Robert Stark, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania

My home and studio for the past 40 years is a converted general store and farm implement showroom in a rural village in Susquehanna County, PA. My family has lived and farmed here for some 200 years. In 1972 it was an abandoned wreck halfway between being torn down and saving, and the price was right. Having limited funds I repaired one of the 20 rooms every year. In 1995 a recently graduated Cornell architect, Rafael Viñoly Jr., designed a studio, 30 foot square with an 18 foot ceiling and high north facing windows. Adjoining rooms have painting racks, and another canvases, stretchers and tables covered with tubes of paint. I’m at my best painting every day, I start early and work into the afternoon, once finished painting I stretch canvases or prepare grounds for future work. I tend to follow one idea as long as possible, alternating between working smaller during the winter and larger canvases in the warmer months.

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MY THIRST FOR CHILDHOOD FRIENDS WITH ADJOINING ROOFTOPS/ROOMS IS DEEP! (bonus points if they reenact it as adults over a holiday [my fluff factor is also high])

canibecandid I know it’s been waaaayyyyyyyy past forever, but I’ve finally done it! I’ve filled your prompt (it’s more teenlock) :D Hope you enjoy! 

Molly awoke to the sound of a light yet steady tapping at her window, much like a bird pecking at an acorn. She glanced at her clock. 

Damn. It was only five o’clock. 

She groaned and flipped onto her side, away from the window. 

But the knocking persisted. And got slightly louder with each passing second before it suddenly stopped. 

Before Molly could let out a sigh of relief though, she heard the sound of metal scraping against metal, then a click. She growled in frustration, then pulled her blanket over her head and tried to ignore the sound of the window sliding open and a certain someone padding toward her bed. 


Molly.” This time, there was a light jab at her shoulder. 

“Molly Molly Molly Molly Molly…”

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"Is that my shirt?" SB

Barry wakes up to an empty bed. As he and Caitlin fell into his bed last night, part of him knew that should would probably be gone before he woke up. But he can’t deny the other part of him that wanted her to stay and is disappointed by her absence. 

He hears a thud in the adjoining bathroom and sits up, his sheet falling from his upper body. He’s ready to get up and investigate when the door slowly opens and Caitlin walks out with her head down. She must notice him watching her.

Then a small smile forms on his face. “Is that my shirt?”

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Astana 2017 by Eugenio Grosso

“Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan, the largest land located country in the world. Kazakhstan adjoins Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Moreover a large part of the Eastern bank of the Caspian Sea belongs to it. Kazakhstan was the last country becoming independent after the collapse of USSR. Since then (1991) President Nursultan Nazarbayev rules the country. He decided, in 1997, to move the capital from Almaty in the South to Astana in the North to balance the influx of Russian people from Kazakh North border.”

     There were a million reasons for them not to be here but only one reason for them to risk everything, and never any doubt that what they had was worth the danger of being caught out.

     He’d parked his bike a block or so over, and snuck his way through the backyards of the well to do citizens of the small mountain town and arrived over the fence into the backyard of his girlfriend’s.

     The guest house door was unlocked just as it should be. He’d barely gotten inside and turned the deadbolt before he was stripping off his leather jacket tossing it towards a nearby armchair and stalked down the hall hearing noise from an adjoining room.

      Their eyes met as she stepped out into the hall noticing his arrival and with a mutual sigh of relief they crashed together immediately. His lips all but devouring hers as his hands groped and grasped wherever they wound up as they took two steps into the bedroom. Robin spinning her up against the wall and devouring her neck with heated kisses.

Don’t Fight Me

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Dean, Sam

Words: 1672

Requested by 12-kay-kit-kat  I got it finighed for you! Yay! I hope you like it!

You opened your eyes to the three voices in the adjoining motel room. You recognized Dean and Sam’s immediately, but it took you just a second to realize who they were talking to. And when you realized it, you groaned.

           Gabriel. The Archangel. The most beautiful being you had ever laid eyes on. You hated being around him. Not because you legitimately hated him, but because you really liked him and there was no way an angel of any kind would fall for you, especially an archangel that could have anyone he wanted.

