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20 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Pirates Of The Caribbean.

1. During the filming of On Stranger Tides, Johnny Depp spent over $60,000 out of his own pocket to buy waterproof jackets for 500 crew members to protect them from the cold, wet weather. 

2. While filming in London in October 2010, Johnny Depp received a letter from a local 9-year old schoolgirl, telling him her classmates needed help to ‘mutiny’ against her teachers. He turned up with almost no warning at the school in full Sparrow outfit, but advised against mutiny. 

3. In Curse Of The Black Pearl, Johnny Depp improvised many of his lines, including the notorious, “Bring me that horizon,” and Jack Sparrow’s catch phrase, “Savvy?" 

4. Depp and Verbinski have a funny way of describing Jack running away from danger. They both compared it to a “lizard running on water.” Looking back at pirates of the caribbean, we can totally see where they’re coming from.

5. The cast and crew walked away from filming with tons of “treasure.” When production wrapped, many of the people who worked on the film (including Johnny Depp) picked props out from the treasure cave to take home. According to Verbinski, not a single one of the cursed coins was left behind.

6. Geoffrey Rush was afraid that people wouldn’t notice him on screen when he and Keira Knightley were in the same scene. He came up with a solution, however. He thought that viewers watched films the same way they read books - from left to right - and thus, tried to be on the left side of the shot as much as possible so that people would notice him before they noticed Keira. 

7. Robert De Niro was originally offered the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. However, he turned down the role because he thought that the film would do poorly in box offices. 

8. Keira Knightley was only 17 years old when they started shooting the first Pirates Of The Caribbean. Because she was a minor, her mother had to accompany her to all of the shooting locations. 

9. Johnny Depp’s character, Captain Jack, is portrayed as having gold teeth in the film. The gold teeth were actually Depp’s idea, but he predicted that executives would want fewer gold teeth than he wanted. So Depp told his dentist to implant extra gold teeth as a bargaining tool. After negotiations with the film executives, Sparrow’s final number of gold teeth in the film was what Depp had envisioned all along. 

10. If you pay attention throughout The Curse Of The Black Pearl, there is a scab on Jack Sparrow’s chin that gradually gets bigger and bigger. Many thought that it was a mistake, but Depp revealed later that his was a prank he and his makeup artist had thought of together. 

11. Clothing and smears of charcoal were used to conceal Johnny Depp’s numerous tattoos. The "Jack Sparrow” tattoo on his arm in the movie is a fake, but he actually got a real replica after finishing the film, in honor of his son Jack. 

12. Originally, Johnny Depp wanted Jack Sparrow to have no nose and be afraid of silly things like pepper and the common cold. Disney rejected the idea.

 13. Jack Sparrow is known for his outrageous face makeup, but he didn’t start with that look. While filming in a cave, excessive makeup was added to all of the characters so they wouldn’t looked washed out on film. When the crew realised how cool the makeup looked on Johnny Depp, they continued to use it on him for the rest of the movie. 

14. The moment when Elizabeth kissed Jack Sparrow in Dead Man’s Chest was purposefully cut out of Orlando Bloom’s script so that the cameras could get a genuine, shocked reaction from him. 

15. The fourth installation, On Stranger Tides, was the most expensive film ever made at the time, not adjusted for inflation. The budget ran to $300,000,000. That’s more than the budget of all three Lord Of The Rings films combined.

16. Johnny Depp based his performance on Keith Richards because he thought that pirates were just 18th century versions of rockstars. 

17. The names of the three main characters are all related to birds: Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann, and William Turner, who was a famous ornithologist. 

18. The scene where Orlando Bloom impersonates Johnny Depp’s performance was devised by Bloom who asked producer Jerry Bruckheimer if he could put it into the movie. 

19. According to the screenwriters’ commentary on the DVD, Will Turner is actually the best swordsman in the film, Barbossa and Commodore Norrington are evenly matched, and Jack Sparrow is the worst. 

