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A lot of autistic people have adaption disorders. I'm diagnosed with anxious and depressive adaption disorder, but no 'stand alone' anxiety disorder, altough I experience pretty much The symptoms of a generalized anxiety disorder. I think it's (1/2)

(2/2) pretty common to not be diagnosed if the anxiety you experience is directly related to the your Autism diagnosis, I only got it for my accomodations, since autism wasn’t enough in itself.


Sterek AU - Scott isn’t bitten by Peter on the night he and Stiles go into the woods.

Stiles, of course, sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong and ends up seeing something he probably shouldn’t have. Derek just wants to make sure that Stiles isn’t going to tell anyone about werewolves (and possibly lead the Argents right to Derek’s door step) and will stay of it, but Stiles just can’t leave it alone and gets caught up in all the supernatural drama anyways.

Kyouya: Club mail call! Gather ‘round, everyone! All right, one for club president.
Tamaki: That’s me!
Kyouya: Well, that’s it.
Hikaru: One stinkin’ letter?
Kaoru: Why’d you make us gather 'round like that?
Kyouya: I needed my power fix.

sooooo my brain decided to go fucking overboard with the ginger!Jack idea and came up with an AU… where Jack is half leprechaun and Mark is half fox monster in Korean folklore(are u guys familiar with the term yokai or nine-tailed fox from Japanese folklore? it’s something similar to that but much harmless, more trickster-like, often described as very attractive in human form…creature…thing…). and this doodle is for you anon… if you ship septiplier that is….. if not… ok… *crawls into the cave she came out of*

I know I come up with random and weird stuff shh… sssshhhhhhhh

Yamamoto talks at Typhoon Generation event

M: [when fans asked who he likes better between Sakurai and Ohno] Before, I was leaning more towards Ohno-kun, but now it’s half and half. [to O and S] Which one of you loves me?

S: I like Aiba. But, I like Matsumoto-kun more.

O: (As for me) I like normal girls.

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adjustable bronze midi ring by leahstaley

leahstaley’s adjustable ring comes in a gold or silver tone — you can wear it like a regular ring or a midi style, and wear it on any finger! this would make a great valentine’s day gift … hint hint.