           You tried to be quiet as you got out of bed. The walls of the motel were thin and you were sure the guys would probably notice your movements anyway. The longer you could stay away from Gabriel, the better.

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The Ring Domination update is LIVE! #WWESuperCard

Today, we’re stoked to announce the arrival of the Ring Domination update to WWE SuperCard. Arriving now-ish* on your device of choice for WWE SuperCard, the Ring Domination update adds a new event, new cards, and new social features.

We named the update after the event, Ring Domination, because we’re pretty pumped about it. Ring Domination is an all-new, cycling event that challenges you to battle for control of a game board against an opponent. Let’s talk about how it works:

During a match of Ring Domination, you and an opponent take turns placing down cards on the event’s special nine-square board in a competition to control the most squares. To control a square, you need to either (a) play a card on an empty square with no adjoining opponent cards or (b) challenge an opposing card by placing one of yours in an adjoining spot. If your card’s alignment arrow faces the opposing card, a card battle begins. The winner takes both squares.

After you compete in a match, you win “pulls” that allow you to remove shards that obscure a reward. If you reveal the entire card, you win that reward. Pulling shards also nets you cards similar to how a traditional pick works. We’ve got a few images here, to show off the board:

The first Ring Domination, featuring an awesome Zayn card, kicks off this Friday through Monday at 6PM Pacific. In the next Ring Domination event, you’ll get a second shot at a Zayn card in order to Pro him. Preview period for this week’s Ring Domination begins this Thursday. The action starts on Friday.

Today’s update also introduces several other features. Let’s run through the list:

  • Wrestlemania Fusion cards - Starting now, you can fuse powerful Wrestlemania-tier Fusion cards in the Chamber. The list of new Fusions includes WWE Greats like Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, Lita, and many more.
  • King of the Ring Chat - Now you can chat with your competitors during King of the Ring. Expanding the social experience is something we’ve really wanted to do with WWE SuperCard, so we’re happy to deliver. Expect more in the future.
  • User Profiles - You can now view profiles your platform (Game Center, for example) and Facebook friends lists to see stats, including wins, losses, card totals and top ten cards.
  • Bulletin Board - You can now review past Bulletins, just in case you missed one.

Cool, right? We think Ring Domination is a fun twist on our event formula and introduces new interesting choices as you play #WWESuperCard. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on that – and also can’t wait to see all those Fusions in the wild. 

Thanks for playing! Let us know what you think on social media and the forums.

*Updates take time to propagate across various storefronts. Keep checking your store!

Day 2 : Neighbors!AU

Day 2 : “ you’re my next door neighbor and you walk your dog for like 2 hours every day in our adjoining backyards and at first I was annoyed bc trespassing much??? but you’re really cute and you dance and sing along badly to music the whole time so I sit on the back porch and watch you for a little bit “ Neighbors!AU

Darcy, Natasha & 101 Dalmatians (Nat&Darcy BrOTP)

I know  nothing about how animal adoption works in NYC. So excuse any mistakes. Also I never had a dog, just cats so…

Also: I know, I’m late posting this. But I had reasons… I totally had reasons. I try to catch up this weekend…Also: This is unbetaed. And I wrote a big mistake in there, which I had to fix, which annoyed me like hell.

Darcy had always loved animals. As a child she had a dog, two cats, a rabbit and an aquarium full of fish. By the time she went off to college this number had been greatly reduced already and she didn’t want to subject her senior animals, at this point her dog and one of the cats were still alive and kicking, to a move across the country, so they stayed with her parents.

During college she had neither the time nor the money for a pet, (she volunteered at a local animal shelter as often as she could), and this continued during her time in New Mexico with Jane (Oh Baker! Sweet dog for a few minutes) and London, during which her mom had called that Sammie, her beloved Border collie had died in his sleep. (Jane had held her when she cried and shared her own animal story about an old, grumpy cat named Nell that had lived with Jane’s gran.)

