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As a writing choice, I find it unnecessary. Not everyone gets to say goodbye to dying loved ones, or get "closure". Regina got it with Daniel; why does she need to get a ghost or dream message from RH? She has already grown from that stage imo

from a writing/storytelling/careening from plot point to plot point perspective, what happened is: 

  1. “we killed H00-1 for drama but everybody knows he’s coming back, so now we have to find a way to make Hades’s threat actually threatening, so oblivion!” 
  2. “oh shit we are out of time gotta move along and bring H00-1 back, sucks to be you H00-2!” 
  3. so his death, and Regina’s pain (which, girl, respect yourself, but-) got shoved out of the way. 
  4. that was shitty for people who liked 0Q (which, girl, respect yourself, but-) and they complained a lot, and 
  5. (this is important) their complaints were considered valid by whoever adjudicates those things (because in volume they can’t possibly be greater than other complaints), 
  6. so they are doing something about it. 

but what it looks like from the perspective of weary fans is: 

  1. Regina’s whole story has been swallowed by H00-2 since 3B, to her detriment as a character
  2. this season is supposed to be about her, but last season was supposed to be about Emma and nobody trusts them
  3. and, oh look, let’s bring back the dude who treated her like shit because god for-fucking-bid she not be a white dude’s property for more than a couple of episodes

I can’t wait until Stinker gets home from his visit so we can go on a walk. He loves it, I love it, it calms us both. Now that the weather is cooler I’m hoping to walk with him every night- fresh air is the cure for any ailment, I’m positive.

Today at the visit when BM showed up she said, “Lets get this over with”
My heart aches for these kids who shouldn’t have to feel like it’s a chore to spend time with them. Four hours a week is not a lot of time. I wish she was grateful for it.
My guess is she got ahold of the petition to the court from CYS stating all her wrong doing since adjudication. Failed drug tests, attempting to fake drug tests, being involved with BD, minimal compliance with the caseplan. It’s not pleasant, I’m sure, to see all your wrongdoing on a page that was sent to six people- but that’s not the kids’ fault. They didn’t type it. They didn’t send it. They are the victims. The anger shouldn’t be directed towards them or affect them in any way.

I’m sad today. I’m heartbroken for these poor babies. I can’t wait until my favorite dude gets home so we can snuggle, go for a walk, and bask in the scent of the cinnamon rolls I’ll be baking to eat my sadness away.


The whole damn system is guilty.

“…it feels terrible to have to depend on a system that you know is illegitimate to adjudicate your “worth.” It really does. The criminal punishment system has ALWAYS been a tool in this country for enforcing and maintaining white supremacy. Yet that ‘analysis’ goes out the window as we are compelled by some to ‘celebrate’ charges and to ‘canonize’ public officials who under the rules of said system are SUPPOSED to prosecute killer cops.”
- Mariame Kaba, “Some Thoughts on the Run” 

The 10 states of being a musician
  1. i am crying all my tears out into a flowing river of darkness
  2. I really should be practicing but I’m not
  4. is it my instrument or am I just a really bad musician?
  5. no. i can’t perform for you because i left my skills in the car. bye
  7. Theory = death.
  8. I am better than other people yay for me
  9. what is this odd contraption that I see before me I haven’t practiced in 3 weeks how do I operate my instrument

So this one time when my sister was about 8, this really awful adjudicator wrote nothing except “I hope you never plan on becoming a musician” on the sheet.

Now she’s finishing second year university as a violin major at her top choice conservatory after touring France as a soloist with orchestra.

just saying.

alternate election ideas

1. put all the candidates in a room with a very wise old owl. the owl will sit on the shoulder of whomever the owl deems fit for office. everybody will trust the owl’s decision

2. who can hold their breath the longest? i’m talking, like, in the whole world. everybody has to try all at once and whoever wins, wherever they are, becomes the new leader of everything

3. a series of complex puzzles and riddles that the candidates must solve. no outplayed riddles, no old puzzles. everything must be new. the puzzle adjudicators must come up with a whole new set of puzzles for every election. the puzzle adjudicators are decided by a very wise old owl

4. the candidates all stand in a row and say, in total honesty and sincerity, precisely how they feel about Weekend at Bernie’s 2. they have five minutes.

5. just elect the owl


Again almost on the eve of the 7th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, we must stand united together, as the one voice in the strong defense of our Idol.

Most of you probably have heard about sick revelations published on some website, but purposely I’m not going to mention the page name and url - out of respect for the MJ that they deliberately trampled.

