklrs, challenges, and events.

What would you be doing here?

  • cataloguing
  • keeping track of booklr happenings (challenges, events, giveaways, new bloggers)
  • answering asks
  • occasional write-ups (help wanted, blogger bios, roundups)
  • general blog maintenance (checking for broken links, functionality, etc.)
  • m e n i a l . t a s k s
  • admin meeting once a month, just to check in

All of the above are shared tasks; taking on more admins is so no one has to feel overwhelmed!

How many admins are we looking for?


Who should apply?

Patient, friendly, and comfortable with basic coding is the ultimate package because the bulk of the blog is facilitating access to booklr through tedious indexing and by interacting with various booklrites.

You must have a couple spare hours a week to dedicate to this blog. 

The Info Desk is pretty heavy on organization, but there’s room for creativity. If you have fun ideas for boosting blogs or improving the browsing experience, that’s a welcome addition!

How to apply:

form @ submissions 

Simply copy/paste, fill that out, and hit submit.

If you have any questions before submitting, our ask box is open and we’ll do our best to provide answers!

apps accepted now through thursday August 3rd

[!] Looking for moderators

DINODATA is finally opening up applications for one moderator to help update the blog. If you’re interested, please apply!

What we’re looking for:

  • Active between any hours of 6am-4pm KST OR 11pm-6am KST
  • Able to dedicate time to the blog
  • Basic knowledge of HTML

If you don’t have prior knowledge of running a data blog, everything will be taught by the admin. 


  • Name, pronouns:
  • Age:
  • Location:
  • Main blog:
  • Sideblog (if applicable):
  • How you would like to communicate (only LINE, KKT, or Tumblr - please provide your ID if you’d like to communicate by LINE/KKT):
  • Timezone:
  • How often you would be able to post (hours, what days, etc.):
  • Active time according to KST:
  • Prior knowledge of running a data blog (whether you say yes/no, it will not affect your application):
  • Who is your bias from Seventeen?
  • Why do you want to join DINODATA?

Apply here!

EXOMOODBOARDS application: round 4


Hello!! We’re back at it and since everyone probably has noticed, we are kinda mia due to the quantity of active adimins we have, ok so directly to the point:

to be an adimin you need to:

  • fill this FORM
  • have (at least) 4-5 hours per week to make moodboards
  • have a (at least) 70% EXO related blog
  • *pref* have experience on making moodboards
  • be kind and gentle cause everyone likes it and we really need it sometimes being part of the blog (@rude anons)

any questions feel free to message me @chanhyun or admin jazz @baek-a-licious




Welcome to the newest network dedicated to our cuddly bunny slash muscle pig, Jeon Jungkook. We are very excited for you to come and join us in screaming our hearts out over Jungkook and the other members of Bangtan.

R U L E S:

  1. Be an active blog with at least 50% BTS content—reblogged or created.
  2. Follow the network.
  3. Reblog the official application post.
  4. Read the entirety of the rules here.

To apply, fill out the form found at the rules page.

The acceptance post is usually posted two weeks after the closing of the application period.

new admins and new scenarios

we’re going to start accepting applications on the week of February 6th

with admin rhiann leaving and as we write longer scenarios it takes more time and we have to post less writing, so we’re going to enlist more help!

with every admin application there’s going to be a scenario or drabble posted. that way you guys can see their writing and give your feedback to tell us if you think that they should be chosen!

for everyone who isn’t interested, this is gonna mean you’re going to get to read some stuff from new people and new blogs that you can get into

dont apply if you dont want to be on a blog where we’ll talk about / support:

  • homosexuality
  • all genders ( more than boys, girls, and trans )
  • diversity in general

before you put these things in a list:

1) your personal blog or whatever account we can reach you by (won’t be made public)

2) what admin name you would choose

3) preferred pronouns (not required, and it’s okay if you’re unsure) (won’t be made public)

4) kinks you have (not required) (you don’t have to write smut) (won’t be made public)

5) biases

6) what groups you would be able to write for

7) general length of what you normally write (won’t be made public)

8) your blog name that you want credit for the writing to go to

9) feel free to link to any masterlist or other writing you have

Originally posted by yoohngs

include your own original writing. 