But when she moved to New York with Jane and Thor, things changed once again. She still hadn’t much more time, with working at the labs and doing her MBA at NYU, but she did have a bit of money. She wasn’t living at Stark Tower with Thor and Jane. Living with those two was super intense and Darcy had always felt like intruding on their couple time. But thanks to Tony Stark’s generosity and his refusal to let them pay any rent or study fees or much else for that matter, she had another decent apartment not so far from work. And great neighbors. Especially the women across the hall, Natalie, who had also just moved in, and her had become fast friends. And she had the most adorable keeshond, which made Darcy miss having a pet even more.

After Darcy had cleared the question if animals were even allowed in the tower during work with Pepper (because Tony would just have said yes regardless the house rules), Darcy went to a shelter in the hope of adopting an animal. At first she wanted a cat, because she wasn’t sure how often she would be able to walk a dog and in her experience cats were sometimes very satisfied if you let them be. But then she saw them. Two adorable little spotted puppies, given away by someone who thought they were too much work. Two purebred Dalmatians that were looking at her with the biggest, saddest eyes possible.

Darcy practically had no chance. Two days later those two sweethearts had found a new home with her and Darcy had bought two adorable little dog collars in blue and red for her new dogs. Pongo and Perdita.


While Darcy didn’t live Stark tower, she was there at least 50% of the week. And there was always someone around. When Darcy did not have the time to go out with her dogs, she could very often count on Thor or Bruce to take them out for a while. Thor loved animals in general and Bruce told her, that he found walking her dogs quite relaxing…

When she had to work very often Pongo and Perdita were comfortable in a basket near her desk and there was always someone who would play with them when they wanted to. After a bit of grumbling about animals in his lab, Tony even built two tiny, electronic dog toys that entertained her two furry children for hours.

Darcy’s favorite time was when she was able to go to the dog park around the corner. There were tons of other dog owners with their animals and her dogs loved it there. It was Darcy’s moment of total relaxation. She was with her dogs and able to have a few minutes for herself without any lab related weirdness or conversation with people who knew nothing about her crazy life. Especially with Pietro, who had a beautiful German shepherd, Angie, an accountant whose Dalmatians just had a litter, and her neighbor Natalie, who sometimes came out to the park during her lunchbreak, she got along really great. Those people were her sanctuary whenever Tony built something that made almost every glass on the floor shatter.  She and Natalie had a similar schedule so very often Natalie was waiting for her at the dog park, with a cup of coffee and some treats for her dogs.


A little over a month after she got Pongo and Perdita, Darcy noticed that she was being followed on her way to the park. She wouldn’t have noticed it a year ago probably, but Tony especially had insisted on security training for everyone in closer association with the Avengers. Apparently some of her recent lessons had stuck with Darcy, because she was 100% sure that someone had followed her since she had left the tower.

But when she was at the dog park and tried to look for her, whoever it was, was gone already.

This repeated itself in the next few weeks. Darcy felt she was being followed and she sometimes caught a glimpse of someone. A women, quite haggard, middle-aged, at maybe in her late 40s but not older than 60. Clint, who sometimes gave her spy lessons, would be proud of her, she was sure of it.

Darcy had felt paranoid at the first few instances, but her dogs had picked up something as well and both of them seemed a bit skittish sometimes on their walk to the park. It was weird, but Darcy never managed to get a good glance at the women.

At the same time the atmosphere at the dog park became more and more glum. Several dogs had disappeared, especially Dalmatians. And at the beginning of the next month Angie didn’t come for a week. But when she arrived again, her eyes red and swollen and only with her she-dog Honey in tow, everyone knew that something bad had happened.

“And when we came home that day, they were all gone.” Angie had started to cry almost immediately after telling about the evening when she and her husband had arrived at home, finding the house burglarized, but strangely enough the only thing missing were the eight puppies. They had found Honey and Max drugged and locked away in the kitchen.

When Darcy and Nat walked a bit together afterwards, Nat was trying her best to calm Darcy down, but the younger woman had reached the point where she was just afraid. Pongo and Perdita war not puppies anymore, but still very, very young. And that weird woman she had seen occasionally in the last few weeks was another bad sign…

“I’m scared my dogs will disappear, too.” Darcy sobbed in Nat’s shoulder.

Darcy felt her friend tense a bit under her.. “Why do you think so.”

