MONSTA X REACTION - to you crying because your family didn't approve of your relationship to the members

I honestly think all of them would be sad, the only difference is how they would deal with it. Such a terrible situation…

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He would be sad as well, but his biggest worry at the moment you started crying was to comfort you instead of focusing on his own feelings. He would probably question non-stop what he did wrong  to himself.

“Aigoo, have I not tried enough? Am I not good enough?”


I feel he would want to cry as well right away, but seeing how much you needed him to be there for you he would focus on being supportive. Only when he’s sure you’re not seeing he would break, then gather his pieces quietly.


From everyone, I think he would be the most hurt. Because he would’ve failed in being approved by those that brought you to him and his inability to make a good impression on your parents made you feel terrible enough to cry. He would believe it was all his fault.


He would be more heartbroken for you being heartbroken. He cares about what you’re parents think, but what you think matters the most. So he would be happy if you were happy. If that meant convincing your parents he would proudly promise to fight.

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He would fall silent, hurt from seeing you hurt. He would think of many different ways of surpassing this problem and would have difficulties to solve it. But, he would not give up.

“Jagi, we’re gonna make this through.”


He would feel awful and powerless. He wasn’t good enough for you in your parents eyes and depending on the real reason behind your parents decision he wouldn’t think much before fighting.

“I’m willing to fight for this, so let’s fight together. You don’t have to cry.”

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He would be the most reckless. His biggest desire after seeing what your parents rejection did was to sincerely ask you to let it go. Simply keep having your life of two and don’t worry, because at some point they’d accept him. But, he isn’t insensible enough. He’s actually as hurt as you but wants to pretend he’s more than fine.

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Jaehyun, Yuta, Doyoung, Taeyong, Hansol and Johnny Reaction to you moaning his name at night ( Quando você geme o nome deles a noite)

Here you go cat anon *~*

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Taeyong:*He waked up with your moaning* Hum? What? What is this! // *Ele acordou com seu gemido* Hum? O que? Que isso!

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Jaehyun: What are you dreaming! // O que é que você está sonhando!

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Yuta: I hope it is a good dream! // Eu espero que seja um sonho bom!

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Doyoung:*Scared* What? Oh my God are you talking while you are sleeping? // *Assustado* Quê? Ai meu Deus você está falando enquanto está dormindo?

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Johnny: I was dreaming with you too! // Eu estava sonhando com você também!

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Hansol: Is she having a wet dream with me…? // Ela está tendo um sonho molhado comigo…?

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NCT U REACTION where their significant other accidentally burns herself making him a surprise dinner.

There you go dear!



“C’mere let me help you with that… You gotta be more careful but thanks for the surprise!”


He giggles finding your attempt cute, and helps you with your burned finger. But then he sees the mess you made in the kitchen so he’d be like:


He enters the house and gets surprised by seeing all decorated, but he doesn’t see you or the rest of the food so he goes to the kitchen to see you trying to fix your dinner with your finger wrapped in a band-aid.

“What the heck happened here?”


“You need help with that? Maybe?”


“Ok now. I’ll take care of the kitchen and you go take care of that burn”


“OMG Are you ok?!”


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