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samsamueldrake  asked:

could ya do rafe in a sexy cowboy outfit? i know he just got a western outfit but I havent seen it yet, so I'm making it up in my head haha. I can send you a pic of the outfit in messages for a ref :^)

Oh, sorry. Now is already after release his western skin.
But, I looked that and that was not sexy. lol
(but ribbon tie is so cute! haha)

So I’ve drew sexy cowboy Rafe by my image!
Of course I understand that this differs from your image. Sorry~!
And I made him that posing new danse motion for bonus. lol

Thank you for your request!

How to make Irene Adler's beauty look from "A Scandal in Belgravia" - Easy/poor student edition

If it’s something I realised when I started doing cosplay about one year ago, it’s how expensive it can be. As a “poor student”, it can be difficult to find both the time and the money to do the look you want in the quality that you want. Many tutorials today also use many different tools and expensive makeup. Of course the result will most times be better with high quality makeup but I think that you can create quite a good look without professional skills and without super-expensive makeup. Some days ago, I decided to do Irene Adler’s characteristic hairstyle and makeup for the first time and I realised during the process that you can do quite much with quite little resources. So here is my easy and “poor student” friendly tutorial about how to turn yourself into The Woman.

Part (1) - The “Before” picture

So let’s start with the obligatory “before” picture. This is me in all my natural beauty. Or well, not quite. My hair is dyed in a darker colour since 1,5 weeks ago. The colour might be called “Dark Chocolate” but I call it “Sherlock/Evie” dark after the hair colour of my two favourites right now. I should probably add Irene Adler to that description too.

Part (2) - Irene Adler’s characteristic hairstyle

When Sherlock first meets The Woman, she has perfected her beauty look into the smallest detail. That includes her hairstyle which will be the first step in the process of recreating her look.

Step (1) - Tools

What I need to create my Irene Adler-inspired hairstyle is basically a lot of hairpins and a great amount of hairspray. I use a basic spray with strong hold and recommend you to use something like that. It depends on the quality of your hair but my hair is, though not so long, very… VERY thick so I need all the hold I can get.

Step (2) - Hairstyle in the front

Start by parting your hair slightly to the side and grab the front/upper piece of your hair on the short side. Spray! (You can never get too much hairspray).

Form this piece of hair into a slight curl, make a bun out of it and then secure it with hairpins. The loose hair is no problem (it will be included in the French twist later) so don’t try to thug it into the pun or anything. One good advice is to secure the pins with the entry of the pin pointing towards your face. The hold will become stronger and it’s easier to hide the pin in your hair.

Next, take the front/bottom piece of your hair and twist it loosely. Spray and then secure with the pins necessary. Irene has her front/upper piece of hair ending up in a large curl but as I don’t own a curler and that is an exceedingly more difficult move to do by yourself, I do it in this way instead. Of course you can try out that curl yourself!

Irene’s hair is slightly asymmetrical and the other side is not split into the same two parts as the first side. I do a simple version here again and twist the whole side up and end it slightly above my ear. Be careful with twisting it too hard. The aim is to make the hair look more effortless than it really is. Spray again and secure with the pins necessary.

Step (3) - Hairstyle in the back

So, now the front parts are done. It’s now the magic happens when it’s time to secure the back of the hair. I first use plenty of spray in the rest of the hair to make it easy to work with. I then backcomb the hair slightly to give it even better structure. Then take all of the hair from the start of the neck and twist your hair into a French twist. In this particular picture below, I did the twist slightly lower than I would have wanted it to be so keep that in mind. Secure it with all the pins necessary and don’t be afraid to use even more hairspray. If someone else is doing the hairstyle on you, you might need lesser spray but as I do it myself, I need all the help I can get from the spray.

Step (4) - Admire your hairstyle

And voilà! I have now turned my hair into an easy version of Irene Adler’s. When you’re done with the hairstyle, make sure one more time that it’s properly secured with hairpins and spray. Time to move on to the next part!

Part (3) - Irene Adler’s characteristic makeup

One thing that the audience got a good look on in “A Scandal in Belgravia” was Irene’s makeup as she is getting ready for her first meeting with Sherlock (while Sherlock is getting ready for meeting her by provoking John into hitting him to the ground). Without the makeup, it’s not really Irene Adler. The first time I did this look on myself, I realised that my features looked a lot more like hers than I first thought. This makeup is therefore adapted to my face and you might need to use different methods. I use the makeup I have at home and if you have better tools and brands, just use them! This is, as I have said, an easy tutorial for those of you who are “poor geeks” like me. Anyway, let’s take it away!

Step (1) - Tools

I have bought all my makeup in grocery stores. Some of the brands are slightly more expensive but never above 13,00 £. I recommend you to foremost use what you have at home. The only thing I have bought especially for this look is the blue eyeshadow.

Step (2) - Foundation, cover and highlight

Irene has pretty flawless skin so let’s start with a covering foundation. I use my regular one which is liquid and very light with the colour Ivory Rose to cover my whole face. The methods of applying it can differ but I use my fingers. Be sure to apply some more on the upper part of your cheekbones to make them slightly lighter.

Next, I use a bronzing powder to finish the foundation. Apply with a brush and start by the chin. Then apply on your forehead, the sides, under your eyes and the nose. Apply very sparsely on the cheekbones as you want them light for the next step.

Now, Irene has prominent cheekbones and if you don’t have them yourselves, you need to highlight them. I do this in a very simple way, by using the same browsing powder again and with a smaller brush, applies a thicker layer just below my cheekbone. If you are good at highlighting in general, this step won’t be a problem for you. If you are not, like me, just be sure to keep the upper part of the cheekbone light and the bottom part darker. I recommend you to watch a tutorial on highlighting in that case because of my own limited skills.