“Because of that woman. I think she followed me for a few weeks, whenever I went outside with the dogs. And it was just weird.” Nat patted Darcy’s head comfortingly.

“A woman?”, she asked. “What kind of woman?”

“I’m not entirely sure.” Darcy hiccoughed. “Tallish, between her late 40s and late 50s. Really thin, haggardly. Her hair was a bit weird, one side was snow white, the other in a really dark color.”

“Hmm. Interesting.” was Nat’s only reply.


Another week after Angie had told Darcy about the disappearance of her dogs, Darcy was terribly busy in the lab. Jane was preparing for another conference, Bruce had started a new project and Tony was his usual, hyperactive self. So when Pongo and Perdita began to whine and paw, because they wanted to go outside, Darcy asked the new intern, Stefan, who got along great with the dogs, to take them for a walk.

Two hours later Stefan was back, slightly hysterical, totally out of breath and without her dogs. At this sight, Darcy had shot up from her chair.

“What has happened?”

“I don’t know. I was making a big round, and then we were at the dog run at the end of the park. I was just answering a call, I swear. But when I turned around they were gone. I searched everything, I swear. And I called them for like an hour. They have always listened to me before. But they were just gone. I don’t know what happened, but they were simply gone!”

Twenty minutes after Stefan had come in and proclaimed the bad news, Darcy was crying at Tony’s shoulder, with Jane helplessly sitting next to them Darcy’s hand in hers, when someone stepped through the door. “There, there kiddo.” Tony awkwardly patted her head, clearly not used to crying women. “Look who is there. The cavalry is here. Black Widow can probably find your dogs in like a day with her arms bound behind her back.”

“Hey what about me? I’m also here to help Darcy.”, came Clint’s indignant call.

“You’re obviously my side-kick here.”, came the answer. And this voice…. Darcy shot up from her position. She was sure she knew this voice.

Standing there was Natalie from the dog park. She didn’t really look different, except… she now looked more like the pictures Darcy had seen.

“You’re Black Widow??”

“Yes, obviously.”

“But you told me you were Natalie Rushman.” At this Tony let out an amused laugh. “And that you were a lawyer.” Another amused huff from Tony.

“I can hardly tell people that I’m a spy and assassin and work for a secret government agency, can’t I?”

Darcy sighed at this. Nat’s argument was absolutely logical, but she was still a bit miffed.

“And it’s also quite nice to have contact with other people, who are not in this business.” Nat smiled at her and Darcy instinctively smiled back. It was nice to know that their time spent together with the dogs, had happened out of similar motivations.

“But why were you living in the building we live in, while you probably also have a Tony Stark issued super chic, fully-furnished apartment that probably could house a family of 8?”

At her side Jane made a weird sound. Something between a squiek and a groan. And suddenly some things became clear to Darcy.

“Ohhhh, did Jane and Thor ask you to keep an eye on me?” Darcy pinned Jane with an angry stare. “I’m an adult Jane, fully capable of getting along on my own.”

“They did, they just wanted to keep you save. But I really enjoyed getting to know you in the process.” Darcy knew that her friends had done it out of love for her, but ugh…  

“Oh and I researched a bit in the last few days, about what you told me.” Nat continued. “The woman who followed you. I’m quite sure it is Cruella de Vil. Socialite, known fur enthusiast and very often already a suspect in the smuggling and disappearances of animals.”

“She wants to make my dogs into a fur?” Darcy angrily clenched her hands, which lead to a shocked yelp from Jane.

“Don’t worry, Clint and I will get your dogs back.” With these words and an encouraging smile, Nat and Clint disappeared.


Tony had been a bit wrong. It didn’t take them one day. But after three days, JARVIS announced that Clint and Natasha had arrived in the underground garage.  

Darcy was on the lift faster than anyone could blink. When the doors opened in the basement, she saw that they had arrived in a huge white van.

“We have a little surprise.” Clint leaned against the car’s doors.

“JARVIS; is the basement secure?” Nat asked. After the AI’s affirmative, Nat opened the backdoor.

And out came not only her dogs. But maybe 100 other Dalmatians pups.

