Nonnie requested: Hey Merry here’s an idea for a gifset if you are interested… Sherlock’s pressure points?

“Very hard to find a pressure point on you, Mr Holmes. The drugs thing I never believed for a moment. Anyway, you wouldn’t care if it was exposed, would you?”


It doesnt matter if you ship Johnlock

or Adlock

or Sherlolly

or MaryxJohn

or Sheriarty

or Mystrade

or Lestrade and Sherock

or molstrade

or some other ship

It doesnt matter because we all LOVE Sherlock 

and we all want the next Season (which probably only comes out in 2017)

and we ALL have to stand together in this to not loose our minds.

So it doesnt matter who you ship or what someone else ships. Because we are all one big Sherlock Family

I give up on anything Sherlock on here. You either have:

A) SOME Johnlock shippers going completely ham if there are any scenes where Benedict and Martin are filming in the same place. “Omg! They’re filming the kiss!” “Who’s this bitch in red? Sherlock is gay, duh!” “Sherlock is going to say ‘If you love me’ to John, OMG!!!”. Calm your tits. Have you never said love you to your best friend? I do all the time, doesn’t mean I want to sleep with them. “It’s obvious he’s gay”. They’ve clearly stated he’s asexual, yup, totally gay. Don’t get me started on what happened here when BENEDICT HIMSELF said him and Irene had a night in his mind in Karachi. Johnlock shippers LOST IT. If you don’t support the ship, you’re homophobic and don’t understand. If the show doesn’t side with it, then they’re done with the show because it doesn’t side with them. “I’m not saying other ships aren’t possible because I ship Johnlock, but I’m totally saying that”. You guys read stuff like an english teacher reads “The blinds were blue” in a reading assignment. What if the writer literally just liked the color blue, not that blue expressed the writers emotions for the characters in the dark scene of their carrot spoiling?

2) The hate on Mary and the Baby. It’s written, it’s filmed, it’s going to happen. Plain and simple.

3) The hate on Amanda. Really? Never had an outburst in your life? Is it because she’s an actress she isn’t aloud to act human? Is it because she’s with Martin when he’s 'supposed to be with Benedict’? No. Move on.

4) The hate on Benedict’s wife and over all creeping on his life. That is just disgusting to see pop up on my feed. I literally have to turn off my phone for a good few hours and walk outside and breath. Maybe a few should do that too. Step outside.

I’m not pointing this at all of those. My girlfriend ships johnlock, but she also opens her mind to other ships and we discuss them. She isn’t pushing for it, she doesn’t care if it doesn’t happen because she enjoys the show in full. There are stories out there made for stuff that doesn’t happen in the show. Thats why it’s called non-canon. Lets your imagination run wild. Go ahead, let it run, but don’t sit here and say other ships aren’t possible. I ship adlock, I will admit. Do I hate Johnlock? No, thats fine. Just the constent bash on other ships from the Johnlock tag is killing. I don’t read the characters like most do. I’ve watched the series maybe 5 times and still haven’t understood what most see. Even if you see it as canon, there is no need to bash the show for how THEY’RE writing it. No need to bash those that have other views.

I’m speaking for all ships in this fandom. For a website that is mainly centered around teens and young adults pushing for open expression and acceptance have an amazing amount of close minded and stubborn users.