Best Friend!Mark

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  • You know those friendships where you don’t know exactly the moment when they two of you started to become friends?
  • Thats the start of you and Mark’s friendship
  • You can always recall a distant memory that the two of you shared but never the start of your friendship.
  • It was like a fuzzy memory for the both of you
  • But it didn’t really matter because at least you two are friends now.
  • He’s not that great with words
  • But that’s okay neither are you
  • So a lot of times y’all are quiet when you hang out but thats perfectly okay
  • But then there’s time where Mark can be the biggest kid ever and you’re just like wtf just happened?
  • “Mark stop acting like you’re a child!! YOU’RE A GROWN ADLUT!! well you’re not an adult but you’re old.”
  • Then Mark does the cutest aeygo ever 
  • Making you roll your eyes and say “fine… keep acting like a child.”
  • You can never really ever tell him no
  • Midnight ice cream dates
  • And even though you’re tired you can’t say no because well its ice cream
  • Being huge complete dorks around each other
  • Literally dorks about anything. 
  • Books, movies, tv shows, super heroes etc.
  • Every time the two of you hang out its also a quiet setting
  • More one on one type of things only so you can stay in your comfort zone
  • But sometimes he tries to make you do something different
  • To get you out of your same old “boring” routine.
  • Making you “live life”, that kind of shit really.
  • Whenever you were heading somewhere ( grocery store, clothing shop) you asked if he wanted to tag along and no matter what he’ll be there
  • And while you’re out you see girls looking at Mark
  • So you tell him to go talk to them, encourage him
  • He’ll just give you a meme looking reaction and walk away from you.
  • Binge watching each other favorite tv shows
  • But when it came to a boring episode that he didn’t like 
  • Guess what happens next..
  • “PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!”
  • Then he’ll stop and you’ll be like thank god but just wait 
  • “Mark…. seriously stop throwing popcorn at me.”
  • “Okay so?”
  • He’ll practically be that obnoxious brother you never wanted.
  • He’ll even be super protective over you for anything.
  • If you’re going out with your girlfriends, he’ll want to you message him if you needed him or just to let he know you were safe.
  • Going on a date with someone? Best believe he’ll grab Jackson and go stalk you and your date cause you know markson forever
  • You see them so you excuse yourself from your date and go talk with them for a little bit
  • “Hey Mark you know you don’t have to be so protective over me I can take care of myself.”
  • “Im only doing this because you’re my best friend and I love you y/n.”
  • “I am pretty lovable mark.”
  • “Why you gotta be like this? You know what never mind I hate you now"
Inej could tell Kaz’s breathing had gotten worse– shallow, rapid pants like an animal caught in a trap… It was because she was listening so closely that she knew the exact moment when Kaz Brekker, Dirtyhands, the bastard of the barrel and the deadliest boy in Ketterdam, fainted.
—  Six of Crows, Leigh Bardugo