it may contain smut, angst, fluff or humor writing. 

it can be about anything or any group, though it will help if you make it about bts, because that’s our main group in this blog.

it doesn’t even have to be about romance, it can be just a story.

put any needed trigger warnings before the writing starts, if you’re not sure if it could be triggering, put them just in case.

drabbles are usually 200+ words

scenarios are usually 700+ words long

you will not be considered if your writing contains things promoting rape.

any gender combinations or relationships are fine and welcome, there’s also no limit to how many people in a relationship

if it’s part of a story, include however many parts you want

make sure that the writing you submit is not posted anywhere else

Originally posted by hohbi

you can put a little admin’s note at the end of your scenario/drabble, to the admins and to the people who are going to read it.

all the scenarios published will have credit given to the blogs that you tell us in #8 - we’ll put them on our masterlist so people can see all the applications and tag your blog next to it so they know that it’s yours and not ours.

send them here once you’re done.

check if you’ve been chosen or help us choose

asks related to new admins - maybe someone has had the same question as you

we will try to message you if we’re interested in having you join, and we’ll be posting new applications/drabbles/scenarios every week. we won’t know until we see how many we get, but we’re going to start on the week of February 6th

start writing, and you can start sending them in on the 6th. so far we don’t know when we’ll close them - but we will send out a 3 days’ notice.

-admin tal

Admin Hunt!

Hey guys! As I’m sure you’ve all realised we have been having a hard time keeping up with the message influx and I have decided it is time to search for a new admin. There will be a lot of criteria to meet so be prepared. 

To apply send applications directly to my personal blog through submission @elsmolprince in order to separate these from advice questions!

These are the questions for your application, answer them to your best!

Name –


Age –

Transition status –

Gender identity –

Preferred pronouns –

Sexuality –

Location (does not have to be specific) –

How often are you online and available to answer questions? Brotherly Advice gets over 50 questions daily, how will you cope with this amount of demand?

How long can you help for? Don’t be discouraged if you can only help for a couple of months that is completely fine!

What can you bring to the blog? (This is your time to shine)

What is your favourite thing about yourself?

Do you have any triggers (we get some potentially triggering questions and don’t want anyone to feel distress reading them)? Also what is your comfort status with partial nudity as we as a blog celebrate the beauty of trans bodies?

Answer two of the following asks:

1.  Am I too young to know I’m trans? I’m 14 and my parents won’t let me go on hormones because I’m too young to make a decision but I know I am trans and wish they supported me. Am I too young?

2.  My family says that they support me but they constantly use my dead name and wrong pronouns. How do I approach them about it?

3. I wear my binder all day at work (for about 6-7 hours) and it’s never given me problems but now my chest constantly feels tight and my ribs are hurting. I feel very dysphoric at work what can I do?

4. I think I might be transgender, I have never felt comfortable being a girl and I don’t like particularly feminine things. How can I know?

5. I’m feeling bad about myself today, help?

BAPNet is looking for an admin!

Hello! As the founder of the net Admin L is no longer very active on tumblr, the network needs another admin to help out!

You must:

  • be a member of the network
  • be willing to consistently put in time to update the network, preferably several times a day in short bursts
  • be responsible, mature, friendly, kind, co-operative and helpful
  • be willing and available to communicate with the admin (Admin S) often
  • be a fan of B.A.P and be up-to-date with the group’s activities!
  • speak English confidently
  • understand or be willing to learn the network’s tagging system, blog layout, etc
  • have a LINE account and be in the chat, or be willing to do so
  • be ready to take your role seriously. It saddens me to see B.A.P blogs and communities/services (eg subbers) going on hiatus and no longer being active, so I’ve been working hard to keep this network going by myself for a few months now, to contribute to the fandom and to motivate fans. If you were wondering why the network isn’t as active as it used to be, that’s why. Please be ready to help the network become livelier again!