20. During filming of On Stranger Tides in London a 'Jack Sparrow’ impersonator just walked onto the set. The guards did not think to ask for any ID as he looked so much like the character. 

Unshared Experiences

((People had asked @what-are-even-humans about “aliens reacting to humans getting their period”. I decided to write it instead. I don’t get into much detail here, so hopefully it won’t squick anyone out.))

Ineke knew that Ch'iehqry wasn’t female. Xir species had two biological sexes, but neither of them corresponded directly to “male” or “female”. Ch'iehqry likewise knew that Ineke wasn’t kholdreis, humans were neither kholdreis nor uelprain. Still, Ch'iehqry’s voice and facial features resembled that of a human female, and Ineke’s voice and personal scent made her seem kholdreis.

They were more-or-less coworkers, and then friends, and then recently flatmates, but sometimes it was difficult to remember what experiences they wouldn’t have shared.

When Ineke came through the door, she groaned and flopped down into the nearest chair. “Bring me one of those blue capsules and some water, that’d be awesome,” she mumbled.

Ch'iehqry was familiar with the ‘blue capsules’; they were Ineke’s ingestible analgesic compounds, the equivalent of xir orange pastes. “Rough shift?” xe sympathetically asked.

“It’s that time of the month again,” Ineke said, and sighed. “Thanks.”

“Oh, is this when your sector starts invoicing?”

“What? No, it’s – right, you wouldn’t know. No, it’s just that my period started again.”

Ch'iehqry frowned. “I have a feeling I won’t like what I hear, but what exactly is that? All I remember of that word, in a human-specific context, is a half-heard joke that got its teller reprimanded and assigned anti-harassment education.”

Ineke grinned weakly. “That was Leendert. He’s learned since then. And yeah, you probably won’t like what you hear, most humans don’t either. It’s a female-specific thing, and it’s annoying.”

“What do I need to know?”

Ineke idly tapped her fingers; her face was no longer tense, so presumably the analgesics had been quickly effective. “I’m not a doctor, but this is what I learned. It might be wrong. For a bit each month, roughly, my body is fertile, and if I don’t get pregnant – reproducing with a new child growing inside – in that time, then my body removes its… preparation stuff. I don’t know, the health teacher was stuttering and blushing at that bit. It can get messy, but I have my products to deal with it, so that won’t be a problem. It also hurts, somewhat. Some women are really lucky and only experience mild discomfort that’s soon over, for some the pain is crippling while it lasts. I’m somewhere in the middle. As long as we haven’t run out of anything unexpectedly, I should be fine, just a bit grumpier.”

“How long will this last?” Ch'iehqry asked, starting to run calculations in xir mind. Xe might have to make adjustments to their shared budget, depending.

“How long will I be grumpy? I’m generally feeling okay after the second day of it, and the sanitary routines aren’t much extra. How long will I keep getting my period for? Barring pregnancy or medical problems, a few days every month-ish until menopause. When a female is no longer fertile. Which I think would happen in my fifties, maybe forties, I haven’t looked it up,” Ineke said.

“For the amount of facts which you are unsure on, you seem remarkably confident about others,” Ch'iehqry noted.

Ineke shrugged. “It’s my body, I live with it. I may not know why something happens, but I know what it does. Like, you can move your hand and grab something, but do you actually understand all the muscle and tendon action involved in that?”

Ch'iehqry raised xir forehead ridge, in a gesture xe had borrowed from xir human coworkers. It was so incredibly expressive and perfectly communicated so many emotions. “Yes, I do understand the muscles and tendons and ligaments and nerves involved in hand motions. I have studied them intently, and you know it.”

“Right, robot limb engineer, that’s just the expression I use most often.”

Xe considered the issue. “I suppose a more accurate comparison would be olfactory senses, or perhaps the digestive system. I am aware of what is sufficient, insufficient, pleasurable, and painful, yet not familiar with the mechanics behind them. Still, it seems quite unpleasant that your body would have such a focus on reproduction, when you are not desirous of such at the moment.”

