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[!!!] fuckyeah-fx will be going on a semi-hiatus + Admin applications

Posting will be slightly delayed for the next 2 ½ weeks. Along with that, we are looking for 2 new dedicated admins for the blog. Please look to apply here.

Me~Us, do spread the word on our behalf! Thank you 💜



As of right now, applications are open. We want you to join the team and help with the running of this blog! This link will take you to a google form with a bunch of questions to fill out, and then you hit submit when you’re happy with what you’ve written. It really is that simple! 

However, before you do that, please read the following:

What does the role involve?

The admin ‘job’ is everything we do here at phanfic, it’s answering questions, finding fics, organising submissions, giving life advice… it really is a big role, and that’s the crux.

It is time consuming and can be stressful at times. Not all the asks we receive are friendly, and sometimes a job can be tedious (like fixing 100 links).

Please only apply if:

  • This is something you’re really, really passionate about. It’s gotta be something you really want
  • You have enough free time to be useful to the blog without it negatively impacting your own life
  • You are VERY familiar with this blog and the way it works. If you’ve only been on tumblr a few months, please give this one a miss and apply next time. We need someone who gets the blog and gets the way this platform works.
  • You have a high level of english (CEF C+)

Under the cut is a more in depth guide. Please do read it, if you apply wrong that 100% means you wouldn’t be a good admin bc you probably can’t read english and unfortunately that is a requirement, sorry

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Good news, everyone! K here to tell you all the reason I had vanished into thin air: TWH is going to be expanding. Instead of just the TWH crew you’ve come to know and love, answering all of your questions, a group headed by me [K] will be running The Writers’ Editors!

What will this blog be for, you ask? Good question. This blog is the child born from thousands of people who have asked us over the years to personally read, review, edit, revise, and otherwise help people with their individual manuscripts/poems/short stories/essays/grocery lists/etc. This blog will not answer writing questions like The Writers’ Helpers main blog will, and instead will be solely focused on getting you in contact with our staff to get solid and helpful feedback.

But, to do this, I actually need to have a staff to give said feedback – and that’s where you all come in.

From now until March 1st, you will be able to fill out this application in order to apply to become a TWE Admin. [Please note: being an Editor Admin will not make you a main admin on the TWH Ask blog. However, if you want to become an Ask Admin, we’re more likely to pick people we already know and have worked with.] On March 2nd, I’ll be personally contacting the finalists, who will then have a short, brief interview with me via Skype to determine if you’re what we’re looking for for our new project.

Official positions will be given out by March 8th, and the blog will kick off within that week once the admins have been debriefed and have learned the tools of our trade.

In the mean time, feel free to follow TWE! Any questions regarding applications can be submitted there, and I’ll be on the lookout for them throughout the week.

I’m looking forward to the start of this new endeavor with the current [and future!] members of the TWH team, and I hope you all are excited, too!


We’re at it Again

Welcome again bidders and bidderettes! The following man below needs your help!

“Hey Miss Sexy Bones. Want to ask me some questions?”

After some decision, we are announcing that the we need a handsome doctor aboard to complete this blog. Rather than having a very looong and drawn out time of decision, we declare that it is rather best to shorten admin seeking time to one week! That’s right! Only one week! Make sure you get those admin applications in! The application requires the same as before:

Your name

A nickname (if you want one)

A LINE or some form of instant messaging

Why you want to be admin

And your age

Since it’s shortened, make sure you get them in by January 30, 12:00 am UTC central time zone -admin lina


As some of you know, we’ve opened admin applications. Due to demand of a more informative post (many apologies- the people who have already applied will still be taken under consideration).

For our next Phandom Games (taking place in early January to early March), we’re going to try to be a bit more on top of things. At the moment, we only have six admins, so we’re going to need some help! 

