Yâ Râb, bu uğursuz gecenin yok mu sabâhı?
Mahşerde mi bîçârelerin, yoksa felâhı!

Nûr istiyoruz… Sen bize yangın veriyorsun!
‘Yandık! 'diyoruz… Boğmaya kan gönderiyorsun!

Mazlûmu nedir ezmede, ezdirmede mânâ?
Zâlimleri adlin, hani öldürmedi hâlâ

Câni geziyor dipdiri… Can vermede mâsûm
Suç başkasınındır da niçin başkası mahkûm?

Yetmez mi musâb olduğumuz bunca devâhi?
Ağzım kurusun… Yok musun ey adl-i İlâhî!

Mehmet Akif Ersoy


Pairing: John Laurens x Fem!Reader

Summary: Y/N has always been the odd one out of her entire family but with the discovery of her fey blood it turns out that the past with revolving around her family and that of the royal family is much more complicated than it seemed. Things start to become even messier when a guy of higher societal status begins to attempt to court her.

Words: 3,406 (it’s a real doozy)

Warnings: like 2 swear words, not really at all angsty just lots of cute flirting and blushing between reader and john

A/N: Yeah I’ve never written a Hamilton fic before this, but I made an account so I didn’t have to post this on my other fan acc 
I also feel like this just sucks, but like I probably can’t make it any better (not saying there’s no more editing I need to do, but my writing style can only take this plot so far)
Is this a multiple part fic? Hell yeah. It’s basically like a fairy tale esque retelling of Hamilton, but not really. I might do something similar with other people in Hamilton like Hercules or Lafayette but I’m not sure yet

Heavily inspired by the book Enchanted written by Alethea Kontis

I’d also recommend listening to ‘Todo Cambio’ by Becky G (it’s all in Spanish, just FYI), ‘There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back’ by Shawn Mendes, and ‘Take Me To The Middle’ by Anthony Ramos (you can find it on SoundCloud and on Youtube)

          Although the year was 1918, the kingdom of Adlin was still on its way of modernizing itself, trying to catch up with the rest of the world. You had definitely accepted much of the new modern looks that came with the Great War (there wasn’t anything great about the war, it was just great in size) such as wearing slacks that your older sister Eden fixed for you out of denim per your request.

          You were definitely the black sheep of your entire family. While your sisters were out and shopping for new materials for the dresses to be made, you were going through the antiques of your family in what would be considered an attic. Your hair was being held in a bun with your Victorian –esque mail opener, the nameday gift your Godmother Delia decided to give you. You had tried to continue looking through, but your family’s old couch was blocking the way. You tried to get over the couch, but you underestimated the force of which you did so making you do a forward roll over the couch. You landed on your bum and simultaneously knocked an old cardboard box on its side making it spill its contents.

          "Ah fucking shit,“ you hissed as you tried to stand up. You glanced at the mess you made, crawling over and noticed that they simply were unopened letters. Your curiosity got the better of you as you took the mail opener out of your hair, making you it cascade over your shoulders. You pulled the cover off the mail opener and grabbed a letter at random. Opening one and pulling out a piece of parchment paper, examining what it said. It read:

Our family was always a strong acquaintance to that of the royal one. It can even be debated that they were once friends. Our strong fey blood has been how we assisted them and you mustn’t forget, for trouble will come forth if you do. The King personally requested for our family to be transferred and there is a reason. Find out why Melissa, find out now before it’s too late.


          You stuffed the letter into the back of your pants, and continued to rummage through the old unopened letters.  Thousands of questions rushed through your brain, making it hard to concentrate. You grabbed five other letters and put everything else back in the box. You knew you would have to return another day.

          "Y/N, get down here and help Adiam with the food,” you groaned, but went down quickly to the kitchen. You walked in and took the spoon your brother was using to stir the stew from him immediately. Adiam was fey meaning that although he was your elder by four years, it looked as if he stopped aging at the age of twelve, no doubt going to outlive the rest of the family. Although Adiam was not family by blood, you had grown up believing otherwise. It didn’t matter if science didn’t agree, he was your brother just as Eden was your sister.

          "Time to chase the chickens,“ Adiam grinned and ran out. You began to laugh as you stirred until your mom gave you a pointed look. You kept quiet, but all that did was make your mind wander to the several questions you had about the letter you had found moments earlier.

