john proposing to mary- didnt even do it on camera, didnt even seem like he wanted to do it
john planning the wedding- bored, didnt care, faking opinions
john on his stag night- trying to cheat on his fiance with sherlock
john at his wedding- didnt even fucking show it
john at his wedding reception- it was all about sherlock
john finding out he’s having a baby- looks like he got punched in the guts
john on his honeymoon- checking his blog so he can talk to sherlock
john one month into married life- on the verge of leaving at any moment
john hates mary and im assuming whatevers happening with that baby is some sort of ruse

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“Well seems I have the right place after-all.” Noma tried to swallow her surprise as the face on the other end of the door settled into a familiar patronizing tone, “You know Noma telling your parents an apartment name and not giving them a number is just not helpful to anyone. What if something happens to you?”

“I- I was going to tell them Anissa… really. Just wanted to get things looking nice before they decided to surprise me.” Noma mumbled to her old friend as the girl geared up for a second round.  

“Well you’re lucky I came up here because your dad is worried sick. You know he’s about to come here himself and start knocking on doors because you haven’t been answering his text messages. For heaven’s sake he just wants to know you’re okay.” Anissa replied as she settled into her clearly well thought lecture, “I met at least three of your neighbors before I found you and I’m not sure your daddy would tolerate the little pet name the guy across the hall has given you as I did.”

Noma didn’t know what to say, Nissa had been one of her best friends back home mostly in part due to the fact that she was always good at keeping Noma honest with herself and others. It was something she hadn’t noticed she’d been slipping on until just then as her friend continued to waggle her finger and rant away.

“Well don’t just stand there! I’m your guest! Are you gonna let me in?! It’s freezing out here!” 


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