After a few seconds of absolute chaos, Darcy had Pongo and Perdita in her arms again, but the whole basement was full of dogs.

“What are we doing with all those dogs?” At this Nat smirked at Clint and Darcy.

“Ultimately we’ll try to get them back to their owners. I imagine Angie’s dogs are among them too. But first of all we can shock Tony a bit.”


“Why are there so many dogs in my tower? I was ok with two.” Tony breathed in quite heavily. “There are 50 dogs in my lab! 50!” His reaction came very expected. “Oh God, this one is trying to pee on my new Iron Man schematics. Schoo!”

The second best part of Darcy’s day was watching Tony sprinting around in his lab, trying to prevent the dogs from climbing everything.

(They found a home for them very quickly, especially after Pepper organized an Avengers and Animals gala dinner. Except for two, a scrappy little she-dog who is given a new home by Stefan and his partner and a little puppy with black ears who got adopted by Clint and was now always at the dog park with Darcy’s and Nat’s dogs.)

After Life (ch. 8/?)

Master post here.  AO3 link here.

The memory of the smell would stay with him forever, Kenric was sure. If Rith were in any condition to comment, he would probably pick out all the different scents. The nauseating sweetness of burned flesh. The sour tang of tainted blood, scorched into patterns on the cave floor. The indescribable vapor of red lyrium, half-melted in gruesome lumps on top of the broodmother’s charred, ruined corpse. And over it all the too-familiar putrescence of darkspawn.

But Rith wasn’t in any condition to comment. He was propped up groggily against Falla, who was holding him, a hawkish, possessive look on her features as she watched the Grey Wardens search the chamber. They made their sweep quickly, picking their way over shattered stone and darkspawn carcasses, then disappeared down an adjoining hallway. Kenric spied the flare of torchlight as the tunnel swallowed them, the warm, flickering circle moving away.

They returned quickly, faces set and grim. Carver accepted a tin bowl from Taka as they approached, and had the torch put out by the time they reached where Kenric and the squad were resting.

“I’d ask for a report,” Kenric said, “but I think it’s best if we got out of here.”

“Agreed,” Taka said. “At the very least, for some fresher air.”

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Okay, but is this “my good friend” going to be a thing with Jonny and Kaner? Like, “oh, yeah, my good friend Patrick Kane and I - we’ll be on the cover together” and “my good friend Jonathan Toews is going to show you guys the Stanley Cup. Isn’t he such a good friend?” And then we’ll maybe get stuff like ‘Yeah, my good friend Patrick Kane and I - we tend to share adjoining rooms when we go on the road, just friend stuff yeah” and “yeah, I’m not getting married until MY GOOD FRIEND Jonathan Toews does. Did I mention he’s MY GOOD FRIEND? MY good friend. MINE.”

On occasion, Hamilton gave evidence of a prankish spirit at odds with the image of the sober public man. While on a visit to Newark, Hamiltin’s aide Philip Church met a Polish poet, Julian Niemcewicz, a friend of General Tadeusz Kosciuszko. Niemcewicz insisted that Kosciuszko had entrusted him with a magic secret that permitted him to summon up spirits from the grave. Hamilton, intrigued, invited the Polish poet to a Friday-evening soiree. To give conclusive proof of his black art, Niemcewicz asked Hamilton to step into an adjoining room so that he could not see what was going on. Then one guest wrote down on a card the name of a dead warrior - the baron de Viomenil, who had seen action at Yorktown - and asked the Polish poet to conjure up his shade. Niemcewicz uttered a string of incantations, accompanied by a constantly clanging bell. When it was over, Hamilton strode into the room and “declared that the Baron [de Viomenil] had appeared to him exactly in the dress which he formerly wore and that a conversation had passed between them wh[ich] he was not at liberty to disclose,” related Peter Jay, the governor’s son. That Hamilton had communed with a fallen comrade attracted exceptional attention in New York society, so much so that he had to admit that it was all a hoax he had cooked up with Philip Church and Niemcewicz “to frighten the family for amusement and that it was never intended to be made public.”
—  Ron Chernow, Alexander Hamilton

Daredevil - Hallway Fight Scene

Audio Description

At the end a long industrial hallway, a fluorescent light colors the walls and floor a sickly green. One of the Russians carries a plate of food and an apple. He unbolts the outside lock of the door beneath the light.

