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  • “ I have to know. Is this real? ”
  • “ That’s just low, son. ”
  • “ Don’t worry about me. It’s you that’s got problems. ”
  • “ They’re coming and they’re gonna kill you. ”
  • “ I know - I’m dead - you killed me. And I gotta say, not cool, man. ”
  • “ Don’t give a newbie a bazooka and then be surprised when she blows shit up. ”
  • “ If the readings are right, he may be the most powerful mutant that we’ve ever encountered. ”
  • “ Why are all the hots ones so crazy? ”
  • “ Do you wanna be my girlfriend? ”
  • “ Careful. I bite. ”
  • “ Please keep talking, so we can pretend that our problems are all in our heads. ”
  • “ I like you. You’ve got what the kids these days call moxie. ”
  • “ All I’m saying is, what if your problems aren’t in your head. What if they aren’t even problems? ”
  • “ Something new needs to happen - soon. ”
  • “ On the plus side I’ve mastered eating with a spoon. ”
  • “ And honestly, all I really need is your body. And your mind? Well, I could give a shit about your mind. ”
  • “ Look, I know you’re just trying to help, but this just doesn’t for some reason feel real. ”
  • “ My whole life is a lie. I just need to know—who am I? ”
  • “ It wears a human face. Be careful, he wears a human face. ”
  • “ He doesn’t seem fragile, not since he came back. ”
  • “ We can’t lose him. ”
  • “ Who teaches us to be normal when we’re one of a kind? ”
  • “ It’ll be fun. Kick some ass. Save the girl. Get a snack. ”
  • “ I think I know what I am. ”
  • “ I’m the magic man. ”
  • “ I met your husband. He was a beat poet? ”
  • “ Monster as metaphor: I like it, but wrong. ”
  • “ Because we’re at war, and we’re losing. ”
  • “ It’s sweet, really. They think they can save you. ”
  • “ What are you doing, kid? You think you’re safe here? With these clowns? ”
  • “ Why are you doing this? You’re supposed to be my friend. ”
  • “ Could you, maybe, not break everything this time? ”
  • “ I’m not gonna promise that. ”
  • “ We’re having a romance of the mind. ”
  • “ ____, I think I killed your friend. I’m so sorry. ”
  • “ We could give God a run for his money, right? ”
  • “ I knew your father, did you know that? Your real father. ”
  • “ He makes me laugh, and I keep him safe. ”
  • “ I was sick. But I’m not sick anymore. ”
  • “ Who are we if not the stories we tell ourselves? ”
  • “ ____. You’re freaking out. Stop it. ”
  • “ I needed you and you left me. ”
  • “ What is the point of life? All of you running around trying to what? Be happy? Fulfilled? You tell me. ”
  • “ I came back for you, I love you. ”

Made some Muskies iPhone wallpapers 

Maybe instead of casting a new Logan, perhaps Fox should start looking at continuing X-23′s journey into taking over her father’s mantel, or casting an adult Laura who is struggling to adjust and fit into his title, feeling as if she’s not worthy of his name, maybe even having Hugh Jackman come back to the role in a dream to settle her fears, much like in the comics, and see her become the hero he knew she could be.

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this shit saves so much hassle this book is a rope ladder to pull yourself out of your mess no really it’s depression-friendly and disability- and neurodivergence-accomodating it helps you break down huge things into tiny bite-sized steps it gives you a ready-made incredibly adjustable toolkit to fit into your life and ability level and frankly it’s hilarious

Honestly, these tags make one of the most meaningful reviews I’ve gotten. Thank you so much. <3

gentlebreadslice  asked:

i have color questions (sorry if you've answered these before aaa you don't have to respond): how do you keep consistent colors? like with Finn's skin, do you write down the color's code or do you use a different shade every time? also, how do you correctly adjust colors to fit lighting?

These are great questions and I totally don’t mind answering them!

1). For keeping consistent colors, my personal method is to have base skin tones (and hair tones, etc) saved in my MS color set that I have readily available, then I tie my colors together with a little bit of an overlay or screen effect, depending on what palette I’m working with. This ensures that everything is very cohesive while also making sure I don’t have to start from scratch with my basic colors every time I draw my favorite characters. Overlays are my best friend in general when it comes to coloring TBQH!

