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So I found this on youtube and whoever made this, you’re my new favorite person, i love you. This is amazing. Bi Negan is canon as far as I’m concerned ok?! lmao Regan is life!

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I came across an upcoming book series you might be interested in. It's about Greta Helsing, a doctor to the supernatural community in London. www orbitbooks. net/2017/01/09/cover-launch-strange-practice-vivian-shaw/

This looks awesome.

Meet Greta Helsing, fast-talking doctor to the undead. Keeping the supernatural community not-alive and well in London has been her family’s specialty for generations.

After inheriting a highly specialized – and highly peculiar – medical practice, Dr. Helsing spends her days treating the undead for a host of ills: vocal strain in banshees, arthritis in barrow-wights and entropy in mummies. Although barely making ends meet, this is just the quiet, supernatural-adjacent life Greta’s been preparing for since childhood.

But when a sect of murderous monks starts attacking Londoners, undead and human alike, and terror takes hold of the city, Greta must use all her unusual skills to keep her supernatural clients – and the rest of London – safe.
All This Could Be Yours - Chapter 25 - OhMaven - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
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“What is your name?” Her question was abrupt, sharper than she might have indicated, the way her eyes were still glued to her father’s name, and the way her fingers trailed along the sleek spines of the books.

The man paused, and waited for her to look at him. “You’re not at all what I expected.”

“I don’t give a fuck what you expected,” she countered. “I’d like to know your name.

There was a marked hesitation, and then he nodded once. “Cassian.”

tomorrow afternoon i have a coffee pseudo-date with a russian dude who is a history professor here – i’m like 80% sure/hopeful that it’s really just a oh hey you seem cool and neither of us belong here so let’s hang out type thing, but oh, i am salivating over the deancas au idea potential
Life Day is For Lovers - hollycomb - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Eleven years before the firing of Starkiller, Hux spends some time on Hosnian Prime with his stepmother, the Ambassador from Arkanis. Both have ulterior motives for being there. Hux's involves a rendezvous with Ben Solo in a posh hotel during the planet's observance of Life Day celebrations. Space pears become involved and the situation intensifies.
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So here is the Kylux holiday fic I came up with! It’s nothing too groundbreaking but I like the way it turned out– I feel like this summary implies that space pears are involved SEXUALLY and you’ll just have to read and find out I guess. Also involved: my weird fixation on how hotels are decorated for the holidays, on room service, Hux showering, a kind of Maratelle redemption after I wrote her as a shallow cliche in the last fic, creepy Ben backstory implications, IMPLIED ITCHY (I was going to feature this as a ~hilarious AO3 tag but it sounded too sinister– those of you who know who Itchy is and what he did will get it).

Some songs too!!:

Polly by Whitney (I’m obsessed with this entire album and have been listening to it nonstop but this song is particularly Hux re: Ben at this time in his life or maybe slightly later… Golden Days too as a bonus track)

Downtown by Majical Cloudz (so obviously I took this from The OA [which I loved, negl] and look at that artist name omg but whatever, Ben would unironically like this song and this is Ben re: Hux in this fic)

Also my ultimate ULTIMATE Hux –> Ben song applies here so I’m linking it again: Your Best American Girl by Mitski

Happy Holidays!!! <3 <3

eta: I slandered Lumpy by confusing him with his grandfather Itchy.

You know, my dash is full of adam milligan right now, and ‘let’s save adam from hell!’

And I’m just sitting here, shaking my head, quietly laughing.

Because if this keeps going into Wednesday, well.  That’s All Souls Day.

The day when you’re supposed to pray for souls that have not yet made it into heaven…


Long live the apocalypse?


4x20 “The Rapture” // 8x01 “We Need To Talk about Kevin”
9x01 “I Think I’m Going To Like It Here” // 9x16 “Blade Runners”

The Thing about Choices: Vending Machines as Symbols for Humanity

Part 9 of ∞ in the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”: A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series (Previous Part)

“Mostly… it’s the choices.”
- Benny LaFitte about life topside in 8x01 “We Need To Talk about Kevin”

Throughout Carver Era there probably wasn’t any other object that to me symbolized as wonderfully as the visual of vending machines the struggle between humanity and and the darker impulses. In many ways those very vending machines could be understood as indicators for where on an imaginary scale reaching from human to “monster” the characters framed with them were located at that moment in time within the narrative. But the recurring visual of the vending machine does not not only allude to these things, but also very head on makes a statement on a topic that ran through all of Carver Era like a thick red line: Choices. Not for nothing over the course of four seasons we had countless instances and twists and turns on characters justifying, rationalizing or at the very least explaining their choices and the - most of the time devastating - consequences with “I did what I had to”. Vending machines imo are the perfect symbol for having to make choices as there are tons of options to choose from in terms of snacks and drinks. And it is very telling how all of the main characters get their moments with a vending machine and that moment revealing a lot about their states of mind.