Boy: [crying] I want to go home. I want my daddy.

[Man speaking in Russian]

The man comes back out eating the apple himself looking bored, he goes into another room off the hall where four men play poker around a round table.

[men speaking Russian]

One man leaves the game and the man with the apple takes his seat. The other exits and goes to the  room across the hall, a dreary office with a desk and files and a guy eating a sandwich.

[chatter on TV]

The hallway is empty. 

Its other end lit from the adjoining hall, a red lit exit sign is at the ceiling line above two circuit boxes. A shadow appears first as Matt, head lowered, mask down moves slowly around a corner. The ropes from the roof top are strapped around his hands and up his forearm. He looks ferocious and calm taking an iconic stance. He listens intently and starts to come down the hall.

He comes to the first door and lays his hand on it, focused.

He raises his head and batters open the door. Four startled Russians leap to the fight, Matt kicks and punches his way through them and the door shuts behind him.

The hallway is empty again.

The Russian from the card game  is thrown through the door, collapsing it against the opposite wall. The other door opens and the apple eating man rushes up only to be hit by a flying microwave oven. Matt sends another one flying then steps out to take on the man from the other room, he disarms one of them and beats the other two with the shotgun.

Matt is on his back, clutching his abdomen. He stands with some efforts using the wall for support then swings back to the fight, dispatching three more he depends on the wall to stand now. The apple eater takes a swing and Matt beats him furiously back, knocking him in the destroyed room.

Another Russian rises and throws a solid punch, sending Matt reeling he ducks a stocky guy who swings wildly but another comes up from behind, then another, Matt’s holding them off.

He keeps knocking them down but they keep getting up again.

Finally, they’re down but not quite out. Matt staggers, resting against the doorjamb when the apple eater charges again Matt demolishes him with some hard face punches and a swinging kick and two more are at it. One pins him against the wall but Matt pushes back and they both fall into the card game room.

Another man rushes in then fly out into the hall, Matt takes them down again.

Swaying on their feet now he and the last guy standing throw weary punches with Matt getting the majority of the hits.

The guy finally goes down and Matt falls into the card game room, he totters out and limps towards the door where the child is being kept.

He pauses for a moment then raises his mask to show his face before he going into the room, all that’s visible is the open door.

Matt: Hi. I know you’re scared. But I’m here to help you. Okay.?

Boy: Okay.

Matt: You don’t have to be scared.

Boy: Okay.

Matt: Let’s get you home to your dad.

Matt walks out carrying a tousled hair boy, the child’s arms around his neck. Matt’s mask is down again, he traipses unsteadily, as the boy looks around at the trashed hallway and battered men, then they disappear around the corner away from the devastation behind.

Day 2 : “ you’re my next door neighbor and you walk your dog for like 2 hours every day in our adjoining backyards and at first I was annoyed bc trespassing much??? but you’re really cute and you dance and sing along badly to music the whole time so I sit on the back porch and watch you for a little bit “ Neighbors!AU

Title: Dance Around the Fire

Crossover: Kingsman/Marvel

Pairing: Roxy/Darcy

Word Count: 2000+

Once again, played with the prompt a little to make it fit… I regret nothing :) (No warnings apply.)

So far, England was not agreeing with Darcy Lewis.  The food was terrible, the weather was awful, and her and Jane’s next-door-neighbor was a bona fide lunatic.  At least, that was Darcy’s best explanation.  Jane wasn’t interested enough to theorize about it, so Darcy was left to come to her own conclusions. 