Ineke made an expansive gesture. “Bodies. They’re annoying like that.”

Ch'iehqry remembered xir last fasting cycle. Even though nourishment had been readily available, xir body still had involuntarily gone into a decreased metabolic state to preserve energy. “I agree.”

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Could I get headcanons for Pro heroes seperately (All Might, Eraser Head, Present Mic) where their s/o has major anxiety and depression and struggles with it alot. Like how would they help their s/o out? Also what would happen if their s/o was getting shiz for their problems. (ex. someone tells their s/o to stop faking an anxiety attack)


  • All Might would be very worried for his s/o condition. He usually doesn’t experience this type of situation, but he is All Might! He will always keep a positive attitude and always keep smiling (in his other form of course!) How does he handle his s/o depression? He would give them encouraging speeches like, “You can do it, I believe you can fight it. Be strong, I will be there for you!”
  • He takes them on a stroll for a little bit, his s/o maybe needs to get some fresh air and see the beautifulness of the world. He knows that life can be cruel sometimes, but his s/o needs to know that they’re strong enough to stand and keep on going.
  • He tries to spend his time with his s/o as possible, since he is a hero and a teacher, it can sometimes be a hassle. So he would take them to the academy to sit around in his office at least. He would be afraid to leave them alone.
  • A big hug is a must. He will give his s/o all the hugs and soothe them.
  • If his s/o was getting problems for their struggles, he would tell his s/o to ignore it. They don’t know their struggles, so how can they possibly say that to them? Or he would confront them too, he isn’t afraid.


  • He’s gonna drag his s/o into his sleeping bag and give them some comfort hugs. As well as trying to shush them with everything he can think of.
  • He’s very calming when it comes to listening to his s/o and giving them advices, but if his s/o doesn’t speak because they’re not ready yet, he would tell them that he’s always there when they need it.
  • If he really must, he would go through all the links to give his s/o something that would cheer them up. Even if it’s worth buying over 200+ worth of ice cream or some comfort food. He will make some adjustment to his budget just for his s/o.
  • If they were getting problems for their struggles, he would tell them that they’re just a bunch of ignorant idiots who need to keep their mouth closed or else karma is gonna bite them back. If he ever sees someone talking bad towards his s/o, let’s hope that he doesn’t get found out? He’s sneaky, so it’s okay for him.
  • He is a very energetic and a very positive person to have when his s/o is dealing with both depression and anxiety. He gives ALL of his attention towards them until they feel much better.
  • He LOVES to sing ALOT. So for his s/o, he would write them a powerful and meaningful song lyrics and sing it for them until they know that they are something worth more and shouldn’t let things bring them down at all.
  • He would try to be funny and crack up a joke, but he isn’t really good with jokes. He never gives up though, so he would try to do something that would make his s/o laugh with joy.
  • If his s/o was having problems with people because of their struggle, Present Mic would literally just shame whoever did that with his singing! Because why the heck not? He could literally just scream out to the world if he wanted too. Or give them encouraging talks, if that is too much for them.

Me: I hate myself and want to die all the time and I’m afraid the people I’m working with/for on this book are mad at me for how much my mental health crisis has affected the project

My editor on the project: Hey just a quick note to let you know we’ve talked about it and we want to give you a bonus once this book is out because we think you’re doing a great job and you deserve it!! We’re gonna adjust the budget so we can make that happen, keep it up!


5/100 | January 10 2016 | Tips

Tweaked my routines from last year to include parts of my new resolutions in! I honestly LOVE playing with routines and reading about how others like to structure their days. PLEASE, I’d love to hear about the routines of other studyblr, especially morning risers cause I’m one too! Send some in or include it when you reblog, I always read the comments on my reblogs! There are days I don’t follow this, but when I do - god do I love myself for it.

Also, this post is in a different format cause my laptop hasn’t been working for a while and I needed to do this through my phone (I kind of like it, little less obnoxious right?).