Typical roles include:

  • going through the #BAPNet tag and adding members’ creations to the queue
  • answering messages
  • updating the actual blog, eg members’ urls on the member page
  • if there aren’t enough member creations to keep the queue going, then finding other posts to reblog, preferably of B.A.P members with fewer creations devoted to them
  • helping with the member applications
  • helping to plan and host events and projects - this is the most important one right now! a fresh mind would be really helpful in making the network more active and getting members more involved
  • moderating the LINE chat

If you’d like to be an admin, please apply here! If accepted, you’ll be taken on as a moderator for a few weeks first as a trial period, before hopefully being made an admin. Feel free to send a message if you have any questions. Good luck!

- Admin S


fymarveluniverse is looking for members! We are a fansite dedicated to the characters of Marvel (MCU, X-Men, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, etc) We are looking for people who can help keep the blog updated with original content, such as gifs and edits. If you’re interested in applying, please apply here

Your name:
Link to your edits:
What type of content would you be able to provide us with:
Apart from posting original content would you be able to reblog posts and post news?:

We are also looking for affiliates and you can apply here if interested!

Also please reblog to spread the word if you can!

Transbutts Admin Application

Hello! This is Wren; main admin at Transbutts. As our follower count continues to grow, we find ourselves in need of new admin to help with daily tasks. We are looking for anyone on the trans spectrum, but we’d really love to see some diversity; POC, transfeminine folks, disabled transfolks, etc. are encouraged to apply. Having a diverse team means more experience when lending advice, and hopefully a more relatable community for all of our followers. But, of course, the most qualified entries will be accepted. So please read the qualifications and application below!

To qualify:
- Identify somewhere on the trans spectrum (binary/nonbinary- wherever you are is fine!)
- Be 18+ as we do occasionally receive NSFW content
- Be able to check the blog regularly; add to the queau, answer questions, post submissions, create original posts. Please make sure you have the time! This blog is a ton of fun, but it’s also a commitment!

How to apply:
Please answer all application questions and submit to our ask box @ or submit via private message.

We will contact you via private message if you have been chosen, and we will try to also notify you if you have not been.

Application deadline: Friday, March 10th, 2017 *may change based on number of submissions


  1. Name:

  2. Blog:

  3. Age (18+):

  4. Gender/Identity and Pronouns:

  5. # of days you’re on tumblr per week and how long you have had a tumblr account (approx.)?:

  6. Who is your #1 supporter?:

  7. What are 3 things you love about yourself? Appearance or otherwise:

  8. Are you comfortable posting body positive pictures of yourself (nudity is not a requirement)?:

  9. What do you love about being trans; personally and/or as a part of the trans community?:

  10. Why do you want to be an admin at Transbutts?:

  11. How may you benefit the blog, and how might working on this blog benefit your life?:

  12. Are you comfortable collaborating with a team and communicating regularly?

  13. Occasionally, we get rude/insensitive messages. Do you feel you can always maintain a semi-professional, positive, and patient demeanor when confronting these?

  14. Many times, asks require the application of personal experience, well thought-out responses, and even the use of research to provide the best response. Do you feel comfortable carrying out these responsibilities?:

Please respond to two (or more) of the following example “asks”:

  1. Hi, I think I want to transition (amab), but the future is really dark and scary… especially since transwomen are rarely given the spotlight. I feel like there’s so few to look up to. I don’t know what I’m going to look like or how I’ll be treated getting there… this is so scary…

  2. I’ve been on T for about a year now, and I’m starting to feel a little “too masculine”… I think I’m more nonbinary, but I’m afraid of what’ll happen if I go off of T? Like are people going to think I’m not trans and is my body going to transition back? Thanks, M.

  3. Shark week has been really unbearable recently. Please help me; what can I do to get through this? Any self care tips?

  4. Most of my friends have been pretty ok with my name and pronoun change. But I have one friend- basically my best friend- who’s just not getting it. Idk if he means to misgender/name me or if he just keeps forgetting?

  5. How do I know which name fits me best?? How do I pick the right pronouns?? Ahhhhhh!

Additional comments:


KHH-Network is a net dedicated to Korean Hip Hop, Rap and R&B. This net is for everyone who wants a place to share content and interact with other KHH fans on tumblr. Lets get it y’all. 