Stop this lies and hate, we demand truth! We’re tired of injustice, but we never stop fighting for Michael.

We believe in his innocence, which was adjudicated by an independent court. Not guilty on all charges - this was the final sentence and no one can tell us that it could be otherwise.  All persons (including tabloids, media and internet) who spread false information, try to deny a final court judgment of 2005. And this is the real scandal that returns like a boomerang for 11 years. The worst part is that Michael died in 2009 can not contradict whole lies. We the fans do it for him now.

We don’t agree to hurting us with the lies, we don’t let to hurt Michael’s children and rest of the family! We want the truth on the lips of the world not the fake. Remember that he is, he always was innocent!

Please share this immediately. Show your love and support for Michael Jackson, cause he always stand for the right side.



Tyranny, a new isometric RPG by Obsidian, has been announced yesterday! It’s a dark setting in which the evil has won and you, the player, are working for the bad guys.

You are the judge and executioner of Kyros’ law, acting under the watchful eye of the Overlords Archon of Justice, Tunon the Adjudicator. Your words shape the lives of thousands. Will you use that power to bring justice and inspire loyalty? Or will you bring fear and cruelty to the beaten people of the Tiers?

Find out more about the game on Tyranny’s site!

Since legalizing recreational marijuana in Colorado a year ago, the fruits of the cannabis movement are beginning to be shown, backed by statistical data, that even the staunchest critic couldn’t deny.

According to a recent study, published by the Drug Policy Alliance, marijuana legalization in the Rocky Mountain state has brought in noteworthy savings, reduction in crime rates, as well as significant tax revenue gains, not only from the sale of the plant but also it’s byproducts (e.g. edibles) Not bad for a drug that’s still on the federal government’s schedule one narcotics list.


The alliance evaluated key statistics and determined that Colorado saved millions of dollars from not arresting people for marijuana possession. According to the study, 1,464 people were arrested for marijuana related crimes since legalization, compared to 9,011 in 2010, prior to legalization.

“Given that arrests such as these cost roughly $300 to adjudicate, it is reasonable to infer that the state is saving millions in adjudicatory costs”, says the study.

Crime Rates

In relation to Colorado saving money since legalization, the study showed that crime rates have actually dropped, most notably due to the Colorado law, approved by voters in 2012, which legalized marijuana possession, as well as the sale and cultivation of plants for adults over the age of 21. Stated in the reports, shows a 9.5% decrease in burglaries, as well as an 8.9% decline in property crime in Denver. Perhaps the most telling of the data, is the 84% decrease in marijuana possession and arrests, directly contributed to legalization efforts.

Tax Revenues

In addition to savings and crime rate decreases, tax revenues from recreational marijuana brought the state an estimated $40.9 million, of which $8 million was set aside for youth prevention services, new school development, health care services, and community based organizations. Without the influx of marijuana sales due to legalization and the tax generated from them, these key services would have been left ignored or paid for directly by taxpayer money.

During the full year that it’s been approved, recreational marijuana has paid for itself and then some, and even though some advocates claim it is not the deciding factor to all of Colorado’s funding needs, it sure looks like it’s part of the solution. (source)

Mythal and the Dwarves

For my own reference/convenience, and for anyone who’s interested, I’ve compiled all the codex entries I can remember that reference the Evanuris/Mythal and the dwarves. What’s most interesting to me is how it ultimately culminates in Mythal placing all her hopes on a descendant of the dwarves, in the form of Morrigan. Is it some form of apology for her actions, an attempt to undo what she did to the Titans, or simply another step in a long-reaching plan enacted over millenia?

Spoilers for DA:I, The Descent, and Trespasser ahead. And if there are any interesting details I’ve missed, please share!

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REPORT: Native American Girls Have Highest Rate of Incarceration
By Derrick Broze, April 3 2016. New statistics show that American Indian and Native Alaskan girls account for a disproportionate amount of the population in the juvenile justice system.

According to the  U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, American Indian and Native Alaskan girls are nearly five times more likely than white girls to be confined to a juvenile detention facility, the highest rate of incarceration of any ethnic group. 

PewTrusts reports:

Native girls are 40 percent more likely than white girls to be referred to a juvenile court for delinquency; 50 percent more likely to be detained; and 20 percent more likely to be adjudicated, according to the Office of Juvenile Justice. They are also more likely to face harsher sentences for the same offenses, said Joshua Rovner of The Sentencing Project.