           "Mama, do we still have fey blood? Also what is the difference from being fey to having fey blood?” you saw your mother went stiff, but you continued. “I know it’s said to be a myth and all, but doesn’t that simply mean that some have it and some don’t?”

          "Where on Earth did this curiosity arise from?“ you shrugged at your mother’s question, debating whether you should tell her or not. You knew the questions would continue to burn in your mind until they were answered.

          "Who’s Marie?” you asked, trying to look at your mom in the eyes. She couldn’t seem to meet yours.

          "Was,“ she said quietly.


          "It isn’t present- you mean to ask who Marie was, past tense,“ your mother sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Marie, she was my mom.”

           "Making her my grandmother.“


          "Why didn’t you tell me about her? Why didn’t you read her letters?“ you weren’t angry, you just wanted to understand the situation.

          "Because there are just some things I wanted to keep from the rest of the family, from you. Her words have power, if I were to have read her letters I would have to do what she requested.”

          The words she had just said kept running through your brain, you were surprised when you realized you were still stirring subconsciously. “She had fey blood?”

          “She was a seventh of a seventh,” your mother murmured sitting down at the dining table.

          “So that means-”

          “Your aunts and I have fey blood, your father does so as well, but that’s from his side of the family of course. And you, my dearest Y/N also happen to have it along with Eden, Maddi, Quinn, and Will.”

          That was ten days ago, now Eden was accidentally pricking your skin trying to get the dress she made for you to fit perfectly. Your mother and father had sat all of you down and explained. They said despite the fact that the royal family doesn’t necessarily speak anymore, they still are strong acquaintances which is why it was crucial they attended their parties when invited.

          “Y/N I have at least another hour to spare before I need to get ready and if you don’t stand still and straight,” she glared at you, pushing your back upright, “I’ll never finish your dress in time for the ball tonight.”

          “Good,” you sighed irritatedly pushing your stray hairs away from your face.

          “I know you don’t enjoy these types of things, but you heard Mama, we have to go.”

          “Why though? Don’t you wonder why we’re acquaintances with the royal family? We might have been friends with them at some point and you’re not the least bit curious as to why? Papa was even admitted to being close to the King and his brother, don’t you wonder what caused them to stop?” 

          “No Y/N, I don’t. And you shouldn’t be so curious either, curiosity killed the cat remember?” Eden went back to work on your dress, not waiting to hear your reply. You sighed hard, making your shoulders slump which just made Eden push them back up. You tried to remain still at the best of your abilities for the rest of the time you had to stand there.

          “Thank you for doing my hair Quinn,” you looked at yourself in the vanity in your room, and, out of the corner of your eye, you saw her smile at you through the mirror.

           “Thank you for letting me,” she squeezed your shoulders and walked out. You had to admit it to yourself, you looked pretty, normal even.

          Your older sister by seven years had also managed to capture your quirkiness, your hair being held with your mail opener just as it usually is, but looking neater than it ever had under your care. You slowly stood and carefully walked out of your room and down the stairs. 

           When you reached the bottom you heard Maddi squeal out in joy. “You look wonderful Y/N! I can’t wait to see how many boys will intend on courting you tonight.”

           “None on my watch,” Will said and you took a gander at poking his abdomen. Adiam laughed at the entire endeavor. This was probably the longest time you’ve seen him not covered completely in dirt.

           “Then I hope you close your eyes,” you joked and Will let out a laugh that filled the entire room with joy.

           “Ah my dearest sister, what ever shall I do if you leave?” he pulled you in for a hug, he and Adiam were two of your favorite people in the entire world, not including Maddi of course. You let go and turned around after mumbling a “you’ll be fine” into his chest.  

           “Hopefully just a couple muster the courage to talk to you, I need to be able to get one,” Eden walked down, looking as enchanting as ever, teasing. You gave her a smile and she gave you a grin. Maddi gasped and went running up to Eden, looking at her in awe.

           “You look incredible,” Maddie gave Eden a toothy grin only her fourteen-year-old self could give.

           “You, my little sprout, look ravishing,” Eden bent down and booped Maddi’s nose, eliciting a giggle out of her younger sister’s throat. Eden was about to say something else but was cut off by a knock at the door.

           Your father opened it and it seemed to be two of the king’s many men. “Good evening men,” your father’s voice was strong, yet didn’t sound undermining.

