Int: Have you had to modify the set list at all? Malik has a big solo on “Story of My Life,” for instance.

Harry: It would be pretty devastating if we took that song out. Liam [Payne] stepped up to do the high notes. He kicks them in the bollocks every show. He doesn’t hold back

Can your hear me cry?


hoshi sounds adorable speaking english :,)

Welcome back to Steven Universe! 
Here we see Lapis Lazuli has made cookies for the gang, everything is fine and there is no war in ba sing se :)

Laura submitted:

I once saw Tifa from FF7 here. Her outfit in the game is absolutely ridiculous but has anyone submitted her “sort of redesign” from the movie sequel Advent Children? Because her outfit got some serious improvements and she actually looks like a martial artist :D I got all of the pictures from final fantasy wikia and all of them are official.

The picture above is her original design. The render(?) is actually from Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 but the outfit is the same.

The picture below is her outfit in Advent Children. Picture is again from Dissidia. I mean… she has shorts! And there are no unnececcary cutouts (if her stomach area doesn’t count)

I also want to add the picture of the best villain Final Fantasy has ever had (in my opinion anyway). So, so many FF women have ridiculous and nonexistant clothes that it’s refreshing to see that some of the designers give men the same treatment. I’d still prefer having all of the characters fully clothed though. Anyways Kuja’s the most scantily clad male character I’ve ever seen. Picture again from Dissidia.

At least he has the most sensitive part of his body protected xD

Oh my, that plume

mchelclford asked:

Do you have any for texts? I am in need of ideas an you have amazing ideas from what I have seen.

Thank you very much! We’re trying our darnedest to bring you all great content.

  • Character A goes to the local technology store to get a new phone, only to walk out finding that they already have a number of texts from an unknown number, consisting of nonsensical series of numbers. Frightened, they reenter the store and ask the attendant who had helped them load the phone, Character B, for help. B is surprised, as the number was brand new and should not be available. The two two attempt to find what the numbers mean.
  • While both Characters A and B are practically inseparable from their phones, a single moment of clumsiness on A’s part leads to disaster, as the two collide and the majority of their personal belongings spill to the floor. In their flustered hurriedness, their phones are swapped. They should just be able to exchange phones, right? Well, not exactly, especially being that they smashed together at an international airport, one that A had been returning home in and B had been leaving for a distant country. Through a series of confused and upset texts, the two resolve to exchange information and live with the other’s cell phone for the time being. Because of this, they involuntarily learn about the other’s life and become enthralled, making their reunion one to remember.
  • Character A was going about their day normally, until they bumped into a clearly fearful person, Character B, who nervously asked if A had change for $10. A immediately took out their wallet, only to be given B’s $10 bill soon after. Looking more closely, B saw in the corner a tiny phone number and a small message that said “HELP ME…PLEASE - B’s Name.” 
  • This is a classic coffeeshop story: Character A is a barista in a café, while Character B is the smitten customer who is thrilled that they were lucky enough to get A’s phone number written on their coffee cup. Later that evening, they waited for A to answer their phone in anticipation, only to be greeted by a… sex hotline? (A could either be wanting to mess with B or A legitimately works for the hotline to get some extra cash)
  • Character A’s and B’s cell phone numbers are exactly one digit apart, allowing them to receive strange phone calls and texts from those meaning to text the other.
  • “Your phone number spells ‘SAT-NSUX,’ and I just wanted to let you know that.” AU
  • “I’m a magician, and for my next trick, I’ll be asking this lovely person in the front row for their phone number in order to see if we can have a lifetime of magic.” AU
  • Characters A and B used to RP through messaging back and forth on Tumblr, but soon that became cumbersome, so they resorted to texting. Shenanigans follow.
  • Characters A and B live in a country where they can text the police, so A texts B when they have a break-in. B walks A through how to escape and keep themselves safe for the coffee A promised them after the ordeal is over and done with.
  • “Get a new phone - I can’t text you properly if I have an iPhone and you’ve got a Nokia. It just looks ridiculous.” AU

imagine being in the studio with woozi :,)

When the Third Years Graduate (Aoba Johsai)
  • Kyoutani and Kindaichi crying the most tears while clinging onto the hem of Iwaizumi’s shirt, repeatedly telling him, “Don’t go,” in between sobs.
  • Iwaizumi getting teary-eyed and rubbing their backs in a soothing manner, reassuring them that he’ll visit in the future.
  • Kunimi snickering at the snot that’s running down Kindaichi’s nose, repeatedly telling himself not to cry.
  • Yahaba sniffing and wiping away his tears before anyone notices, giving the third-years a congratulatory smile.
  • Watari comforting the younger ones, shouldering the legacy as the team’s next mom. 
  • Oikawa watching everyone cry with a sad smile, snot and tears running down his face in the process.
  • Hanamaki and Matsukawa recording everyone, especially taking pictures of Oikawa and naming them, “The true face of Oikawa Tooru.”
  • But in the end, they’re crying a river like the rest of the team.