Gems and Fusions that have appeared or mentioned in Steven Universe so far

Steven Quartz Universe:

Rose Quartz:

Garnet (also a fusion) :


Pearl :

Lapis Lazuli :



Ruby and Sapphire:






Rainbow Quartz:

Centipeedle gem (almost completed physical form):

Gems created for the cluster:

Forced fusion or “the cluster”:

Yellow diamond: MENTIONED

Sardonyx : UPCOMING


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hernando: “the problem is, honey, that you don’t have a cock.”

Admirable Traits of the Signs:
  • Aries:They're so brave and strong. They aren't afraid to take risks even if it is just a tiny one as well.
  • Taurus:They are always so conscious about the wellness of others and that world around them.
  • Gemini:Geminis are witty mofos. You can always count on them for a good laugh in any situation.
  • Cancer:You can always talk to them about anything. They are such great listeners and will talk you through your hardest problems.
  • Leo:They really know how to lighten up the room with just their personalities. Leos try their hardest to keep up the fun.
  • Virgo:Virgos are people's human moral compass. They aren't afraid to tell you their opinion, even when it isn't asked. Either way, it is always one worth hearing.
  • Libra:Libras are very diplomatic with problems between people. They will want to hear every side before answering. They hate giving biased answers.
  • Scorpio:They always strive to be the best that they can be. They set themselves to a high standard and always thinks for themselves. They don't want to give into other people's ideas of them.
  • Sagittarius:They are always willing to give an extra hand to a person who needs it. They are large-hearted individuals that hate seeing people in a bad and broken state.
  • Capricorn:short-tempers are barely in your body and soul. You guys are patient and willing to wait if things aren't going right. They are always thinking of they best way to go through something difficult.
  • Aquarius:Aquarius' love their freedom. You can expect crazy things and stories from an Aquarius when they are on their own. Their innovation is admired greatly as well.
  • Pisces:Their gigantic imagination is something to be worshiped. They love to go out of the box and think of different things for something that wouldn't normally be though.

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Hey splickedy! For the emoji thing, how about Tavros, A5? Have a nice night! :)

Anonymous said: If the emoji thing is still open, maybe Gamzee with 5A?

I made it Gamtav and I’m so sorry that I’m not sorry but I’m not :D

no they’re not together or anything why would you think that THIS IS JUST A REGULAR BRO-TALK OKAY.  LIKE BROS.  “unrequited” pining is GREAT okay don’t judge me. ;D


Cute charming face makes Jacky’s heart go boom boom

Thank you all who participated in the live stream! It was a lot of fun~<3

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Admin is heading to San Diego this Wednesday for Comic Con! I will be going to Comic Con every day except for Sunday, and on Saturday night I’m heading to the Symphony of the Goddesses: Master Quest.  Right after I get back from California, I’m going to the beach for a week as well.

So for the next two weeks, I probably won’t upload much.  I’m trying to put some things into the queue, but I won’t have many chances to check this blog while I’m away (I may have a few chances here and there, however).  See you later!

A little less than a month ago, Leon found a poem that Scorpio wrote. He found it so amusing that the two of them continued to exchange insults back and forth before the king proposed a solution to the problem.

Presenting… STAR CROSSED SUMMER; the 5 week special event brought to you by your gods and goddesses here at SCM Star Princes. It’s a battle between departments! Wishes or Punishments: who will win!?

Each week, there will be a new event. Help your favourite team achieve victory by participating! 

By the end of the five weeks, whichever team accumulates the most points will be crowned the victors! The losing team will be providing you all with delicious eye candies (artwork & edits) and juicy stories (drabbles, fanfictions, headcanons, etc.). 


Three random followers who participated in all five events will also receive gifts from the gods/goddesses. The king will also personally impose a forfeit on the losing team, to be confirmed at a later date.

Prepare yourselves for July 8, 2015.