Before applying:

  • Make sure that this is something you truly want. Admining The Phandom Games is a time consuming process; even if we aren’t posting, we’re constantly working (on the theme, helping out teams, helping out other admins, etc.)
  • Keep in mind that having a computer/laptop is completely necessary for admining The Phandom Games. We do a lot more than make posts and answer asks. In the upcoming games, we have a lot of things in mind that are going to require more than a mobile touchscreen phone. 
  • Admining The Phandom Games is a commitment. If it would effect your mental health in anyway, we’re sure we can manage with the applications that we’ve already received. As we’ve said in the past, the mental health of our participants and admins is the most important thing and we don’t want anyone to get hurt.
  • We get a lot of asks. If you’re on ask duty for a couple of hours, you have to be patient, even if that may be hard. 
  • Be prepared to make a bunch of friends. We’re all forced to communicate anyway, but aside from working on the theme, our free time is filled with Di freaking out about Bones and lots of mental health advice.

Click here to apply! 

Applications close on the first of November. May the odds be ever in your favor. 

- Remy

[!] Now accepting Admin Applications!

Do you love Bangtan? Do you love to write? Do you love bangtan-wishes and want be a part of our admin family? Well, do we have news for you! Bangtan-wishes is now accepting applications for an admin that is available, ready, and willing to answer scenario, gif, ask and possibly ship requests!

If you’re interested in applying, click our submit button here, and make sure to include:

  • Your url 
  • Your preferred name (AKA what we admins would call you - This is NOT your screen-name! Ex. my screen name is Gongju, but my preferred name is Jess)
  • Your availability (Ex. 5 days a week)
  • Your timezone
  • Your bias 
  • Why you want to be an admin
  • A sample of your writing: either a link or a copy/paste. (Please keep the copy/paste under 500 words. If it’s longer, please put it in freetexthost and attach the link instead.)
  • (ONLY IF YOU WILL BE ANSWERING SHIPS) Answer the following ship and justify your answer:
    • “I am 170 cm and have bright red hair! I love swimming and my favorite season is Autumn. I love to cook & bake, and one day I’d like to open a small café. My favorite food is baked ziti and I have a really good sense of style- think floral patterns mixed with sporty street style. I love to cuddle and I’d give my boyfriend little baked goods all the time. Thanks for your time!”
  • And finally, answer ONE of the following requests:       
    1. OT7 gif react of when the members find out their crush just got casted as the *sexy* lead role in a new drama. 
    2. How would Taehyung, Namjoon, and Yoongi react to their girlfriend proposing to them instead of them proposing to their girlfriend?
    3. How would Jungkook and Jimin react if their girlfriend came home drunk in the middle of the night?

Please help spread the word and reblog this post, as well as tell anyone who might be interested!

All of the existing admins will look over the submissions as they come in and we will decide as a team who will be the best addition to our group of admins. Thank you in advance for applying!! We look forward to hearing from you lovely ARMYs ^^

Application Deadline is June 20.


recruiting new admins!

 Hi there sweeties ٩(*ゝڡ◕๑)۶♥ yes you’ve read the title right! We’re hiring new admins to help out with the blog and you might be the one [insert cheesy winks here]. We, the admins, all love kaisoo very much but sadly we’ve been super busy with school, college, etc so it’ll be great if we get more hands to help out!


  • A nice and outgoing personality/attitude
  • Open mindedness and patience
  • A good grasp on grammar and high standards for fics. The grammar and quality of the fic are important! 
  • Dedication!!
  • Must be an active member (be able to update the blog at least 2-3 times in a week, ideally more!)

Application Form (Copy and paste into Submission)

  • Name (or Nickname) and Age:
  • Time Zone:
  • Tumblr, Email, Twitter, Skype, Kik (whichever you have or you can list them all):
  • Internet/Tumblr Activity on a scale of 1-10 (Please be honest. We’re looking for new ACTIVE admins!):
  • How often can you contribute to running the blog? (Please bear in mind this is a decent time commitment):
  • Top 3 favourite kaisoo fics and why:
  • What is your favourite genre?:
  • Favourite kinks: 
  • Kinks/Warnings you absolutely can’t read:
  • Why do you think you should be an admin?:
  • Suggestions/ideas to revamp blog/tell us something fun about yourself!!(optional)
DEADLINE: July 24, Midnight PST
Admin Applicants!