2). My best advice for adjusting colors to fit lighting is to actually think of it as “fit the lighting to your colors,” if that makes sense. I always work my lighting choices around the palette I’ve laid down, and focus on utilizing 1-3 layers of shading to create a light source (the light source really just being my base colors - I rarely do a highlight layer in my work). I use either a dark pink or dark purple as my shading color, and work it as much as I need to depending on how dramatic I want my lighting to be.

For example, take a look at how I colored this illustration:

1. Base colors 

2. Shading (I used a magenta at 35%, normal setting)

3. Shading II (just very slight detailing for extra depth, magenta at 20%)

With really only 1 layer of shading I created a strong light source while also tying all my colors together! (•̀o•́)ง

These methods are the products of my own weird relationship with color, so I don’t assume that my methods will jive with you, but I’m hoping that at least seeing how I work can help answer your questions! ╰(*´︶`*)╯

anonymous asked:

I feel like the Gravebone fandom is not taking enough advantage of historically accurate men's underwear. Where are the union suits with the "Kenosha-Klosed-Krotch" like in the Leyendecker ads? Where are the sock garters and hole-proof hosiery? The B.V.D.s? The underwear with buttons in the front and tie strings on the back or side to adjust for fit (WWI military style)? Fandom needs to up its game.

It’s a challenge to truly describe the beauty that is early 20th century men’s undergarments in fanfiction as we, the writers and the readers, usually want to get to the good juicy bits of heated gazes and lingering touches and breaths that are both quickened and slowed and stopped all together, rather than begin a deluge of descriptions in an attempt to capture the most sensual and accurate way to untangle a man’s girth and naked form from his layers of cotton that most of us are unfamiliar with historically as well as in practical terms. 

(And my guess is the magical world in the US probably had their own types of underwear, seeing as they had their own fashion styles, which differed from no-maj society.)

That said, I did go a googling for a little bit and found some lovely pictures that I will now place here–under the cut–because of reasons that are valid and have nothing to do with wanting to see Colin Farrell in garters and full body tighty whities. (Also this is a little informative article on the history of men’s underwear that I found pretty interesting to read.)

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genre: angst

star of the show: NCT’s Taeyong

word count: 776 words

author’s note: for @yongsexual . This isn’t quite the idea you wanted, I had to make adjustments to best fit the flow of the fic itself, I hope it’s okay. 

mentions of cheating. read at your own discretion.  

my personal opinion: please don’t cheat. cheating is no-no. 

Originally posted by taee-yong

opening line: “I ain’t running back to you.”

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I’m posting this for all you lovely non binary peeps and MTF’s who could use some fashion advice for finding clothes that fit their body type. Remember these can all be adjusted to fit you and I will try and provide better information soon.

- Kyle

Loretta Young, 1938, by Laszlo Willinger

Loretta Young is an interesting example of one of the ways in which the popular and lively stars of the Pre-Code Era adapted to the strict enforcement of the Hays Code. Like Norma Shearer, she shed her earlier image as a  free soul, an independent woman making her way in the world, to become instead a great lady of the cinema, playing historical figures or aristocrats. Shearer ruled MGM until 1940 and Loretta Young became a similar presence for Twentieth Century-Fox.

Other stars like Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Crawford continued with the same gritty portrayals of woman fighting off marauding men and striving for dignity and self-respect, but they adjusted their portrayals to fit the moral strictures of the Code. Comedy stars - Miriam Hopkins, Carole Lombard, Jean Harlow - seemed to have an easier time of it. The jokes and situations were cleaned up while the actors could maintain the same personas that had made them famous.


