Made to look easy by @ashleygalvinyoga, this is harder than it looks. Good for stretching the legs and strengthening the core. #drjames_chiro #chiro #Melbourne #chiropractor #chiropractic #adjustment #wellbeing #balance #health #healthyliving #spine #yoga #checkyourspine #staybalanced #chiroadjusted

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Another (belated) tarot tuesday!

This week’s card is Adjustment. This card was famously redubbed so (possibly by Crowley?) from its original title, which was Justice - whose icon you can probably make out in the image, the woman with the sword and scales. 

I’ve read a nice justification for this, which is that “Justice” is a term that’s too coloured by our perception of morality. The universe isn’t “just”, which is to say it isn’t fair, in a human sense. But it appears to be precisely governed by certain rules (like Newton’s third law), and it constantly adjusts itself accordingly.

The card represents ideas of pragmatism, impartiality, sticking to the rules. Having rules can be fun, and useful; a challenge to explore what can be achieved within their limits. But it’s important to know when to drop them and venture out into the unknown.

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The times of drastic change are times of passions. We can never be fit and ready for that which is wholly new. We have to adjust ourselves and every radical adjustment is a crisis in self-esteem: we undergo a test; we have to prove ourselves. A population subjected to drastic change is, thus, a population of misfits, and misfits live and breathe in an atmosphere of passion.
—  Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do

Adjustment, Trump 8,- also know as justice in other decks, could be legal, could be fairness. H fair have you been? Is there any scale that should be leveled in your favor. In Egyptian mythology your heart was weighed against a feather on a scale. If your heart was to heavy you could not pass. Make sure that no matter your travail you keep your heart light and open to the power of love. Blessings- #tarotcards #tarot #egypt #thoth #postivevibes

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what i learned my first semester at college

Go out of your comfort zone, but it’s okay to retreat

At the beginning of the school year there will be tons of stuff to do.  At first, do it. After all what else do you have to do? Sit in your room and study the classes you’ve had once if not at all? Seriously. Go do some stuff. Sign up for things you might be interested.  Overcommit at first.  But once the semester gets rolling, figure out what you really want.  Don’t go that club you didn’t like after the second meeting.  If there is something you like, stick with it. If not, find something you do love, it will be worth it.

Don’t worry about the friends, it will happen

The first few weeks of college are crazy.  You are literally surrounded by people you do not know.  That being said, it is really easy to make new friends.  Trust me, I am not by any means a social butterfly, but everyone there is hoping to make friends of the same or better quality then they had in high school.  It will feel like everything you talk to people about is superficial, but just remember, you knew your high school friends for years. You have to start somewhere.  Remember that while having a few close friends is wonderful, you don’t know who those people are yet.  So don’t be afraid to talk to your assigned group from class or the guy sitting next to you.  The worst thing that happens is you realize they are not friend material and you can move on. Also, invite people to things.  Sure no one wants to be rejected, but often you don’t see people unless you make an effort.  Also, think of how good you feel when someone invites you somewhere.  

Freedom is heaven, but routine is nice

So you get to college and you finally get to make your own decisions.  No more having to be home by eleven o’clock or always washing the dishes after dinner.  That being said, some things are just easier if you do them consistently.  Take out the garbage once a week. Just do it. Do it every Friday or something so it becomes habit.  No one is there to remind you to do this stuff so making it a habit is honestly the most painless way to get that stuff done.  Also, you’ll begin to realize that some things become less fun when there are no rules.  Staying out really late isn’t as fun when you do it every single night.  Do what you know you should be doing most the time and then when you do something wild it will actually feel-ya know-wild.

Call your mom. It’s okay. I promise.

Now for some people this may not apply.  Maybe it is your aunt or your next door neighbor at home. But everyone has their person.  Everyone calls that person and tells them all the drama and the good grades and the name of that friend that you can finally remember.  There will be people with all kinds of relationships with their parents, whatever your situation is, remember that it is perfectly okay.  Anyone who is worthwhile will respect the healthy relationships in your life.

Get shit done.

There is nothing worse than when your friends are going out and you have something due the next day.  While this may be an obsessive nerd alert trait of mine, it has made my life better.  Do things ahead of time.  That way when you get sick and don’t want to get out of bed or the best band ever is playing on campus you have the time.  Also, when everyone is freaking out the night before the paper you can smirk to yourself as you watch Netflix.  College does not have to mean all nighters and coffee by the gallon.  College can be kept under wraps with a little time management and willpower.  Mental breakdowns are not in.  Don’t put yourself in that situation.  Be the person who has it together.  You can do it.