Some 300 applications later and we’ve finally narrowed it down to a short list! Everyone’s applications were amazing (which it’s why it’s taken so long omg), but we’ve now sent out a message to everyone who made it to the next stage. If you don’t have a message, I’m afraid that means you weren’t successful this time - but thank you for applying! 

-Phanfic lads

Help Wanted

I know I just created this project, but I don’t want to get too stressed and behind with it. I obviously have other stuff to do like school and extracurricular activities, so I’d appreciate some help in keeping this page up to date. I’d like someone that I’d be able to contact through Skype and possibly eventually by texting if needed. 

If you’re interested in helping, please send either this page or my personal blog msmakorra a message with the following information:

  1. The general time you could be on
  2. The amount of experience you have with either running a project like this, streaming, or anything else you think you would be important for the page
  3. Why you want to help out
  4. What you think you can do to help the group

I’d be happy just having one person helping me out, and you’d have to deal with me a lot, sorry! If there are many applications, I may choose two or three people to help. I’m considering also having someone come on to make graphics for the page so it can be nice looking and our updates would look nice as well. So, it all depends on how many people want to help out. Thank you so much guys!

anonymous asked:

Would you guys ever add another admin?


Actually me and H have decided it is time to add new admins, but this time I want to do it slightly differently. 

What I think we lack now that made us good before is articles. We used to write around an article a week, at least and now we don’t really do any. 

Here is the admin application. I will make a full post on this later. Application is open from now for just over a week. We will be looking for around four people, previous experience, qualifications and whatever doesn’t matter to us. Personality and a want to help is far more important!


Co-admin application!

You have until next Friday to submit them (don’t worry I won’t post them!)!





Please send in two out of the three prompts!

1.  How would the dragon slayers react to their s/o saying ‘I love you’ for the first time.

2. How would (one character of your choice) react to their s/o dying

3. You may make a scenario of your choice!

Also please state how often you’ll be online. It’s totally fine to in inactive but please tell me first!

I also will be choosing more than one person!

Applications for co-admin now open

Hi everyone,
I have decided to take on a co-admin for this blog alwayshayleyatwell. Things have become a bit much for me to keep up with, I haven’t had time to make any edits and barely have time to reblog anything.

The expectations of a co-admin will be:
•ability to edit
•regular contributions to the blog’s queue through reblogs, edits, tweet screen caps and other related content
•willingness to provide Facebook info to me so to have a place where it is easier to chat
•and of course a love of Hayley Atwell

Depending on the level of interest I may set up a survey, but at this stage just message me if you’re interested in the role.

In your message please include:
•any relevant side blog/s (especially if your main blog doesn’t post Hayley Atwell related content)
•why you love Hayley Atwell
•proficiency in editing

Thanks for being such awesome followers
xx Ashling (aflowerinagun-abirdinflight)

smolkittensivan asked:

Hi I just wanted to ask for the apply thing if you needed to have access to blogging other than mobile because I only have mobile access usually but I would love to apply thank you and sorry 💕

oh crap this was something we meant to put on the application 

regular access to a PC is necessary, the reason being that everyone does everything which includes a little bit of coding and theme editing and like mass editing of stuff and changing the settings (eg turning anon off and on)

we all use mobile sometimes (and sometimes a lot) because Society but trust me on this, operating phanfic exclusively would make you want to shut your head in a car door after like, 2 days

the reason for this is  that everything is so tedious on mobile. tagging is a nightmare without xkit, because everything comes through the inbox and needs to be tagged. Linking stuff for people is SO SO important, finding fics is a hassle without a computer, some things you can only really do on the app and other things on browser and just oh boy it’s not fun (we’ve all done it while on holiday without computers and we all find it p horrible, it’s fine for a little while but not as your main method u feel?)

you don’t need to be on a computer all the time, but you do need regular access. i’ve just added a question to the application where you can tell us how much time you can get on a computer - if you think it might be enough then apply anyway and tell us there!

anonymous asked:

Hey, Do you need any more admins? ❤️

Hi lovely :)

Yes, we’re definitely always looking for more admins for both the blog and live chat!