           “Good evening, we are here to take the Y/L/N family at the request of the king in royal carriages,” one of the men spoke. His voice sounded very charming and very French to your ears, and you could hear the smile he was wearing in his tone.

           “Very well then. Come on everyone, let’s get in,” your father motioned for your mother to go first which she did gracefully. One by one each of your siblings left the house and entered one of the carriages. In the end, you were sitting with Maddi and Eden.

           “What do you think the castle looks like from the inside? Do you think it’s decorated to even more of an extent than usual because of the occasion? What type of food-”

          “We’ll have the answers once we get there little one,” Maddi would have continued to ask questions had Eden not cut her off. You had to admit, you wanted to ask questions as well and dream up what the ball might be with your sisters, but knew you couldn’t. You each just sat there listening to the quiet of what would soon become night.

          You entered the castle and were instantly transfixed by everything. You wanted to go and look at all of the walls and find all of the details most would miss.

           “Missus and Mister Y/L/N,” the Grand Marshal announced, “and their children: Mister Will, Miss Quinn, Mister Adiam, Miss Eden, Miss Y/N, and Miss Maddi.”

           You took a deep breath, trying to rid yourself of all the nerves. You slowly made your way to the edge of the stairs and grabbed your skirts with both hands. You ignored the voice in your head saying you would plummet down the steps and proceeded to walk down them calmly. You could feel Maddi next to you, fidgeting with her skirts. You let go of your skirt with one hand and reached for hers. Maddi’s hand immediately found yours and gave it a squeeze.

           It all felt like a dream. You and your family had finally made it to the bottom of the stairs, but were greeted by the sight of royalty instead of the dance floor.

           “Y/L/N,” you saw your father straighten and put a hand on the small of your mother’s back.

           “Your Highness,” your father nodded his head in acknowledgment to his own words while you and the rest of your sisters curtsied. You couldn’t see your brothers and you felt the air leave your lungs. It was more than the King himself addressing your father, there was an overwhelming feel of familiarity.

           “I’m afraid that on this grand joyous occasion we must concur,” the King had a smile one would give when in pain. Your parents looked at each other and walked in one direction with the King in tow. You and your siblings stood there for a moment, having no idea what to do. Slowly, you each made your way to the table pertaining to your family.

           This ordeal had not gone unnoticed by anyone, but it caught the particular eye of John Laurens. Well, it isn’t so much as the situation, as it is the someone who brought him to pay attention. John had never once seen a girl have what seemed like a brooch in her hair before. John’s father, the Duke of Esterdale, looked at him and his giddiness with an unimpressed glare.

           “I’m going to go find your uncle, he should know better than to leave a ball without its host,” John watched his father stand and walk away.          

           Unsure of what to do with himself, John decided to go and talk to you your family. He was close enough to Will for it not to be strange to converse and joke with him, but then again that was during training with the Royal Guard. The hushed whispers about your family stopped and turned into longing stares as John walked by. Everyone knew that the King had no heirs so the closest thing to a prince was John, if in any case at all both his uncle and father would die, he would become king of Adlin. He was also undoubtedly handsome and his smile would make both boys and girls alike swoon. Proof would be the relationship he had with a Mister Alexander Hamilton for a good year, before breaking it off to remain friends. Not many details are known throughout Adlin, but there was a time, and it still happens, when he was judged for “sinning”.

          “Well if it isn’t John Laurens, are you here to take me out to dance?” Will asked with a flirty tone while batting his eyelashes. Maddi gave Will a quick eye roll and a grin while John laughed whole heartedly. Oh God, his laugh made you want to giggle like you had when you were younger. 

          “I’m afraid not Will, I’m here to dance with your sister,” John glanced around the table momentarily with a stiff smile on his face. He didn’t want Will to hurt him the next time they both trained with the Royal Guard, but he also really wanted to get to know you. “Miss Y/N.” 

          “The most intimidating of them all,” Adiam snickered but stopped when you kicked him in the shin. 

          John turned to look at you and you felt your cheeks heat up. You couldn’t make coherent sentences that were not filled to the brim with profane for a moment. Eden looked at you expectantly whilst Maddi, Will, and Adiam were laughing amongst themselves. John chuckled at your lack of words which made you smile sheepishly.