  1. Wake Up (6:30 am + Weekends)
  2. Make Bed
  3. Drink Water x 1 Glass
  4. Surya Namaskaras (Yoga) x 10 mins
  5. Exercise x 15 mins (3 days x 30 mins)
  6. Shower / Wash Face
  7. Moisturize Body + Lips
  8. Get Dressed
  9. Read News / TED / Podcasts (while doing below)
  10. Apply Make-Up
  11. Do Hair
  12. Make / Eat Breakfast (banana smoothie, cereal, oatmeal, etc)
  13. Take Vitamins and Omega 3’s
  14. Take Apple Cider Vinegar x 1 Tbsp
  15. Pack Bag
  16. Dental Hygiene (Brush / Mouthwash)
  17. 15-Mins Pick Up (Tidy Up)
  18. Check Necessities
  19. Leave House


  1. Prepare Lunch / Dinner (If Needed)
  2. Wash Dishes
  3. Refill Water Bottles
  4. Pack Bag
  5. 15-Mins Pick Up
  6. 10-Mins Reply to Overseas Friends / Family
  7. Remove Make-Up
  8. Shower / Exfoliate Face
  9. Dental Hygiene (Brush / Floss / Mouthwash)
  10. Brush Hair + Braid
  11. Moisturize Body + Lips
  12. Skim / Update Calendar and Tasks
  13. Update Money / Budget Tracker
  14. Charge Devices (Phone, Laptop, iPad, Portable Charger, Cameras (If Needed))
  15. Take Medications
  16. Write for Gratitude Jar
  17. 365 Journal
  18. Read / YouTube / Learn x 20 mins


  1. Prepare 30-50% of Meals for Week
  2. Perform 30 mins Medium-Clean (Bathroom, Kitchen)
  3. Check Expired Food
  4. Back-Up Files on External Hard Drive
  5. Clean Up Junk on iPad, iPhone and Laptop Files + Photos
  6. Create Rough Plan for Week (Experiments, Events)
  7. Pay Bills / Update Money Tracker
  8. Clean and Organise Inbox to Below 10
  9. Clean Ears


  1. Wash Hair x 2/Week
  2. Shave x 1/Week
  3. Check Weight x 2/Week
  4. Take Out Trash
  5. Add Items to Shopping List


  1. Perform Deep Clean of Bathroom / Kitchen x 1/Month
  2. Review Spending / Print Analysis / Adjust Budget
  3. Vacuum x 2/Month
  4. Update (Critical) Life Binder
  5. Add to Period Tracker
  6. Do Laundry x 2/Month
  7. Grocery Shop 1/3Weeks
  8. Charity Work x 1/Month
  9. Connect With Extended Family x 2/Month


  1. Doctor’s General Check-Up x 1/Year
  2. Dentist’s General Clean x 2/Year
  3. Get Eyebrows Done x 4/Year
  4. Purge and Reorganize x 4/Year

Greyson is 100% of my financial stress + 100% of my love, joy, strength, and courage. I am on the verge of crying almost everyday figuring out our budget/ adjusting as random expenses are added/ finding quality items at better prices. 14 weeks until his due date + I am slightly overwhelmed at how much we have to buy/ save for before then.

I’m not trying to be like “boohoo wah so hard, help me I’m poor” because it isn’t like that, either. Zackary and I both work full-time jobs. We pay our bills (rent, electric, cable/ internet, gas, groceries, van payment, health dental vision auto and renters insurance). We’re adults + that’s typical + I get that, I’m not saying we should be praised or like appreciated for paying bills/ taking care of ourselves. And our parents help us SO MUCH it’s borderline embarrassing, but I’m TOO thankful for them to care about the embarrassment of having to call and ask for them to give us $40 for groceries or $100 for the electric bill.

