George Washington University stopped requiring SAT scores — and an amazing thing happened

In the summer of 2015, George Washington University became the largest top-ranking private university in the country to make including results of standardized tests like the SATs and ACTs optional when applying for undergraduate admission. Doing so is not only helping the school, but the most underserved students as well.

Working out with iKon (gif ver.)

Bobby: His workout consists of accidentally teasing you by revealing his already perfect body.

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Hanbin: Doesn’t really workout, it’s some weird happy workout dance just so that you think he is working out when in reality he is actually checking you out thus being the happy peanut he is.

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Jinhwan: This angel spends more time taking care of you as in bringing you water, asking you if you’re okay, if you need anything, if he should give you a piggyback ride etc. which is a workout itself.

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Yunhyeong: Prince Yunhyeong will do anything to help you with your workout and stand by your side, cheering you on the whole time. Even when he is busy with his workout himself.

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Donghyuk: “How about some candy after all the hard training, baby” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Chanwoo: He’ll do a very hard finger-workout with his phone yes. or something else later on ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Junhoe: Workout?????? wORkout??????????!!? pls. he is goo junhoe

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Greetings, everyone!

After all this wait, we’re here to make the final announcement: the date has been decided! The Yuri Festival will be held on April of this year, from the 11th to the 17th! 

Now that this all has been sorted out, again we warn you to pay close attention to our rules, rules of submission and prompt table. A few features have been holding us back from setting up a date and obviously there has been some major changes since our first announcement.

Anyhow, our submission box is currently open, in case you’d rather do that than posting your entry on your personal blog - but please remember that on this case, filling out our form is obligatory! And if you’ve got any questions, please do not hesitate on sending us a message.

We still have some time ahead of us, so let’s start preparing!

Be seeing you~ (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

INFP and INTP: Smack Talk

INFP and INTP have been invited to a small group get together to play video games.

INTP: *Grabs Controller*
INFP: You’re owning it INTP. Dude that was awesome!!
*Couple minutes later*
Mutual Friend: Ah, man you suck! You totally died INTP. That was ugly and pathetic *snickers*
INTP: *Doesn’t even look away from screen or skip a beat* You mean like you in general?
Mutual Friend: ….
INFP: …. *Smiles to self* *Internally laughs, then sweats a little all while having a mini heart attack*
INFP: Buurrrnnnnn

The night continues this way. INFP silently adores INTP’s abilities smack talk as they sit and watch them own the game and everyone in the room.

INTP friend told me I could totally post this conversation. So there ya go! lol

EXO Reaction to you beating another member at leg wrestling

Original request asked for you beating Kai or Sehun at leg-wrestling, but I decided to let it be more general heheh hOW DOES ONE LEG-WRESTLE ??? looks at my weak-af legs

- Admin Audrey

Xiumin (sorry, the html messed up and deleted the rest of his reaction :(( ): Minseok would have this expression on his features as he subjects to his silent laughter. He would love seeing the leader being taken down by your stronger legs. Good-naturedly, after he has calmed down, he would prop his arm up on the table and challenge you to some arm-wrestling, lifting his eyebrow to further provoke you. 

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Suho: Junmyeon would be shocked for a moment, then burst into laughter with no shame, closing his eyes and leaning forward to cover his second-hand embarrassed expression. He would keep slapping Yixing (the loser)’s knee, yelling loudly: “Ahh, how could you lose?! It’s time to go start training again, yeah, yeah!” He would be all riled up and excited.

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Lay: Yixing would try to stifle his laughter but fail, his chuckles spilling out as he watches Baekhyun collapse to the floor in defeat, you rise from your position victorious. He would find it so funny to see you excited over this physical victory and would make sure to applaud you many times over.

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Baekhyun: Baekhyun would have recorded everything, laughing as he replayed it for all of you to see. “You slayed him, (Y/N), you savage!” he would comment, directing a lot of attention to you instead of making fun of Jongdae, who would be shaking you by your shoulders playfully as pay-back. “Savage, savage, I say!” Baekhyun declares, laughing.