I am going to include 4x20 “The Rapture” here too though of course it is not part of Carver Era, it was hoever written by Jeremy Carver and it pretty much introduced the vending machine visual for the struggle talked about above. Sam’s dark side arc and his demon blood addiction sending him down an ever darker path came to a head in 4x21 “When the Levee Breaks”, but it was one episode prior that for the audience it was spelled out just how bad Sam’s addiction has gotten as we see him sneak out of the motel room at night with his flask in his jacket pocket and in front of a vending machine with fresh drinks we see him down the demon blood. So instead of consuming something from the vending machine, no matter if something to eat or drink - as those are vital needs of any human - and choosing a healtheir road, Sam standing in front of a vending machines chooses about the most dangerous option her could, drinking demon blood. This very contrast between healthy (though of course one would not consider coke a healthy drink, but it is definitely harmless compared to demon blood) and toxic is even highlighted later when Sam tells Dean that Jimmy Novak escaped when “he was getting himself a coke”, which of course the audience as much as himself and probably even Dean knows at this point is a lie.

Four seasons later we see Dean, fresh out of purgatory, standing in front of a vending machine and seemingly overwhelmed with the choices at hand and in the end quite possibly ending up not choosing anything as two kids playing war cause him a flashback to purgatory. So here too the vending machine is connected to the very human need such as sustenance that Dean apparently recognizes (but is unable to work from as he seems to not take anything with him from the vending machine) and the flashback to darker impulses and his time in purgatory which arguably as talked about in the parts prior made Dean connect with his more feral side and foreshaowed Dean’s dark side arc as in purgatory Dean’s humanity seemed to have been dimmed as he neither seems to have needed to sleep nor eat. In fact the first time we see Dean in 8x01 “We Need To Talk about Kevin” is when Sam orders something for Dean, which implies that Sam is worried enough for Dean not having eaten much of anything since the met again that he felt Dean needed something in his system to run on. Right here imo the entire thread in which Dean’s mental state of mind started to be told to an extent in relation to appetite, hunger, or the lack of it. After all, as mentioned previously, it was that Crowley knew Dean was changing in 9x23 “Do You Believe in Miracles” when Dean left “the cheeseburger uneaten”.

