every year there is a film that surprises you & blows you away daawat e ishq is that film of 2014
  • ADI is too too too good & really the surprise package in #DaawatEIshq he did overshadowed pari which is huge caz overshadowing pari isn’t an easy task
  • Pari as always is Excellent Gullu is a sweetheart i fell in love with her from the word go  but this one belongs to Adi 
  • i had 0 expectations from this film & it just blew me away
  • i am so so happy that a mainstream film talked about a major issue in this manner & handled it well too
  • Shayrana is so much better in the film & the video is so cute
  • This one you all should watch
  • 3.5/5 for #DaawatEIshq