  1. You must be 20+ age due to the content being shared.
  2. Must have an active blog (no requirements on what your blog focuses on)
  3. Must follow KHH-Network (we will be checking!)
  4. Make sure you reblog the official post and track the tag #kkh-network 
  5. Fill out the application form
  6. You will be tagged in a post once your application has been reviewed and accepted! 
  7. Keep in mind that this is a KHH Network. We will not be focusing on idol rappers to keep the dynamic of the group. Although it is strictly KHH artists, members are still expected to respect and appreciate ALL other artists.

After Applying: 

  1. Once accepted, please reblog the post so we know you have accepted your membership
  2. Link “KHH-Network” somewhere visible on your blog
  3. Make sure to add the #KHH-Network tag to all of your original work
  4. Must be active! If you are going to be inactive for a long period of time, please let us know.
  5. Let us know if you change your URL at any point
  6. If you gave us your KKT username, we will add you to the group chat as soon as possible.
  7. DO NOT repost or tag someone else’s work and claim it as your own. Please notify any of the admins if you notice this happening.

Chat Room Rules:

  1. Be kind and respect each other (Admins, Mods, and other Members).
  2. Any form of bullying or harassment will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the net and chat immediately.
  3. Although we are all adults, please be respectful of everyone’s comfort levels. If something makes you uncomfortable, please post a warning announcement. Make everyone feel welcome - be inclusive and mindful of others.
  4. If you have a problem, please message one of the admins

Welcome! DanversDaily is a blog dedicated to sisters Alex and Kara Danvers from CW’s Supergirl. Here you will find gifsets, graphics, edits, icons and fanfiction of the sisters as well beautiful edits of Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh. 

If you are interested in becoming a member, please apply here! We’re looking for people who can make HQ original content on the blog, as well as keeping it up to date with content created by the rest of the fandom! We are also accepting affiliates, please apply here

Disclaimer: this blog is dedicated to the Danvers Sisters as a platonic/familial relationship, not a romantic one. Please consider this before applying. 

Please reblog to spread the word and we look forward to hearing from you!

Introducing: Pfclibrary

Tired of being unable to see more than the first 200 phanfics hosted under each letter of the library? Tired of staring at an authors list that gives you nothing more than a url and a link to that authors phanfic list? Well, have we got an upgrade for you!

Introducing the New and Improved Phanfictioncatalogue Library, now hosted at pfclibrary!

Brought to you by the admins of the @phanfictioncatalogue team, and our brilliant coder @dilisinlove, we introduce to you the brand new phanfiction library!

Here, we will strive to create a full collection of all of the phanfics and phanfic authors who are currently, or who have ever been, in the phandom, with works still posted and hosted live for us to see!

So, what does this change mean?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

  1. First and foremost, you will see a change in where the phanfiction library is hosted. The link on the @phanfictioncatalogue blog will no longer take you to a navigation page on the phanfictioncatalogue, but to this blog instead, which is dedicated entirely to the library!
  2. All asks regarding submissions of fics, or authors desiring to be added to the library, will now go through the pfclibrary ask box, rather than the phanfictioncatalogue, allowing the catalogue admins to focus more on finding fics and building masterlists! 
  3. There will be very few actual posts on this blog, as this blog is dedicated to keeping the library updated at all times, rather than answering asks! We will be answering asks, however, if there is a need, and we will post updates regularly on what we might be doing if there is a change or an issue with the library itself!
  4. Soon, very soon, we will be hosting admin applications to find a new team of admins devoted to adding phanfics, fixing broken links, and helping us to create a new and improved, more useful authors page!
  5. Also very soon, the admins of both blogs will be launching a campaign to improve our authors list, but more on that later, so keep an eye out for ways to help us!
  6. Currently, the Authors page is completely under construction, and therefore there are no authors entered. Please stay tuned before asking to be added to the authors page, as new information is coming very, very soon!

Stay tuned, because we’ve got so much more to come!

                   OC Appreciation wants your OCs!

Here at OC Appreciation, we plan to have an ever-growing list of OCs to promote and love.  Please submit your OCs here or here.

Submit the following information:
1. character name
2. character faceclaim
3. fandom
4. story title
5. story link (if applicable)

BTS Reacts To: Their S/O Having Long Nails!

Could I get a BTS and SEVENTEEN reaction to their s/o having long nails? Thank you! 😁

I can actually relate to this on so many levels!