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Good decision, good decision good decision.. Done everything to get away from the hood. Cleanse himself in white and Hidden trap in church sounds.  Make noise while a stop and start backpack career set the rapper to hold nothing back in miscellaneous stage presence and atmosphere. “I was raised in an era when” everybody claim but nothing as direct as GOD. “See there’s leaders and there’s followers but I’d rather be a dick then a swallower” pyramid represents the climb on both halfs as there’s threats of prison with white girl planting self-conscious on both sides. Smoke to cover that shit. Everything’s a triangle because it’s the right angle. But they also pass on good words, so what could be the black sky.. the movements in body that only a real flare can get out. its evident now is between light and trust. Now everybody is moving in body with there’s locals, there’s department and there’s yeezys in store and when you don’t know sometimes it leads you to look for new justification. Fighting, rising and the smoke in ‘I wasn’t able to pay attention to it anyway.’ Clapping starts the triumphant build in top line, but underline is a nigga at the top of a tower. They say while a white man won’t hug Kelly Rowland? Kanye don’t hit the note. And why do black people mind take over? You feel more in cold. sacrifice our love? But with so much considered what is left…  Theraflu “I want a bad bitch with no flaws” but what’s reaching the ceiling when you’re so stupid to see what’s already looking up. Sorry honey I left respect on the door. Meet the family that’s in the basement and if there’s enough connection in the room I won’t even need to walk 5 floors. To. The attentions on don’t like? I don’t like nigga get some like. I mean do you like? Internet, When things come into alignment everything’s alright now can you still claim after your baby became white from a dark dick background of adjacent? We are set for life light, light, light, black skinhead all visual no questions are they asking do I even have a choice it’s at the end of my tongue.  Words do come out in the moment. Pain, fame were living bring the house down like an omen.  “If I went number 10 I would of sung out loud on your black ass” there’s gonna have to be like some loses then if they can’t relate with a crying snare and some shouting for new. Shit! I forgot ‘close the door’ doesn’t write shit you don’t believe in.  That’s why writing shit got black board and so did chalk chores using our hand like cartoons. So where are we now, right now.. In need? a fright. Reverse, slow down and change tempo to mate with some adjustment of light to bring out minor parts of the performance time could only explain the major in stop what could of come from the blacks, and he blacks out wanting light of black wanting the same thing. But shone doing everything to things with a white name that’s why we call them the new slaves.  It all lies with precision and where we lay to call up some bullshit and start new problems. slow jams the only time she can relate with some loss of height. Do it for the right reasons and nobody will care? Oh you don’t see the relevance of an iconic symbol in when, then and how can put on our faces. There were cowboys that got grub. Food for grown ‘get the whip got stuck breathing the air of the farer skin. Working the cool down process with some I have no clue where standing sounds we didn’t want to hear ‘make Dior noise.’ That’s bringing out something were good at. Huh? It’s the arrival of blood and how it runs like a tour bus there’s no way out unless you get a grip. They all want a cut till there’s nothing left. New appearance with wear consideration, chains charms ego shackle from a higher fall. Where the fuck is day light? Some do not take a fool. People will die. Art is design so how a nigga be fly with nothing to sign no name to be recognised or put on that stall. How can a popular figure be such a loner I see myself to much it mirrors in a shower . Power trip now I’m closer and you can never take away from this excitement. So that’s a dark pyramid and a wholesome moon. ‘Push out mover’ turning twice to make since out of a strike. Clear the stage I’m all about improvement I’m from the. Oh you too stupid why would you want to know. Plane  with wings of Paris how can love be considered new street.  Yeezy’s I fall towel fall on four legs feel more close like if a touch was familiar. Couldn’t get out of the white wall around and started banging on all fours. They, we get to take the piss. Or I mean the things that claim cooler but can’t get on flight. How can you hit height with transferable skills a new craft can only write. Tee tee tee don’t consider the price. “Oh that’s so white” why don’t you just ride a bike hard work is always rewarding and we can bring your mind alive. It isn’t bad it isn’t stupid it has some childish but as long there’s determination the cameras gonna strike like bring together a whole crew. Look back at me in cow will milk a whole cage get you out and that’s just fair. Previous and how do we get out? The tip. “Maybe I don’t want to go there” aeroplane I’ve never been “cut the music” get the fuck out. you reined everything I worked for wooah getting lose and win having nowhere to go it was 3 in the morning and I had nowhere to go but another road was dark and it really did feel base pull alike an omen making sense out of everything I wasn’t chosen. “What was wrong ghost?” Recon a black out on your ass gonna get out of hand ? That’s respect now let’s elevate the top half. How can you see yourself as something’ so eyes can’t see face when I wasn’t even smiling. 2 lines nothing like blue print; it’s obvious Kanye was trying to make a point. Don’t just hold one finger. Gold figures and rings blood on the leaves even weighed down the steps of Michel convinced no? Then please can I have a massage. Some people can’t reach a muscle she said cheerleader?  Said can your pull a chair out for a good boy and still respect his heart.  Purposely appearing naked opens up the mind and a faceless Kanye behind light which one can be the ass consider any outgoing in the playlist. Fuck a Ludacris cause doesn’t wanna go don’t mind and cant. The gap that plant will kill a man.  Regular, suicide common arms they’ll try left a bible version like the profit made the profit sick “they say it’s too obvious you’re thinking with your head what the fuck am I supposed to think with” mum dies what do you do? Get her back. Mum is still alive. Get rid of her.  We all suffering but this has been the coldest winter.  Vocals are bright effect are bright reactions shy in wind and winter direction mind in overdrive what seat do you want to be in. get up and stuck you head out the wind. Falling we have a update “who will give me wings” never doubt death it creeps like somewhat under a terrible patch. The pyramid, the different colour and the reading you do with concentrating arms. Yeezus red in the mids of our palms. Look up its over.. cool got berry, blue drop the shoulder. Diss, diss, disownment speech will set you free, a change of clothes. Respect a man’s journey with honest feeling now the same walk get lower who the fuck is that person in the corner. That’s holding a state in still commentary. Trap snare ring out in a church. That is right. I know you need that white tag why can’t you sit because you’ll drown.  So much that you can’t enjoy your own work.

Niggas be living an adjacent ass life on social media fam! Acting like they can do what the fuck they want. Like they’re a whole adult. Like they ain’t got “dish duty” tonight. Like they momma ain’t textin them at midnight talkin bout “Where are you??”. I just laugh.