adis a baba

A Little Is Enough

Pete and Karen Townshend

Meher Baba’s secretary Adi Irani made a visit to London around this time, I tried to get his advice. ‘My wife doesn’t love me anymore,’ I said.‘What should I do?’ ‘She doesn’t love you at all?’ he wobbled his head as he spoke. ‘She said she loved me a little.’ ‘Ah!’ Adi clapped his hands and smiled. ‘A little! That’s good. Love is universal. Limitless. So even a little is enough.’ I wrote a song called 'A Little Is Enough’, and recorded it using the same system as I’d used on “Let My Love Open The Door”. Although I’d always thought my love songs were terrible, I think this is one of the best songs I’ve ever written.

— Pete Townshend