IKON REACTION: to you (as their girlfriend) drop their phones and it crashing

B.I.:”oh shit…”

He’d be mad because it wouldn’t be the first time that you had broke it.

“jagiyaaaa, wae?”

Jinhwan: He would try to not get angry with you, but it would be practically written on his face.

Yunhyeong: “tell me that’s not my phone”


“it’s okay… *stars to crying* is just my life…”

Bobby: “it’s okay baby… I hope” But nothing is okay

Donghyuk: *sighs* “What should I do?”

June: “I love you, but I need a new phone, right now…”

Chanwoo: “yahh…This is the third time in this month, you better stop it”

~ADM Cherry~

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itssabrinainuzuka asked:

Seventeen ❤️❤️❤️

Pandacchi is bored too, so I’ll participate as well~

  • First Bias: Vernon
  • Current Bias: Joshua o3o/
  • Favorite Song: Mansae
  • Favorite MV: Mansae
  • Favorite Choreography: Adore U
  • Favorite Era: Both~I don’t really have one so I’ll say the two of them keke 
  • Favorite OTP: Meanie!!!!!!
  • Favorite Vocalist: Joshua
  • Favorite Rapper: Vernon
  • Favourite Personality: Joshua and Minghao~ They’re both so sweet that I can’t even handle.. Also that quiet way they have catches my attention
  • Song I Wish It Would Be A Tittle Track: OMG
  • Song I Wish Would Be Translated To English: Mansae
  • An unpopular opinion: I don’t think I have one..


~ADM Pandacchi o3o

anonymous asked:


  • First Bias: LEEEEOOO (JUNG TAEKWOON STAN HERE)  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • Current Bias: Leo  ╮(─▽─)╭
  • Favorite Song: Chained Up
  • Favorite MV: Chained Up and Voodoo Doll
  • Favorite Choreography: Chained Up and Error
  • Favorite Era: Chained Up (ok I got.. I’m a little too obssesed with this era)
  • Favorite OTP: NEO!!!!!!!!!
  • Favorite Vocalist: Leo and Ken
  • Favorite Rapper: Ravi (he’s the only one tho..)
  • Favourite Personality: Ken~! I really enjoy his multiple personalities~ All of them make him the speciall guy he is~
  • Song I Wish It Would Be A Tittle Track: Maze
  • Song I Wish Would Be Translated To English: Error
  • An unpopular opinion: I think Hakyeon and Eunji friendship is so freaking adorable that make me want to cry (I know this isn’t a unpopular opinion but since I don’t have one, I put this anyways~)

~ADM Pandacchi

jeabumm asked:

got7 ? ^-^

  • First Bias: Bambam, he was/is so cute that got my love with just a photo
  • Current Bias: Mark 
  • Favorite Song: Just right
  • Favorite MV: Girls girls girls
  • Favorite Choreography: Just right
  • Favorite Era: Got it era, I couldn’t deal with Yugyeom… He was so handsome
  • Favorite OTP: MARKSOOON 
  • Favorite Vocalist: Youngjae
  • Favorite Rapper: Mark <3
  • Favourite Personality: Youngjae, He’s a sweetheart 
  • Song I Wish It Would Be A Tittle Track: Forever young 
  • Song I Wish Would Be Translated To English: Girls girls girls
  • An unpopular opinion: nothing again 

~ADM Cherry~

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