  • “Jagi!, You need to cut your claws again!” 
  • Would highkey be afraid of you injuring yourself with such long nails. 
  • Would be the type to ask how they could grow so quickly.

Originally posted by the8-carat


  • Wouldn’t care as much as Jin, but would still raise an eyebrow at how long they were.
  •  Like is this healthy? Is this a normal thing for girls?? 
  • “Why the hell are they so long?”

Originally posted by nnochu


  • Would be like Suga, but would lowkey suggest when you should cut your nails. 
  • Is the type to let you do your thing as long you were safe. 
  • “You could literally claw this shit out of someone…”

Originally posted by rapnamu


  • Would think that they’re unique.
  • Sometimes has a say in how you’d decorate them.
  • Is the type to make a joke about how long they were. 
  • “Y/N, you’re no longer human!! Instead you’re now a cat! Look at those claws!!”

Originally posted by yoonseokismyreligion


  • Is also the type to suggest when you should cut your nails. 
  • Would literally fear for his safety when it came to your nails because they’re “scary”. 
  • Would lowkey love them because they look really good on you, but he won’t admit it.

Originally posted by jiyoongis


  • Is also the type to let you do your own thing.
  •  Would ask to decorate them with crazy colors to make them even more unique. 
  • “Let’s do neon now! Oh, what about glow in the dark?!”  

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty


  • Jungshook, because holy hell they’re long. 
  • Would be a bit worried about your safety, but would like them overall. 
  • Wouldn’t decorate them often, but boy when he did help. 
  • “GOLD! No, what about sparkles? But what about +cute polka dots!”

Originally posted by jkguks


The Seventeen reaction will be posted shortly! Keep sending in your applications~ 

- Admin Ryn

Jimin Admin Applications Are Open!

Hobabies! We’re opening the applications for a new Jimin admin today, since we are still missing one admin. Please, if you wish to apply, fill in this form, and we’ll see to your applications. 

* The due date is 15th of July, 2017, 12:00 PM CST. Please, send your application before then! 

* We’ll be revealing the new admin on the 15th

* Requests will reopen on the 16th


Hey everybody☺

I have decided to look for an admin to help me out! I feel like I haven’t been able to give all of you the best quality writing due to my hectic work schedule. Due to this, I am looking for ONE admin to join me!

If you are interested, please read through all that is listed below, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!



I take pride in my blog and the content I put out. Keeping my followers happy is my number one priority, and I expect my new admin to feel the same!

As I want my followers to be happy, I write for ALL genders, gender combinations, and relationship combinations. If you do not support this, please don’t send in an application. However, if you are supportive of this, but you feel like you won’t be able to write for it, it will not effect your chances of being the admin!

I keep my blog free of rape and other types of abuse. If anything written is seen to be triggering in any way, I expect there to be a trigger warning.



>Your personal blog you can be contacted by (will NOT be made public).

>An admin name you would like to go by.

>Preferred pronouns you would like to go by (not required if you are unsure and will NOT be made public).

>What groups you currently write for (can be the same/different from the five that I write for).

>what type of writing you do.

>feel free to link a masterlist you may already have.

~the following questions are for me to get to know you a little better, and will NOT affect your chances of being chosen (I will answer the questions as well, if you ask)~

>Who is your ult bias group?

>Who are your biases?

>Who is your ult bias?

>What is your favorite kpop song?

>What is your favorite music video and dance practice?

>What is a weird fact about yourself?


You may write for any group/idol and in any genre you wish! Keep in mind, this blog writes many things, but I will not have rape, abuse, or anything of the sort being written in detail.

Please put trigger warnings before your writing if needed!

ANY gender combinations and types of relationships are welcome!

Before you send in your writing, PLEASE make sure it is not posted anywhere else.


On July 25th at 6pm EST, all applications will be closed!
On July 27th at 8pm EST, I will make a decision on the new admin.

Submit your application by sending me a message with a link to a Google Docs that contains the answers for the application(please let me know if you need an alternative way to submit). If you have any additional comments, please add them in as needed!

If you have been chosen, I will send you a private message so we can talk and I will give you the login information!

Please don’t feel afraid to message me during the application process if you have any questions, or if you just want to talk!

-admin grey💕