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You know how your parents always warn you that your internet friend “may not be who they say they are”? Well, they’re true; every friend I’ve made online is always the best, the cutest, the most good person, and they always say they’re not. Your parents always tell you how dangerous they are, and they’re right; just the sight of one of their selfies has your heart beating, your chest aching,and it hurts not being with them in real life. Your parents say they’re nothing but trouble, and they’re right; it’s always troublesome when you want to hug someone hundreds and thousands of miles away. . 

Your parents were right about your online friends; just, not in the way you thought. 

I just had the most adorable headcanon.

Headcanon that Guzma loves all Bug type Pokemon, regardless of how they look.

From the terrifying Golisopod to the Tastes-Like-Diabetes level of cute in Cutiefly, he doesn’t discriminate.

Speaking of Cutiefly, sometimes, if he’s in a super good mood, a swarm of them appear and linger around him for a bit. Harming them leads to severe repercussions, although he will let his grunts catch them if they want one and swear to take care of it.

Roleplay Asks

1. When is your muse’s birthday?
2. How tall is your muse?
3. What’s your muse’s first childhood memory?
4. What was your muse’s first job?
5. Does your muse have any pets?
6. How does your muse feel about their parents?
7. What’s your muse’s current job?
8. Does your muse have any romantic interests?
9. Who does your muse hate?
10. Where does your muse live?
11. What is your muse’s best memory?
12. What is their worst memory?
13. Who is your muse’s best friend?
14. What is your muse’s favorite thing?
15. Why did you choose your muse?

Tips for my European Followers getting SuMo

-Moon Players: Dusk Balls are your best friend. USE THEM.

-There is one of each of the Apricorn Balls. Use them WISELY.

-If you want to get a Minior, you better have Quick Balls or a Pokemon with Damp. They will explode. (Moon Players: Dusk Balls help too.)

-There are 7 Minior Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, and Purple. The Shiny is Black.

-Ditto is found in the same area as Minior.

-Save your Master Ball for the Postgame Legendary!! That thing is Level 75 and will destroy you otherwise. The Heavy Ball you can find will help with the box legends, but it’s a one time use, so make it count!!

-Mareanie can only be found as a SOS Pokemon for Corsola. Corsola itself is hard to find. Good luck.

-You can get a Salamence as early as Route 3. It’s an SOS Pokemon for Bagon.

-Alola Sandshrew & Vulpix can be found in the grass near the Pokemon Center in the Tapu Village.

-Slap Normalium-Z on Munchlax and use Metronome. Saying anything else would spoil it.

(If anyone wants to add to this, feel free too!!)

PSA: Writers are artists too.

People seem to think that reposting artwork or other graphics is stealing, but that doing the same for writing isn’t? Or that you can’t ‘steal’ writing, just because it’s easy to copy? Or the written word is not as important as visual works, so stealing it is okay, and this is not true.

These are two issues I’ve noticed with this that are growing increasingly common:

  • Firstly: there is this popular trend going about, particularly with roleplayers, that they use someone else’s writing, whether it be poetry or a quote or something, in the caption section of their roleplay promotions / advertisements, but they don’t credit the source. They’ll give credit (sometimes) for the image(s) they used for the promo, but not the writing – as if one deserves credit and the other doesn’t? I’ve now seen my own work used in the caption of someone’s promo – without credit. It was just two lines from a much longer poem, but it is still MY work and while my rules state on my poetry blog people can use my writing for various things, I require credit for anything. Not doing so is STEALING and REPOSTING someone’s work. It doesn’t take much effort to put in a credit, either. If a writer doesn’t even want you to use their writing, regardless of credit, and you do so anyway, that is also stealing.

  • Secondly, and this is even more predominant: Musing blogs ( a couple in particular ) seem to think it is okay to REPOST someone else’s poetry, writing, etc. into a musing post; again, without credit, without question or permission. THIS IS NOT OKAY. Just because it’s THERE and it’s writing doesn’t mean you can do whatever you like to or with it. Musing blogs who take writing from other sources and just repost it as a musing post for others to reblog are illegitimately using other people’s work. This is theft. I have also had to deal with someone making a musing out of my writing, without credit or permission, and they just thought it was?? okay?? to take?? someone else’s writing?? and post it?? as your own???


Please stop thinking you can do whatever you want with whatever you find.

After having been barred from regaining the Access Ark temporarily, Star Dream proceeds to look for a new avatar, due to it’s control over Ene lessening.


“Body classification is too small.”

The next avatar comes up.

“…Too large in the chest area..”

And the next, until the computer hears a noise, causing the robotic body to turn, to leave a yellow  optic gazing at the visitor. Soon enough the avatar’s eyes would fall upon the strange person in front, wings appearing in caution, due to their weakened state, every precaution must be taken to preserve their being on this strange world.


I’d figure I’d throw in my own info to what you guys should know in SuMo.

-Minior has seven different colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, and Purple. The Shiny is Black.

-Mareanie can only be found as a Helper to Corsola in a SOS Battle.

-The Meadows spawn Nector everyday if you are wanting to change around your Oricoria

-Vikavolt, Probopass, and Magnezone can only be got by evolving Charjabug, Nosepass, and Magneton in the Vast Poni Canyon on the last island.

-Crabrawler evovles on Mount Lanakila.

-Moon, Level, Heavy, and Fast Balls can be found on Mount Hokulani. There is only one of each.

-Love and Lure Ball around found in Malie City. There is only one of each.

-A Life Orb can be found in Resolution Cave in Poni Island. It’s better than buying one with BP at the Battle Tree.

Pale hands reach out for something to steady her as a wave of dizziness washes over her and leaves her reeling and searching for something to hold on to. Within almost no time at all the reason the source is found cataloged and documented… but its already too late. Her program corrupted The Machine sends out a seemingly never ending string of zeros to those few that will understand what they mean. A last attempt at a cry for help.


She’s unconscious by the time that she hits the floor, body lifeless and unmoving as it was before she took ownership of it. 

1.6 seconds later the AI restarts eyes flying open as The Machine takes her first breath.


Wide blue eyes regard the person in front of her, a curious look gracing young features, “Are you… Admin?”

I just had another cute headcanon.

The Nihilego we catch in the postgame, once we befriend it and get that friendship/affection shit maxed out, will sometimes rest on the protag’s head, giving the impression that they are wearing a really strange wig and hat.

Anyone that threatens their protector causes it to make some sort of hissing noise and extend it’s tentacles, as if wanting to sting and poison the attacker.