But- we’re trying. Maybe we aren’t killing it and we certainly aren’t as “rich” as some think, but I’m proud of us. Even if we have to get money from our parents. Even if we eat spaghetti for 3 days in a row. Even if I have to drive Zack’s van because mine is on E and we don’t have gas money until our next paycheck. I’m proud of us because one day, in a few years, it won’t be like this. Zack’s van and our credit cards will all be paid off. We’ll just have 2 credit card bills- one of his and one of mine. We’ll have to pay off my student loans and I’ll probably get a new (well, new to us, used) car so we’ll have those, but that’s all. & we won’t have to be on such a strict budget; we’ll have money to take Grey on trips and to museums and other fun things; we’ll be okay. One day, we’ll be able to pay our parents back for everything they’ve helped us with.

Anyway, I’m 26 weeks today. I ordered my maternity picture/ baby shower dress today. My best friend’s family is giving me a breast pump (her sister isn’t able to breastfeed) as a baby shower gift. I had my glucose test this morning- it wasn’t as bad as I thought, but it wasn’t good either. Zack’s mom also paid for his diaper party invites and I ordered them. I’m feeling very emotional this week.

Another week closer to my due date + to having our baby boy in my arms. That’s all that matters.

EVERYBODY. On the eve of the Golden Globes, Frozen just became the highest-grossing film EVER MADE BY WDAS. We’re #1 @StevenMBooth


First Disney film to feature two female protagonists, brings home a non-romantic message, addresses that depression and anxiety are crippling, but doesn’t make you less of a person, prince charming as you’ve never seen him before, first female director to co-direct an animated feature, the idea of consent, and debut of a non-hetero family in a Disney film.

Disney is back and taking big strides, for the first time in forever

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Just curious, a few days earlier you mentioned that it was a "rule" of yours to only recommend female protagonist games? Why is that exactly?

Mostly because the ones with dudes in the lead don’t need the help. On average, games with male protagonist enjoy about double the promotional exposure and word-of-mouth reach as games with female protagonists, even after adjusting for disparities in development budget. It’s basically the same reason that I curate my game library so that the ratio of female protagonists remains at or above 50% - I may not be able to offer any magic-bullet solutions, but darned if I’ll willingly be part of the problem.

Allowance vs Pay-per-play

Here in the bowl we make the allowance seem like the most amazing thing in the world. For the most part, it is. But there are pros and cons to both sides. Here are my experiences with both.



  • Able to plan your budget since you know how much you will get
  • Don’t have to worry about money as much
  • Guaranteed amount each month (so his schedule doesn’t matter)
  • Seeing that much money land in your hand/account all at once is a great feeling
  • Since the allowance becomes an automatic expenditure for him, he doesn’t see that money as part of the date so gifts, accommodations, restaurants, etc. tend to be nicer.
  • Gifts are more common since cash isn’t a factor each date
  • The beginning of the month is a happy time once again instead of a “My rent, bills and everything is due” time 
  • You don’t have to walk around with a bunch of cash in your purse every time you meet (am I the only one who doesn’t like having thousands in my purse?)
  • He might be paying enough for three dates a month but his schedule probably doesn’t always allow that many dates, but you still get paid the full amount.


  • You have to budget even though you have an influx of cash
  • At the beginning of each month, you will stress a bit until the money is actually in your hands/account
  • Guaranteed amount each month (extra cash has to be asked for and isn’t a guarantee… usually only special occasions)
  • Since you don’t have to hustle as hard, you get bored and boredom leads to shopping/spending if you aren’t careful
  • He will start to feel more comfortable with you and treat you more like a real girlfriend since the transactional aspect of the arrangement is no longer a factor. He can easily become TOO comfortable this way.
  • You will stop seeing your SD as a money machine since he isn’t handing you cash all the time and this makes it harder to keep it professional and remain upbeat around him.. “Why am I with this old dude again?”
  • When your allowance does end suddenly (and it always will), it is harder to adjust your budget. That was a big chunk of your income and all of a sudden it is gone. It is like getting fired from a job you’ve come to rely on.