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Chen: Jongdae would lean back in his seat, the corners of his lips turning upwards in a huge smile as he bursts into laughter. He would immediately start making fun of Chanyeol and repeatedly saying your name like a chant, pumping his fists in the air as you make your way across the living room floor, your arms spread wide as you bask in your victory.

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Chanyeol: The Happy Virus would be even happier to see you defeat Kyungsoo in leg-wristling, clapping his hands together loudly and focusing all of his attention on you as he declares you the winner. “Let’s go, Team (Y/N)!” he shouts, his deep voice resonating with joy and laughter.

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D.O.: Kyungsoo wouldn’t be able to control himself when you beat Jongin in leg-wrestling. He would begin chuckling softly to himself, then allow it to grow louder as the events after your victory proceed onwards, the whole occurrance very amusing to him. He wouldn’t be able to say anything because he’s so overcome with laughter that he might excuse himself to calm himself down before re-entering.

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Kai: Nini would be laughing the most, the mere thought of you beating Sehun in leg-wrestling setting off a whole additional round of giggles through his body. He would be very bright that day, enjoying the festivities among a group of close friends and would overall be very ecstatic. He would challenge you in a match of leg-wrestling, wanting to see if he could beat the ‘champion’.

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Sehun: The maknae would suddenly become very competitive, the great smile that donned his face since you defeated Minseok-hyung in leg-wrestling continuing on while he challenges you: “Come here, little one, I have a lot to teach you.” There would be playful joking tension between the two of you as you try to one-up each other, lots of ‘oh - you think you’re better than me?’ ‘uh-uh-uh, I have a lot to teach you!’ and ‘fight me!’s involved.

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I’m sorry, I lost it... Goodbye.

Hey guys… I hope you’ve been doing well? I’ll get straight to the point though… Someone asked me a long way back to tell you guys whenever I decide to quit… So… Here it is.

Sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a while… It’s just that, I don’t feel the same about DL anymore. I think I mentioned this in a previous post that I might have deleted. I said that my interest was fading away, but that I still wanted to answer all of my requests. It might sound as if I was lying back then when I say this now but… I lost my inspiration to write anything DL related completely. It’s not fun for me anymore. 

The excitement I felt before while writing has totally evaporated now. I’m sorry. I don’t want to answer something that I don’t feel close to my heart. It would be too superficial. As if I was just trying to get it over with quickly, with no quality or sentiment… and I don’t want to do that to you guys either. I’m sorry. I hope you’re not too mad at me and can forgive me one day, but I’m not going to continue doing this.

I’m sorry, really, I am…

Thank you to all the 5000+ people who liked my work enough to click that follow button, like my posts and/or re-blog them. It really means a lot to me. To see how many of you enjoyed it really made this worth it non the less. I hope I could make some of you smile with my work even if it was just for a second. If it made you forget your problems and just enjoy the moment. That’s really all I care about. If I managed to do that, then that’s enough for me. 

Thank you for sticking around and supporting me during this little adventure of mine. I’m sorry once more… But really, thank you. You have no idea how much running this blog changed my perspective on life. I’m not kidding. Really, thank you so much! I can’t even understand it myself sometimes as to how sheltered away I was from the rest of the world. You guys opened up my eyes and I’m really grateful for that. 

Thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!

I still don’t know if I’ll keep the blog up or delete everything. Or just delete all the post and start anew. This might turn into a completely new blog or something of the sort depending on weather or not I do get consumed by what I started doing lately. If I do do so, please don’t feel obligated to keep following me if you don’t like the content of the blog if it changes, okay? Your dashboards should be filled with only things you like and that make you happy.

Thank you and sorry once more. Please stay safe! ♥

BTS reaction to them finding you crying because you’re boyfriend cheated on you

Anon said:  Hi, could u make a bts reaction to finding their friend (who is also their crush) crying because her boyfriend cheated on her and blamed on her on top of that.