Pew also reports that American Indian girls have the highest rates of commitment to juvenile facilities in Wyoming (1,302 per 100,000), followed by Iowa (860), South Dakota (656), Oregon (568) and North Dakota (535). Although the numbers show that Native boys greatly outnumber girls in juvenile facilities, the differences between Native boys and non-Native boys are not as large as those between Native girls and non-Native girls.

Careers for Zodiac Signs
  • Aries:Managers or Drug Dealers
  • Taurus:Chiefs or Psychologists
  • Gemini:Translators or Lawyers
  • Aquarius:Conceptual Artists or Astrologers
  • Virgo:Models or Make up Artists
  • Sagittarius:Programmers or Street Fighters
  • Capricorn:Financial Planners or General Laborers
  • Libra:Adjudicators or Surgeons
  • Leo:Presidents or Aristocrats
  • Cancer:Nurses/Doctors or Serial Killers
  • Scorpio:Assassins or Youtubers
  • Pisces:Pharmacists or Animators

Terracotta Loutraphoros (Ceremonial vase for water)

c.340-330 BC

Late Classical Greek/South Italian

On the body, above, obverse, male deity adjudicating between Persephone and Aphrodite regarding Adonis; reverse, seated youth and woman with three women
Below, all around, youth at a stele (grave marker) between youths and women
On the shoulder, obverse and reverse, head of a woman
On the lid, head of a woman

The Tarentine predilection for disciplined yet exuberant embellishment is applied here to an imposing vase with deeply serious iconography. In the primary scene, Persephone and Aphrodite, who both laid claim to the beautiful hunter Adonis, await a judgment from the deity seated between them. He may be interpreted as Zeus or as Hades, ruler of the Underworld. Differing versions of the verdict allowed the hero to divide his time between the goddesses. In the zone below, a youth is isolated between a grave monument and a laver as figures approach from either side. The themes of death and the Underworld are complemented with luxuriant vegetation. The myth of the death and rebirth of Adonis is connected with seasonal change, and the abundant vegetation on this loutrophoros could symbolize rebirth, an appropriate theme for a funeral vase.

(Source: The Met Museum)

Jean Cabut (13 January 1938 – 7 January 2015), known by the pen-name Cabu, was a French comic strip artist and caricaturist. He was killed in the terrorist attack that targeted his office at Charlie Hebdo.

Cabu started out studying art at the École Estienne in Paris and his drawings were first published by 1954 in a local newspaper. The Algerian Warforced him to be conscripted in Army for over two years, where his talent was used in the army magazine Bled and in Paris-Match. His time in the army caused him to become a strident anti-militarist and adopt a slightly anarchistic view of society.[citation needed]

In 1960, after he left the Army, he became one of the founders of Hara-Kiri magazine. In the 1970s and ‘80s, he became a very popular artist, collaborating for a time with the children’s TV programme, Récré A2. He continued working in political caricature for Charlie Hebdo and Le Canard enchaîné.

His popular characters include Le Grand Duduche and adjudant Kronenbourg, and especially Mon Beauf. So spot-on was this caricature of an average, racist, sexist, vulgar, ordinary Frenchman that the word ’beauf’ (short for “beau-frère” i.e. brother-in-law) has slipped into ordinary use.

In February 2006, a Cabu cartoon which appeared on the cover of Charlie Hebdo in response to the Danish cartoons affair caused more controversy and a lawsuit. It depicted the Muslim prophet Muhammad, under the caption “Muhammad overwhelmed by fundamentalists”, crying : “C'est dur d'être aimé par des cons !” (“So hard to be loved by jerks!”).

From September 2006 to January 2007, an exhibition entitled Cabu and Paris was organised by Hôtel de Ville, Paris.

The Angry GM teaches you how to run RPGs

Scott “The Angry GM” Rehm espouses wisdom weekly on how to run tabletop roleplaying games. D&D in particular, but most of his advice applies generally. I want to start running D&D games again, and I be very good at what I do. So, for my own assistance, and here for anyone else who might like it, is an index / introduction to The Angry GM’s articles, organized in a way useful to me. Maybe it’ll be useful to you too.

Running Games

The very basics

Important skills






Building the Megadungeon

Other interesting thoughts

If you like this, consider supporting his Patreon (I do, but only a little). I’m not affiliated with The Angry GM, just a fan.

Scott, if you happen to read this, thanks for all you do!