If you or anyone else interested in applying, you can click here to apply to be a blog admin, and click here to apply to be a live chat admin!

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask!

I hope you’re doing okay!

Keep fighting!

Take care and lots of love,

Dani <3

Do you want to become part of the team ?

Hi guys !

So, since we reached the +1,000 members (1,110 now!), admin Ae and I were thinking about a way to say thanks to you guys, because without your asks and your love, we’d be nothing. So first of all, thank you ♡^▽^♡

Then, after a long time searching for ideas, one came to our mind :


Yes sir, nothing more than joining the team, for a short time though. We had several asks about when we’d open the admin application but for now, we do not want any more people in the team. However, we’ve thought that you’d like to be part of the family and answer some of the precious asks in the box, no ? (ノ>▽<。)ノ

☆ The idea is to choose 4 of you, and let you select at least 1 ask (maybe 2 or 3 if you’re nice Ψ(´▽`)Ψ), then, post it on the blog ! Doesn’t it sound exciting ? You’d be able to imagine yourself what Sehun would do with his first born child or how Chen would react seeing you for the first time. Sounds like a dream right ? Ahah ☆

Don’t be shy and send your submission here. Askbox is open only for this, so please, please, do not send any ask. If you do, it’ll be deleted.

Applications will be accepted until August 4!

Hope you’d think it is a good gift for you guys ♥


Admin Ae & Admin G

Admin Needed for TransgenderBenders

This account has grown so much and we need another person who can represent the MTF/transfeminine community. Considering that there are two FTM admins, we need someone to speak on behalf of the MTF/transfeminine community. So, we have opened up admin applications for this account. If you’d like to partake in this, the link is here

Applications are due on December 12th and the new admin will be announced on the following day. 

Best of luck!  

THAT’S IT!!!!!! Applications are closed. We’ve received over 100 applications for admins so we’ve got a lot to talk about! Thank you to everyone who put one in and good luck!

Basically, here’s a quick overview of how we’re going to figure out who gets it. All the admins will discuss over Skype and figure out how we are going to eliminate people (you guys made it super hard omg). Once we’ve narrowed it down to about 5 people, we will send them an ask for Skype information so we can have an IM chat (privately for each person) and get to know the applicants a little bit better. After that, we’ll narrow it down to one–the person that will be the new admin.

Please don’t be upset if you weren’t chosen for admin because like I said, we’ve gotten well over 100 applications. Once we choose the admin, we will announce that on this blog, then ask the people who applied that were not chosen if they’d like to be a temp.

Thanks again, you guys are awesome ^_^

anonymous asked:

How will one be informed they've been chosen to be an admin?

Jori shows up at your house at dinner time, tracks mud all over your carpet, eats all of your food with her elbows on the table, drinks all your wine and, when she leaves, you’ll be missing several pieces of silverware.  Later, you’ll find she has written “U R AN ADMIN” on your bathroom mirror in red lipstick. 

That’s what happened to me, anyway.  I think other people just get messages on tumblr?


Admin Applications

It is now midnight PST, the end of Saturday the 28th and as promised, Admin Applications have been closed! 

Applications are currently being reviewed and I just want to thank all of you that have applied. Its going to be so hard to pick but hopefully by the end of this weekend there will be 3 new admins on board. Thank you all so much and have a wonderful day/night ~

-Admin Alaina