  • You can renegotiate easier each date or once a month
  • Chances are that he will throw in a little extra for incidentals or just because he had extra money in his wallet (I was given an extra $300 once because I was sick and he felt bad that I was sick)
  • Getting cash each time you meet reminds you why he is your SD
  • Getting a wad of cash handed to you keeps you motivated. It keeps your hustle strong.
  • You aren’t required to see him, ever. As long as you don’t want his money, you can just say “no”.
  • When this type of arrangement ends, it isn’t a huge blow to your budget because chances are that you weren’t relying entirely on his “maybe money” to support your lifestyle.


  • He doesn’t have as much invested in the arrangement so he is more likely to take an extended break or drop you all together
  • He is more likely to have several SBs which isn’t horrible but it does mean a greater risk of STDs
  • You have to walk around with lots of cash in your purse each date
  • You never know how much you will make each month so budgeting is more stressful. He might be able to see you once in April, four times in May and twice in June. But you will never know until the end of the month how much you will actually have.
  • You start to do more things out of desperation since you don’t know when/if your next payday is happening
  • Gifts are less common since he feels like he is already giving you something each time you meet

This list is different for everyone I’m sure but this is what I’ve noticed while having SDs of both types at the same time. I like to keep a combination of the two so that I can benefit from both the security of an allowance and the motivation of a pay-per-play.

Without nature there is no economy…

We often tend to think of our global economic system as some kind of abstract entity (arguably as a result of how it is reported and framed in our media), as reflected in the language and terminology that is used- terms like: stocks and shares; debt and equity; derivatives, futures and options… 

(As Alain de Botton quips in his book ‘The News: A User’s Manual’: ‘It isn't only the scale of the economic machine that can silence us, but also its complexity. Only a minuscule percentage of the populations of developed countries have any solid understanding of the workings of the economic system they exist within. Most of us will struggle to grasp quite what might be going on within essential terms like arbitrage, Basel 1 and 2, cyclically adjusted current budgets, price/earning ratios or quantitative easing.’)

However, as this map that notes the highest valued export (or ‘commodity’- another economic term…) of each nation in the world- it is worth reflecting that all of these assets are essentially physical materials that are derived from nature. 

Whether directly- in the case of fossil fuels, plant and animal foods, or minerals and natural fibers; or indirectly- as products such as textiles, manufactured goods and electronics that depend on natural physical inputs.

Because, as has been bluntly stated elsewhere- without nature there is no economy

There can be no future(s)… (or options, derivatives or bond instruments…)

Happy Birthday, Cat

She was a mystery in many ways.

In spite of being one of the most famous journalists in the world and Queen of all Media, there were a lot of things no one knew about Cat Grant, one of them being her birthday. It didn’t have anything to do with age, because she was way past that point. It was more like she couldn’t bring herself to give away something so close to who she was; the beginning of her life and when and how it had happened was something that could only be relevant to her and her loved ones. Not even Kara, the perfect assistant who could guess every need, desire and thought seconds before it was fully formed knew when was her birthday.

Until Carter.

He was oblivious to the fact that no one knew her mother’s birthday, so when he asked for Kara’s help to get the perfect present, she was taken aback. Would Cat throw a fit if she found out her assistant knew she would be one year older in just four days? On the other hand, she could tease her about it the same way Cat kept throwing little hints about “Supergirl”. Cat knew and Kara knew she knew. Did Cat know she knew she knew?

Helping him pick out a gift was the only way to stop the mind games. So one day he came right after school and while Cat was stuck in a meeting, Kara and Carter went to National City Mall. After hours looking at clothes, scarves and jewelry, it became painfully clear that they had to adjust their budget. A small shop full of beautiful portraits and scrapbooks gave them the perfect answer. So one big purchase, heavy quantities of glue and a lot of scrapping later, Carter had the most perfect present for Cat. Kara contemplated the picture of the two of them at the beach, a warm smile on her face. Knowing how much Cat loved her son… it made it even harder to ignore how much Kara liked her boss.


