adjusting my fly

ENFP: Ezri Dax, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”

ENFP – the Champion, the Energizer, the Discoverer

Jadzia took a couple seasons to settle into her personality, as she had been newly joined to the Dax symbiont. Ezri never wanted to be a host, so when the symbiont passed to her after Jadzia’s death, she had to adjust on the fly. My typing is based on the one year we have with her, but I feel like even through the mess of her emergency joining with an ancient creature, the real Ezri makes a good showing.

Dominant Function: (Ne) Extraverted Intuition, “The Hiking Trails”

Ezri works as a counselor, and her approach is very different from Trek’s most famous counselor. While Troi used Fe to empathize and draw people out, Ezri uses Ne to speak conceptually about psychological topics and help her patients make useful cognitive connections. She diagnoses the root of Garak’s claustrophobia by talking it out with him and hitting on a sudden insight that ties it all together. She solves the murder mystery at her family’s home in a similar manner.

When she’s treating Nog for his PSTD, she gives him lots of space, allowing him to live in his holosuite fantasy for a while if that’s what he needs. She extrapolates from small pieces of evidence the psychological profile of a serial killer, concluding that it’s an embittered Vulcan. Ezri also uses her dreams as a way to interpret how she’s really feeling about Julian, walking herself through the imagery to discern what it means in relation to her waking life.

It’s this approach to her life and work that feels very much core to Ezri, outside of any influence the Dax symbiont and her previous hosts have on her, so I feel it’s safe to say this cements her as an Ne-dom both before and after joining.

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