• Me at 11 in the night: LONG LIVE PRODUCTIVITY! Tomorrow, I will write, draw, study, do those diys I've always wanted to try, bake, play football, make edits and CONQUER THE GALAXY!
  • Me the next morning: *reads fanfiction all day*

there are some ships, where you’re just like, “oh, yeah, they’d be so cute together.”

and then there are ships, where you know just what their wedding would look like, their ideal honeymoon, how many kids they’d have, what they’d do for their fourteenth wedding anniversary, what kind of pets they’d have, who would drive the kids to ballet/soccer/band practice every day, which one would be the first to say I love you every time, and where they would grow old together.



Andrew: *sees name on Post-It for autograph* Mackenzie, hi!

Me: Hi! Um… I’m the one who thanked you yesterday (for saving my life), and you asked me if life was good and I probably said yeah but I just wanted to say yes. It is. And I made you this- *pulls out the bookfold*

A: *takes it and stares in awe* WOW! That’s amazing! How did you do that?!

Me: It’s really easy, you just cut and fold.

A: So where are you from?

Me: Ohio.

A: What do you do?

Me: Uhm, I’m still in high school, but I work at a bookshop.

A: Oh, you like to read?

Me: Yeah!

A: Me too! *looks straight into my eyes* So life is good?

Me: Yeah.

A: *smiles* Well thank you very much! Have a good evening!

Me: You too!

I am still shaking. Oh my gosh.

UPDATE: I am no longer physically shaking but I’m still S H O O K UPDATE 2: it’s been well over a year and people are still giving this notes, I’m glad so many people like this post :)

Is it possible that Sherlock is just so hot that everyone falls in love with him? I mean they hate him but they love him… I mean Molly, Janine, John, Moriarty, maybe even Mary and Greg? Idk… I mean maybe platonically or maybe romantically but…

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“Love for him, after all, would be thinking more—maybe that’s asking too much—maybe thinking as much of someone else as he thinks of himself.”
- Benedict Cumberbatch, 2017

Because “thinking of someone else as much as he thinks of himself” means differently


/sherlock or /sherlockholmes or /johnwatson

/mycroft or /mycroftholmes

/molly or /mollyhooper

/lestrade or /greglestrade

/moriarty or /thefinalproblem

/eurus or /eurusholmes














/johnlock or /tjlc









All the pages I’ve found on thelostspecial.com so far. Will update when more come to light. 

UPDATE: Most of these pages are now blank