Everything is gonna beautiful as long as you will be remain consistent on your prayers. May be your prayers are accepted in different ways you can’t point out but have faith that they always bring beauty and easiness in your lives when you intensely stick to praying and shedding tears before Allah swt. So have trust with firm belief and continue praying.

Dua Request

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Keep my Dad in your adiyah, Jummah before the last one he fainted during khutbah and his breathing stopped too for some minutes and people thought he passed away but Alhamdulillah he made it through and is okay atm. There is alot more going on with him and around him which even I don’t even understand and can’t explain so please keep him in your adiyah. Jazakallah Khair.

Exam time comes around and we tire ourselves out with all the revision. We go beyond the limits that we thought we could never reach.

And in all of this, we forget that exams are not about cramming everything into your brain. It’s about understanding. It’s to show you how much you have progressed.

And just like that, the tests from Allah are also a way to show us how far we have progressed with our relationship with Allah. It’s not for Allah to see, because He already knows. But it’s to show you your state with Allah in order for you to improve.
So glad tidings to the one who is reminded of his temporary existence in this world through his tests and who works to get closer to his Lord. For indeed, that test is then a blessing.

May Allah make us of those who will be successful on the day. Never will we be entered into Jannah except by His Mercy.

anonymous asked:

could you keep me in your adiyah i might end up homeless i'm a female i have nobody to save or help me

Ofc, May Allah ﷻ protect you and shelter you. Please everyone reading this make dua for this sister.

A Simple Tip When Making Dua

Bismillah Arahman Araheem

Asalam Alikum warahmatulahi Wabarakato

MasahAllah at the requests for Dua’s,  Each of us have individual needs we seek in our dua’s one can easily make their own dua’s as they recite them. Focus them around the outcome you are searching for.  This makes them much more personal to your needs and what you are feeling or seeking. Always remember Allah (swt) knows whats in our minds, hearts, and knows our condition before we make dua’s, Bithnillah this small tip helps.