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Do you have any lifting shoes you'd recommend? Or places to research them?

I have only tried two different Weightlifting Shoes: The Adidas Adistar (the old ones with the wooden heel), and the 2013 Pendlay Do-Win shoes.

I really like and would recommend both shoes.

I couldn’t really feel a difference between the two during my training. I wore the Adidas Adistars from the summer of 2011 until a few weeks ago and I’ve been wearing the Pendlay’s for a couple of weeks.

In the Adidas I wear a men’s size 7 and in the Pendlay’s I wear a men’s size 7.5.

The Adidas Adistar seem to have a slightly bigger heel on them compared to the Pendlays but it wasn’t significant enough for me to notice a difference.

The leather on Pendlay’s seems to be a little more supple than the leather on the Adidas and they are more comfortable to walk in but both are pretty stable and comfortable.

I like the look of my Pendlay’s better than the look of the Adidas.

The Pendlay’s are much cheaper than the Adidas. $200 vs $113

Those are just my opinions though.

Here’s a review on the best Weightlifting shoes for under $200. The Adidas Adistar are a the top and the Pendlay’s are next:


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