- Hiii :D Enjoy -AdminKookie

*REQUEST more BTs or GOT7 reactions*

Jimin: *hugs you and holds you tight*
“He is stupid, not realising that he just lost the most great person in his life” 

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Jungkook: He would listen to you and moment you start to cry, he just pulls you into his chest
“He’s an asshole Y/N… I am here for you don’t worry” *kisses your head, holding you even tighter*

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J-Hope: When he hears whole story plus your boyfriend saying you cheated and not him. He would stand up, being angry, you would take his hand in yours
“J-Hope… It is not worth it” one tear falls down your cheek
“Stay with me, please”

He looks at you and lays own with you, cuddling you close to his body.
“I’ll stay with you as long as you need” *whispers to your ear*

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Rap Monster: “Him doing this to you, he’ll regret it.. Because you’re the most beautiful, most funniest and cutiest person. He never was for you… He didn’t deserve you… Just know that I am here and I’ll do anything to make you happy again” *hugs you*

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Suga: “Don’t cry Y/N…Shhh..Calm down” *kisses your head and keeps whispering to you so you calm down*

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V: “Please, it is gonna be okay, just I hate to see you crying, you know that.. I’m here, and he’s an asshole for hurting you” *gif*

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Jin: *lays with you whole night in bed while you’re crying* *tries to do anything to calm you down* *keeps kisseing your head*
“It will be okay..” *whispers*

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BTS Reaction to You getting your braces off

- Admin Mocha

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Namjoon: Namjoon would be really curious and he would probably want to be there during the appointment so that he could watch the orthodontist snipping away the pieces of metal. He would probably be a little distracting just because he would made little noises whenever something exciting would happen and he would have to hold your hand for comfort, however it would be really rewarding when he would giggle and tell you how nice your teeth looked at the end.

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Suga: Because of the fact your braces were removed, you would be smiling at absolutely nothing just because you were so thrilled to finally have your regular teeth back but with perfect alignment. Suga would begin to laugh when he noticed that you were smiling to your heart’s content right at a recycling bin, and he would shake his head and tell you that it was probably not going to smile back at you. When you pouted at his remark, he would merely chuckle was pressing his lips against your cheek and telling you that you looked beautiful.

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Jin: You would be nervous to get your braces off, not because of how your teeth looked, but because some of your friends had told you that the process would be painful and you might have to suffer even longer with a retainer. Jin would be holding your hand in the lobby before he encouraged you to go into your appointment, and when you came out braces free, he would be giving you all sorts of kisses and telling you how proud he was of you.

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J-Hope: Imagine your excitement, however multiplied by 10. J-Hope would be bouncing off the walls when you announced to him that you were having your braces off, and he would be reminded of his youth and would give you all sorts of advice of what to eat once they were finally removed. He would even insist on bringing you out to have sticky candy, crunchy chocolate, and hard jawbreakers just to celebrate the occassion. You two would have a blast together and you would be reminded of what you had been missing all that time.

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Jimin: You would burst into the BTS dorm, excitedly mounting the stairs two at a time just so that you could barge into your boyfriend’s room and bounce with joy at the sight of him sitting at his desk. You would giggle uncontrollably as you asked him to guess what was different about you, and a smile would slowly appear on his face as he began to tease you and tell you that your shoes or your shirt was different. After declining the multiple items he guessed, you finally revealed that you had gotten his braces off and he would declare that he knew and you looked lovely.

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V: You would be a stylist and behind the camera, watching the boys film certain takes of a commercial as you looked up to see that V had his eyes on you. You both had a crush on one another, so you smiled at his a little shyly, but his eyes slightly widened as he noticed that you had gotten your braces taken off. His look of shock would quickly and easily transform into a very happy look, and his smile would only broaden and widen as he noticed you were simply breathtaking.

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Jungkook: You and Jungkook would be good friends and he would be meeting you for lunch, patiently waiting as he lazily scrolled on his phone and sipped at his water. You would approach the table, taking a seat as you removed your coat and slung your purse over the back of your chair, turning to your friend with a smile as you apologized for being slightly late. He would freeze completely as he took in the sight of your teeth without braces for the first time, and he would immediately begin to tell you that you looked great.