First Anniversary of Letter to Pope Francis: Next One Coming!

A year ago I wrote to Pope Francis because the pain of Margaret Mary Vojtko’s death reminded adjunct faculty how fragile our educational system is, and how Higher Education was failing. 

It is one year later, and that system has only gotten worse. 

Pope Francis did not answer my call, but I have not lost hope. I will write him again. 

In the meantime, however, I am again sharing this letter of a year ago as a reminder, so that you read what I wrote – and we remember. 

We need to reclaim education. 

But this year, there will be many more of us included in our plea. 

Letter to Pope Francis about Mary Margaret Vojtko’s death as a Duquesne U adjunct


On October 7th, I sent Pope Francis a letter asking for help. Given what has happened with Margaret Mary Vojtko, and the way Catholic institutions like Duquesne are behaving, I thought it fitting he should know what is happening with contingent faculty here in the US. If anyone gives me hope in redemption —to do or say something not only about humankind but about ALL education and how it is failing not only faculty but students— it may be Pope Francis. So it is fitting he know what is going on in his universities. I don’t know that he will get this, but I thought writing in his home language might appeal to him. 

We do not have to be Catholic to believe in Social Justice. 

What's in a Name? Adjunct...

“O! be some other name:
What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

Shakespeare uttered these famous lines, and they reverberate with us, often.

Yet how frequently do we really think about their meaning? What do names really mean? How do we identify with what we are called, and how do they tie us to one cause, pigeon-holing us, not letting us speak further afield, and making us seem “outlier” when we do?

“Man With a Briefcase” sculpture by Jonathan Borofsky

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Jack Longmate: Goals of COCAL & the Program4Change

I am a great believer in the Program for Change, which is presently being used effectively at Vancouver Community College. All adjunct faculty can implement this program in as little or as long a time as needed to achieve equality. Hence, I am presenting Frank Cosco & Jack Longmate’s program, with an excellent exposé written by Jack Longmate.

This is not just theoretical. It is tried and true. Please read & share widely! And if you want equality at your university, do more than share: implement!

Thank you to Vanessa Vaile from Precarious Faculty for her technical assistance, always! 
Ana M. Fores Tamayo, Adjunct Justice

Originally posted to adj-l, September 1, 2014

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Thanks to Joe Berry and Helena Worthen for their report about COCAL, “COCAL - A Tri-National Contingent Workforce Self-Organizes to Abolish Contingency” at the Academe blog.

First, I’m delighted to read the words “abolish contingency” that appear in both the title of their report and prominently in the text, “The goal: To abolish contingency itself."  I hope this speaks for all those attending COCAL and the organizational groups supporting and in liaison with COCAL.  I hope we can all accept this as the goal; it does imply good things and a clear direction for the movement.

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While friends in #IT receive appx $4000 per recruit, #HigherEd schools like @TCCollege want to give #adjuncts ONLY A CHANCE TO WIN $100 gift card? 

Doesn’t #Admin say we are exploited because there are TOO many of us? Then why is @TCCollege bribing us to recruit more adjuncts? What OTHER colleges are guilty of this crime? FOR SHAME! The dominoes must topple!