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The House of the Rising Sun

((A/N: Written as a submission for the lovely and amazing @kazchester-fanfiction‘s writing challenge. I stole House of the Rising Sun by The Animals. It’s a glorious song, and I decided to take it to a bit of an angsty place for this. I’d love to write more, depending on reception, actually. I enjoyed the shit out of the premise. Lyrics are italicized, and some adjusted slightly to fit the story.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k 

Warnings: Abuse mentions, swearing ))

How long had you known the Winchesters now? Three years? Four years? Honestly it seemed like forever some days. The boys didn’t know much about your past, but they had never needed to. It was an unspoken rule, not to pry into a Hunter’s history without them asking first. You knew about the boys purely by virtue of who they were. It was hard not to know who Sam and Dean Winchester were, or even the Angel Castiel who traipsed around with them.

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January 23 - Pink Floyd’s tenth studio album Animals was released on this day in 1977.

Two of the album’s three epic-length songs, “Dogs” and “Sheep”, were originally written and performed live (along with the also-epic “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”) during Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon tours in 1974, but unlike “Shine On” they were shelved instead of included on the next album Wish You Were Here. “Dogs” was originally titled “You Gotta Be Crazy”, and “Sheep” was originally titled “Raving and Drooling”, both undergoing some adjustments to fit the Animal Farm inspired theme of the album.

Animals is the first and only Pink Floyd album to be recorded in their new Britannia Row studio in Islington, London. They had intended to record the following album The Wall there but it was recorded in France and the U.S. instead because the band had to spend a year out of England as tax exiles. (The studio found use by numerous other bands, in particular ‘80s goth bands Joy Division, New Order, and The Cult.) Over the years, one by one, each member of Pink Floyd sold their quarter share of Britannia Row to the others, the first being Rick Wright after he was forced out of the band during The Wall sessions, then Roger Waters after he famously quit the band in 1985, and finally David Gilmour sold to Nick Mason leaving him as the sole owner of the recording studio. In the early 1990s, Nick Mason sold Britannia Row to its longtime manager, Kate Koumi.

okay friends get ready because I am about to place latinx tango/whiskey and the entire samwell men’s hockey team into a truly horrific (read:hilarious) situation that I myself had to suffer through

• so it’s after a game and the whole team is on the roadie back home
• Jack and Mr. Crappy are there too bc why not
• Tango and Whiskey convince the team to go to an upscale Mexican restaurant in the same shopping center as their scheduled stop after having to veto Taco Bell for approximately the thousandth time
- Chowder: I don’t understand why you guys dislike Taco Bell so much
- Tango: how do we explain this to him???
- Whiskey: Taco Bell is to Mexican food as Panda Express is to Chinese food
- Chowder: ahhhh okay
• They sit down at the restaurant
• Jack stares at the guacamole before saying very quietly: I’ve actually never tried guacamole before
- There are gasps and whispers of betrayal
- Tango looks up at the ceiling and mouths “why”
- Bitty: *only to Jack* we’re breaking up
- Jack: Bits, it just doesn’t go with chicken tenders
• Chowder takes one look at the menu and bursts into tears
- Whiskey: how is that even possible we’re both from California there’s every type of food everywhere
- Lardo: lay off him. It’s not like you’ve eaten pho, have you?
- Whiskey: Y E S
• Tango and Whiskey order tamales for everyone
• The tamales are delivered. No one touches them. No one moves.
- Tango, oblivious to the stillness, goes to unwrap the corn husk. Whiskey stops him with a simple touch and a “Wait.”
- After a good five minutes of no one moving, Holster eventually picks up his tamale and bites in like a sandwich, husk and all.
• instant chaos
- Whiskey: Tony I really think we should bounce on these people
• Five minutes later
- Bitty: my goodness! That sure was spicy! What was that called again?
- Tango: …….horchata
- Bitty: I don’t think even Señor Bun could handle that amount of spice!
• Tango to Whiskey: could you even imagine if we brought them to that place with the really good empanadas?
- Whiskey: Tony I meant what I said before. They deserve to be left to their own devices.
• they end up at Taco Bell anyways
• when they load the bus back up Tango and Whiskey expect to go to sleep and then wake up from this fever dream
- but no it was real
- it was all real
• anyways the next day is Sunday so they go to church and then have a nice date at the place with the really good empanadas afterwards
• later on they go to the lax house and hang out with all the lax bros and their bfs on the soccer team
• in conclusion Tango and Whiskey continue to be the dream team. you cannot beat them. only join them.