          “Would you care to dance?” he extended his steady hand out to you which you took with your own. You were only left with very few thoughts as John led you to the center of the dance floor. You could feel everyone's’ eyes on you, their whispers once again containing your name. You were his first dance of the night, and your mind kept on asking the same question that it began to sound more and more like a chant: Why, why, why, why me and not Eden, why me.

          The both of you slowly started waltzing to the music and you were certain he could feel your hands shaking in his. You looked at his chest, fear more than anything else kept you from looking at him directly.

          “I hope you don’t mind, but may I ask you something?” John took you by surprise making you miss a step and stumble. John spun you, covering the mistake quickly. “My fault, I apologize.”

          “No need to,” you said quietly. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding and tried to relax.

          “Are you ready for my question?” you nodded meekly, still not looking at him, which meant you didn’t see the smile he sent you. “What’s in your hair?”

          “Pardon?” you held back a laugh and cleared your throat, but that didn’t stop the corners of your lips from quirking upward. 

          “You have something like a brooch in your hair, why?”

          “It was my sister Quinn’s decision, she thought I’d look like someone else if I didn’t have my mail opener in my hair,” you said in one breath. John smiled softly at your words, so that’s what it was, a mail opener (a mail opener, of all things!) was in your hair.

          “Far too much like everyone else, even with your beauty.”

          “You’re really pretty too,” if your cheeks hadn’t already been flushed they definitely were now. John laughed loudly and you felt your stomach fill with happiness. The same feel of familiarity you felt at the stairs surrounded you, but it didn’t feel suffocating like it had back there.

            “I love that you blush,” John said which made you tense up in his arms. You were suddenly reminded of the whispers all containing your name because the laugh emitted from the marquess. All too soon the song came to an end and John stepped back, released you, and bowed. You grabbed a handful of skirts and curtsied, ignoring the thoughts of longing to return to his arms.

            “One mustn’t linger on the dance floor,” you say to John, but made no move to go back to your seat.

            “Stepping away from here will be like going into battle,” John looked at your wrist, more specifically the makeshift bracelet that was really just string loosely tied around your wrist, and then back at you.

            “You would know, you’ve fought in plenty,” he chuckled at your comment.

            “Yes, I have. I also know it is customary for a soldier to accept a lady’s favor before going into battle. Would you do me the honor?”

            You stood there, dumbfounded by his words. How in the world could John be serious? More importantly: how could you possibly say no?

            “Of course, Your Lordship,” you untie the string on your wrist and fasten it around his left arm, near the shoulder. Your fingers felt too clumsy so instead of fashioning a bow you tied a simple knot and let the ends of the string flow just past his elbow. You knew what it meant: any and every other girl he would dance with tonight would know you were there first. You refrained from turning and looking at all the enemies you had made in the span of a few minutes.

            “Please, allow me to walk you back,” John took you by the arm and led you carefully back. You notice your mother and father had returned but were conversing in rushed whispers with the rest of your siblings. When they saw you and John arriving they stopped and looked at the both of you curiously.      

            “John I haven’t seen you since you were a boy about yay high,” your father stood, put his hand near his hip, and then proceeded to shake John’s hand.

            “Yes sir, it has been a long time,” John smiled, but if you didn’t know any better you’d think he was nervous. “Missus Y/L/N, you look as beautiful as ever.”

            “You flatter me, but I know I cannot compete with the beauty you see in my daughter,” your face heated up once more for what felt like the millionth time tonight, but maybe your face had remained flushed from the moment John spoke to you.

            “She is truly stunning,” you unconsciously let out a giggle that was meant only for your head which made Adiam smirk and Maddi giggle alongside you. Eden tried not to crack a smile, much like Will, but failed. You could feel the stares of all the people around you. Had your parents forgotten that you were still out at the mercy of the public?

            “I would ask if you intend to court my daughter, John, but we must go,” your father’s back straightened. “Bid my farewell to your father and your uncle, John. It was nice seeing you again, even for the briefest of moments.”

            John bowed, as did your father. He thanked all of you for coming, but his eyes lingered on yours, much like your eyes lingered on him. Each of you tried to memorize each other, but, finally, with a smile, you left and caught up with your mother.

            “Don’t worry Y/N, you’ll see him again. It might not be the way you imagine it, but fate has declared that you’ll see John again soon enough,” your mother smiled sadly as you tried to decipher her cryptic words.