Step (3) - Eyebrows, eyes and lips

Now we are done with the foundation and it’s time to do the details. First, the brows. I actually just do them the way I always do them and just fill them in. Start a little bit wider and then make them thinner. If you have thicker or thinner eyebrows than me, paint them in the way you see fit. As my eyebrow pen is out, I use a thin eyeshadow brush and fill them with a black eyeshadow. Maybe not the best solution but it works if you have dark hair and nothing else at home. Sometimes, we must use our imagination to save money. Be careful with the black shadow though as it can become very thick looking if you apply too much.

The next step is Irene’s gorgeous eyes. I first use a brown eyeshadow to highlight the eyelid. Take a small brush and apply lightly across the lid. It’s no problem if it’s slightly outside at the end of the eye that points to your ear. Blend with another brush in the way you find fit. This step is just for making the look a little bit more well-rounded.

Now it’s time for the eyeliner. I first apply some black eyeshadow to the bottom of the lid to give it a smoother transition to the mascara later. Apply slightly below the bottom lashes at the corner of your eye too. Be careful though. This black shadow eyeliner shall be just that: a shadow. OBS! In the picture below, I haven’t applied the bottom lashes eyeliner yet.

Now for a characteristic step: the blue eyeliner. I use again an eyeshadow for this step and a thin brush. Paint the lower part of the lid with the eyeshadow until you have a firm, but thin, eyeliner. Apply just slightly to the corner of your eye below the bottom lashes too. This one shall not in any way be as thick as on the eyelids. Just a little splash of colour.

The final step on the eyes is the mascara. I use one with a rubber brush, which I love. If your lashes don’t curl naturally like mine do, use an eyelash bender to achieve that. Next, apply the mascara to your upper lashes and make it cover all the lashes as much as you can. Also apply mascara to the bottom lashes at the corner of the eye but not further in.

The final part of Irene’s makeup is also the truly transforming part of it: her characteristic red lipstick. If you are in a mood, you can try to reshape your lips but I don’t have the tools for that so I just put it on. I’m using the lipstick I had at home which has the colour Cherry Sparkle. Cover your lips with an even layer and of course you can do it way better than I can.

Step (4) - Find the right Irene Adler attitude in the mirror

And with that we’re done with the makeup and now the transformation is almost complete. Time for the final touches!

Part (4) - Irene Adler’s nails and jewelry

Irene has many different accesoaries in her closet, from the Louboutin high heels to the diamond ring on her finger. I have chosen to highlight some of them.

Step (1) - Nails

There are some pieces in The Woman’s beauty look which are more characteristic than others. Important are her red finger nails. I paint mine with a regular red nail polish. These can of course also be done in a much more advanced way. Do it the way you like them! The most important thing is that they are the dark red that we want them to be. I bought my nail polish at the grocery store for about 1,00 £.

Step (2) - Earrings

Other accessories are her earrings and like I said earlier, the ring on her finger. I don’t have such a ring that looks like the one she has but the earrings are easily managed, even on a small budget. I use a pair of stones that I had at home which are something that I bought for about 1,00 £. Take what you like but if you want it in Irene Adler’s style, I recommend no colour but just a regular white/silver stone.


And by that, we are done and you have your cheap and easy Irene Adler look! As I have said during this whole process, this is my way of doing it and if you have better suggestions yourself on how to mimic Irene’s beauty tricks: use them! It’s just the imagination that sets the limit! Now follows some finished pictures of the look with four different outfits! The pictures and the editing are also perfect for a small budget. I took the pictures myself with my phone and the editing is done with

Outfit (1) - Sherlock’s coat

So as I don’t own a riding crop but I do own a violin, this is the story: The Woman got a hold of Sherlock’s violin and now… Well, I don’t know where it goes from there.

Outfit (2) - Battle dress

Grey characters are always the most interesting ones, I think.

Outfit (3) - Classy dress

This dress is clearly not looking like the one Irene Adler had but I love it and thought it was in the right style. And the attitude does it!

Outfit (4) - Battersea Power Station outfit

I know Irene had black leather gloves to this outfit but mine was just too thick.

xchloexpeepsx  asked:

Hi! Could you do Rafe dressed as Mike from Until Dawn? I think it would be awesome seeing him with the jacket and shotgun but if you can't do this request that's absolutely fine ❤

I’ve never thought as this req.
But when I drew this, I feel this outfit so good for him!

By the way, you may know…
Japanese version Until Dawn had  fatal problem.
The screen turns black at all killing scenes and we can hear only the sound.
That was more terror than anything else… lol

Thank you for your request!

purpl8ze  asked:

Ayy! What about Rafe as Kylo Ren from Star Wars plssss? :D

Ah I see, Rafe has turned to the dark side too. lol
I imaged that Nate and Rafe use Lightsaber in UC4 final battle. haha

In fact, I’ve watched only original trilogy.
Star Wars Mania in Japan has a lot of enthusiastic people, so I am a little afraid to go to the cinema and I am planning to watch it on DVD, but I always busy to forget it. lol

Thank you for your request!

tyzeppelin-blog-blog  asked:

Could u please draw Rafe with cat ears and maybe a tail ~He is so cute~Really appreciate that~<3

Yes, his personality is as a cat. lol
But it will be hard to keep him as a pet. hahaha

By the way, why can we get only rabbit ears skin?
Everyone will want other animal’s ears.
Especialy I can’t understand that there is no dog’s ears. hey, Naughty DOG?

Thank you for your request!


Just a few shots from our most recent Uncharted 4 photoshoot. Of course we had to add in a little SamXRafe action.
Cosplayers: Gray of @nevergrowupcosplay Isaac of VagabondPirateCosplay
Cosplays: Rafe Adler, Samuel Drake (Uncharted 4: A Theif’s End)