She thought about it for a long time. But if she hadn’t been fired after arriving late and giving Cat whole milk on a latte, why would she be fired for this? So Kara woke up early, bought a dozen of yellow tulips -Cat’s favorites- and left them at her small table, without saying anything else.

Of course the day went out as usual, except that Cat dismissed everyone early, including Kara and gave instructions for her car to be ready at 5 p.m. Her assistant lingered at the glass door for a moment and Cat gave her a glare. Was she up to something. But Kara just smiled and whispered a soft “Have a nice day, Miss Grant”.


She was about to leave when she opened the drawer and spotted the gift. A letter was attached and she recognised Kara’s weird writing.

I know you keep your birthday a secret, and I was going to pretend I didn’t know… but Carter asked for help to get you a present and I knew I needed to give you something too. To thank you for changing my life the way you have.

Happy birthday,


Cat sighed and took the gift, unwrapping it with shaky hands. A sharp intake of breath was her first reaction when she saw a beautiful painting of her and Carter, almost identical to a picture she had of both of them. She looked at the gift and the letter, overwhelmed by Kara’s actions. A moment later, however, she regained her composure and took her phone. She knew exactly what to do.


At first, Kara thought she was in trouble. But when she heard Cat’s voice, and the words “thank yoU” were actually said to her by the media mogul, she knew that at least threats of being fired were not so likely to come. The real shock was the invitation for dinner. To celebrate Cat’s birthday. In her penthouse. It was crazy, and yet… it was happening.

So she put on her best outfit, avoiding cardigans at all costs and without losing sight of good manners, bought a cake to avoid showing up empty handed. There was pizza and movies and a lot of stories about how Carter and Kara almost cried at the mall’s floor when they thought they would never find something for Cat. When the time for cake finally came, Kara pulled out a candle that was a question mark.

“Very funny, Kara”, Cat grumbled. And if the candle was magically lit even though no one could find the lighter, right at the same time Kara’s glasses slid down her nose, well, Cat didn’t say anything else about it.

As Carter was preparing everything for their Settlers of Catan game, Cat and Kara cleaned the kitchen in a comfortable silence.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything… else”, Kara said as she was putting the dishes away.

“I could have anything I want, dear. Buy the whole mall if I wanted to. But this… this understanding and complicity and love… it’s something that no one else can give me”

Kara smiled down.

“Carter is lucky to have you”

“I’m lucky to have you, Kara. Thank you… for the painting”

“I meant every word I wrote” Kara said as an adorable blush crept up her cheeks. It was Cat’s undoing. She approached the girl and looped her hands on her neck, pulling her down for a kiss. Kara responded by hugging her tight and moaning softly against Cat’s lips.

“Happy birthday, Cat”, she whispered when they finally pulled apart.

“So, when’s your birthday? Because I’d very much like to do this again”, Cat said with a smug smile.

“Not for another 4 months. But we could definitely do this again before that”

They both laughed and exchanged a look that said a lot more than either one of them dared to say.

Cat was a mistery in many ways, yes. And Kara was eager to uncover every single enigma.

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Now to sleep, principessa!

Comic Con RP

Fai looked around, practically vibrating in place as she took in the sight of everyone walking around. There were people taking group shots and others already carrying bags.

She had wanted to get there early to check out the tables and blow at least half her budget.

Adjusting her costume, she tried to remain confident as she walked in and got in line to get her ticket checked.

I’m booking my flights tomorrow!
On July 21st, I’ll be flying out to California! I’ll be with Bluebird in Upland until the morning of the 23rd, because I’m going to be meeting their friends and family for the first time. Then on the 23rd, we go to downtown LA for 4 days!
The best part is, because of my monthly credit card payments I don’t even have to adjust my budget to be able to afford it.
I’m so happy that I get to go back soon and spend time with the person I care about, especially since I’m hoping to get my first surgery in August (more info coming on that very soon!)
I’ll be downtown LA from the 23rd to the 27th, so feel free to reach out to me or get in touch if we know each other and you’d like to do something!