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The Starngest TurnOn

I decided to surprise my fiancée with a vacation exactly one year before we get married. We did 3 nights in Cancun at a nice resort. We got to the room after a long day and she was very horny. I was too tired and told her I wanted to take a nap. She stayed in the living room and watched TV while I went in the bedroom to nap. I woke up to a knock on the door, apparently she had ordered room service. I heard the door shut and realized she was still talking so I decided to take a peek. I hopped outside to the adjoining balcony so I could hide and watch what was going on. She was still wearing small running shorts and a tank top sitting on the couch and he was in front of her. He was about a 6’3” black man wearing what looked more like scrubs. They talked for a few minutes while she drank a margarita she had ordered. Seemed fairly harmless, just giggling here and there when out of nowhere she put her drink down and pulled her shirt up for about 5 seconds and then put it back down and giggled like a school girl. She had her bra on underneath so he didn’t see much but it still made me cautious. He poured her a second margarita and the talking continued. She asked him a question, he smiled and then lifted his shirt to his neck. Revealing a chiseled body. Nice v shape with a flawless 6 pack. He put his shirt back down and she giggled and took another drink. Then she flashed him again but this time pulled her bra up too and let her perky 32 DDs fall out. She held her shirt up a little longer this time and I noticed a twitch in his pants. She finally put them back down but the twitch led to a bulge that began to grow in his pants. When she finally noticed, her giggling stopped and her eyes wouldn’t leave his crotch. A smile began to come across his face. He was obviously asking her a question and she didn’t seem to be responding. Just took another drink and her eyes didn’t leave his crotch. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He took a few steps toward her and pulled his pants down and they fell to his ankles and a 10 inch black dick sprang forward only inches from her face. She immediately gasped and her mouth hung open as she continued to stare at the biggest cock she had ever seen sway in front of her face. I could see him beginning to ask her something. He seemed confused that she wasn’t responding and kept talking louder and louder and snapped his fingers in front of her face. She still didn’t respond and just sat with her mouth wide open staring at his huge cock. After she didn’t come out of shock for a few minutes, he pushed his cock in her mouth and started working it in and out. When she still seemed shocked, he pulled it out and smacked it on her cheek a few times which seemed to wake her up. She giggled and gasped again and looked up at him smiling. She started to say something and he shoved his big black cock back in her mouth with a little more force this time. He started pumping in and out of her mouth going deeper and faster each time. He pulled it out finally and slapped it on her tongue. She seemed to be enjoying it, I couldn’t believe she would do this with me in the room next to her. He reached down and pulled her shirt over her head and unhooked her bra letting her tits fall down and bounce on his cock. She sat up on the couch on her knees and bent forward slightly to grab his big black cock and started sucking furiously. He leaned over her and slid her shorts down, revealing her perfect bubble ass sitting in a red g string. He started softly rubbing her clit noticing she was already drenched. He slid the g string over and slid a finger in her tight little pussy going in and out getting her even wetter. She continued sucking his huge cock getting him even harder. He then slid the pussy soaked finger out and slowly worked it in her ass. She deep throated his cock one last time and he couldn’t take it anymore. He flipped her around and keeping her g string pulled to the side, slid the tip of his cock in her dripping pussy. He grabbed the back of her hair and started slamming his huge dick inside of her. She was bit the couch to keep from moaning too loud but at this point, I think I would have woken up from the sound of him pounding her pussy. With his other hand, he slipped his thumb in her ass. She started coming all over his huge cock after he put his thumb in her ass. He pulled it out and she flipped around and started sucking her cum off his cock. He pulled out of her mouth and shot a huge load all over her face. The whole time I was in such awe I couldn’t stop looking. She sucked him clean and he got dressed so I ran back in to my room and pretended to be asleep. She tiptoed in and hopped in the shower then crawled in to bed and went to sleep like nothing happened.


Zen Zsigo is the driving force behind Cremation Lily, an experimental industrial music project and he runs the UK-based Strange Rules cassette label. Both Cremation Lily and Strange Rules have been active for 5 years and the record label is approaching it’s hundred release very soon.
With a fluidly changing vision and through personal memories Zen Zsigo shares his introspective art.

Whether creating music or images, Niels Geybels always starts from the same principles; obtaining a structure through layers of sound or layers of images. Intuition and improvisation are both important factors within this process.
Abstract textures and adjoined images compose the counterpart for the detailed cassette recordings.

Musically, as well as artistically, Zen Zsigo and Niels Geybels have been collaborating on a couple of occasions. The most fruitful being their last tape as Cremation Lily and False Moniker titled ‘The Storms of Summer’.