adly guirgis


y'all can all literally choke in regards to The Get Down because there is no reason why this beautiful, stunning show should be flopping are you legit telling me you would rather watch fucking FULLER HOUSE instead of the get down???? foh The Get Down is giving us cinematography, giving us looks, giving us music, brown skin, freedom, love, friendship and poetry it has stephen adly guirgis, one of the best playwrights of our time, giving us some of his best writing y'all are tacky and y'all are ungrapefruit and i’m sick of it

not sure if others have pointed this out yet but something has had me very ????? about the mural dizzee’s painting during his looks better now ;) conversation with thor. namely:


so i went looking for that BTS tweet of this scene. even though jaden’s wearing a shirt from a different scene, that’s obviously thor’s ripped pink shirt and the mural in front of them, which we can see a lot more of:

dizzee’s painting rumi and thor with THE WEIGHING OF THE HEART written overtop of them, which, okay, Anubis the Egyptian God of the Dead, weighing the hearts of those who determine if they could go to the afterlife. on the left looks like a depiction of the god Thoth, who recorded the findings of the heart weighing. if anyone wants to jump in and explain this better - please do!

the phrase makes sense because you can clearly see that rumi and thor are actually framed by a balance scale, with dizzee and thor’s bodies (sort of perfectly?) blocking the weighing pan on rumi’s side:

this fits really well with all of the references to death in this scene (the song that plays here, “i’m ready to die now,” etc.) and… i find it pretty reassuring?? i think it’s very indicative of dizzee’s last scene as a metaphorical death/becoming, and less about death and more about rebirth. it’s not foreshadowing; it’s a continuation of dizzee’s opera metaphor

especially because on April 8th stephen adly guirgis tweeted this to reassure fans about dizzee:

so, they left it open, but imo jaden’s coming back and this is all representative, as SAG says, of the journey dizzee’s taking to discover himself, sexuality, etc. dizzee’s also aware of how death has been a changing metaphor, ie: the construction of rumi the alien being killed at the opera, his development, he decides that rumi and thor are going to the opera, and dizzee just before this scene saying to boo “you gotta not apologize for being an alien”

and it’s fitting that most of this narrative happens around thor because that’s the only time dizzee’s allowed to be himself/free and with someone who understands him. also: you’re losing your vitamin C when they first meet to just one kiss from his lips is like taking vitamin C when they’re going to the party?? the fact that they’re literally, canonically confirmed to be in love with each other via dizzee’s POV??? dizzee and thor’s relationship being the entire reason mylene and the soul madonnas had their record played? the constant use of the word “free” in the show centering around them?? this show…. is not subtle about how important their relationship is

i could be pulling something out of nowhere, but TGD has always put significant thought into the details/art/music/dialogue/framing of each scene, so it feels important that this is here. if nothing else, it’s pretty interesting and i find it more comforting that dizzee is approaching the idea of “death” as a becoming and is entirely aware of it - the last scene being a hallucination makes a lot more sense imo with these visuals in mind

LOOK!! they are literally painting each other as their avatars here. the stripes on thor’s armour and rumi’s jacket. thor’s star. dizzee’s jacket cut into coattails. the tophat that thor puts on at one point and ends up by dizzee’s head on the mattress. they are in love and want to go on a journey together. we are blessed

Dizzee’s fate and the BYG trope


I was really worried about Dizzee’s story at the end of part 2 concerning the Bury Your Gays trope. I didn’t even know if any of the writers even knew about it and thought that since Stephen is so responsive on twitter I would try to talk to him about, and low and behold he responded! He was very eager to learn about it and I feel a lot better knowing that he’s aware of the trope and how harmful it is to the community. Thought I would share it here: 

I hope that even if Jaden is unable to film season 2 this helps them make a healthier choice for both Dizzee and the LGBTQ+ community, and if he signs the Lexa pledge that would be unreal!

Thor headcanons

So one of the showrunners confirmed one of my own ideas about Thor’s background so I thought I’d roll with it:

- His real name is Noah Theodore
- His mom was a super hippy artist like him
- She came from money but after getting pregnant her parents refused to associate with her
- He was raised alone by her, not knowing his father
- When he was 11 his mom met his dad again, who was now a wealthy banker, and the two got married
- They moved into his fancy house in the Upper East Side
- Thor resented his dad for abandoning them
- His dad looked down on their free spirited lifestyle and his mom was prepared to give it up but thor wasn’t, creating further tension
- When his little sister was born he kind of felt like an outcast in his own home as they prioritised their “new family”
- He had a fight with his dad one day where everything escalated
- Both of them crossed the line and Thor decided it would be better if he just left
- His mom convinced him to move back but he barely spends any time at home
- He met beautiful girl on a roof one day who introduced him to the lgbtq party scene where he met pakoussa and began to consolidate his identity
- Not long after that he meets dizzee and the adventure truly begins