you don’t realize how much you miss the boys until..

you miss the way Harry bounces around on stage, like his sole purpose in life is to entertain his fans and to make sure they have a fun time. Until you don’t see pictures of Harry everyday shopping, or putting his hair up in a bun. Until you don’t see Harry singing new riffs and new adlibs during shows. Until you don’t get Harry’s ‘thank you’ tweets after a show…

you miss the way Louis always brings his mic away from his mouth when he sings his solo’s. Until you don’t see Louis being mischievous on stage and pranking the other boys. Until you don’t wonder which adidas outfit will Louis will tonight. Until you don’t get Louis ‘buzzzzzin’ tweets after a show…

you miss the way that Liam dances his crazy dances on stage. Until you don’t get Liam’s ‘let’s do thisss’ tweets before a show or Liam’s defending the fans tweets when something goes wrong. Until you don’t get Niall and Liam stage selfies or bored in a hotel room selfie. Until you don’t see Liam pouring Gatorade over Louis on stage….

you miss the way that Niall completely rocks the stage with his guitar solos. Until you don’t get to see Niall hobbling around on stage with one boot and one show. Until you don’t get Nialls ‘buzzing about this stadium wicked’ tweets before a show. Until you don’t get Niall’s speech about ‘i’m a little boy from a tiny town in Mullingar.’ Until you don’t get ‘THE WAY THAT I *YOU SING* LOVE YOU’…

you don’t realize you miss One Direction until you don’t get new pics, or new posts, or new updates. Until you don’t get new songs live or new funny moments or new HQ’s everyday… but i’m glad AF that they have barely been seen but i sure do miss the fuck out of them

Galaxy Supernova (Taeyeon's and Tiffany's adlib)
  • Galaxy Supernova (Taeyeon's and Tiffany's adlib)
  • Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and Tiffany
  • Love&Peace
  • Here’s Taeyeon’s and Tiffany’s adlibs in Galaxy Supernova.
  • This was a request from an anonymous and s/he said that s/he knew there was a version of Taeyeon’s and Tiffany’s adlibs on the web, but its quality was bad and s/he saw I was doing adlibs so s/he asked me.

I Love Lucy Fact: Lucy was supposed to say “paint the apartment and upholster the old furniture,” but she slipped and said, “paint furniture and upholster the old furniture,” instead. Thanks to Desi’s quick thinking and ad-libbing of the line, “I didn’t hear you” which helped them to continue on with their scene.


Sometimes I will remember that this exists, and then I will watch it 5 times in a row and laugh literally every single time.


#1 moment in television history

The truth about DongWoon's "Soom" Adlib...
  • MC:Is there any proposal or suggestion you made to make your child more well known?
  • DW's dad:Because my child is the least well known, I did something....I spoke to composer Shinsadong Tiger. I heard he likes rib-eye. I told him if he gives an adlib for the song, I will buy rib-eye for you.
  • *DongWoon smiles*
  • DW's dad:When "soom" was released, there was an "aaaahhhh~" part at the beginning of the song.
  • *points at Dongwoon*
  • DW's dad:he gave that part to my son
  • MC:Did you do it secretly, or did Dongwoon know about it?
  • ....
  • DW:I know about it!