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My Time in Ogidi-Ijumu came to an end yesterday. With the indigo pit finally ready I was able to dye the threads and the textiles I was preparing over the previous weeks. For so many people Nigerian (and by extension all west african) textiles bring to mind wax print ankara cloth, but for me and the other artisans at the Nike Art Center in Ogidi  the ancient arts of  Adire Oniko Adire Eleko, Aso-ofi and Aso-oke are at the core of the long and rich tradition of adornment. I would like to thank Mrs. Agnes Umeche for being such a patient and fantastic teacher I cant wait to share what you have taught me with students in the U.S.A!


A newly re-edited playlist of mine featuring music composed and performed by women in the medieval era. The mix contains both religious and secular music from Western Europe, Armenia, Byzantium, and Al-Andalus. All pieces date between the 8th and 15th centuries.

Zarmani e Ints  |  Khosrovidukht (8th Century)
Avgoustou Monarchisantos  |  Kassia (810-865)
O Vis Aeternitatis  |  Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)
Mout M'abelist Quant le Voi  |  Maroie de Dregnau de Lille (13th Century)
Kharjas: Non Me Mordas Ya Habibi  |  Andalusian Anon. (13th Century)
Sol Oritur Occasus Nescius  |  Herrad of Landsberg (1130-1198)
A Chantar M’er de So Qu'eu no Volria  |  Comtessa de Dia (1140-1212)
Saltarello: “La Regina”  |  Italian Anon. (14th Century)
Amours, ou Trop Tart me Sui Pris  |  Attributed to Blanche of Castile (1188-1252)
Na Maria  |  Bieiris de Romans (early 13th Century)
Conductus: Ave Maris Stella  |  From the “Las Huelgas Codex” (13th Century)
Kharjas: Adir la-na Akwab  |  Andalusian Anon. (13th Century)
Si'us Qu'er Conselh Bela Amia Alamanda  |  Giraut de Bornelh (1138-1215) and
 Alamanda de Castelnau (1160?-1223)
Mout Avetz Fach  |  Castelloza (early 13th Century)
Deuil Angoisseus  |  Christine de Pizan (1364-1430) and Giles Binchois (1400-1460)
Antiphon: Caritas Habundant in Omnia  |  Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)
Mon Chevalier, mon Gracieux Servant  |  Christine de Pizan (1364-1430) 

Image: Sculpture of Mary Magdalene by Gregor Ernhart (c.1502), The Louvre.


Hello everyone! This past week our team dyed the Adire and yarns we have been preparing over the last month. All the hours of tying and stitching culminated with us dyeing using indigo and Guinea Corn leaves (Oka Baba). We were blessed with perfect weather and some beautifully dyed Items that will be incorporated into the final installation. The pieces incorporated dyeing techniques from all over west Africa including “Adire Alabere” (stitch resist) techniques from Nigeria. “Gara” kola nut and Indigo over dyeing techniques from Gambia and Sierra Leone and over dyed tie and dye handwoven textiles drawn from Dyula and Baule textiles from the Ivory coast. Stay tuned as our project continues to develop!     

Israel buys 17 new F-35 stealth fighter jets - 27 August 2017

The Defense Ministry procurement delegation in the US completed the deal last week to acquire 17 F-35 “Adir” planes from the US government’s JSF program.
In doing so, the delegation completed the purchase of two full squadrons (50 aircraft) for the Israeli Air Force.
Exercising the option to purchase an additional 17 planes was approved by the Cabinet, and the purchase order was signed by the Director General of the Ministry of Defense, Major General (Res.) Udi Adam. Under the contract, the supplying of the aircraft will be completed by December 2024.
Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said in response to the deal’s completion, “The completion of the purchase of 17 additional F-35s is a significant and strategic addition to the air force, and will help the IDF and Air Force cope with the many security challenges we face at the doorstep of the State of Israel, and act as a central element in protecting the security of Israeli citizens along the borders and even away from them. The signing of the transaction is further evidence of the depth of the relationship and security relations between our great friend the United States and the State of Israel. ”
The head of the Defense Ministry’s delegation in the United States, Dubi Lavi, said, “This is the third giant deal to purchase ‘Adir’ planes that the Ministry of Defense has signed in the last decade. With every subsequent series of planes that left the production line, the American manufacturer promised to lower the price of the plane. We are pleased to announce that in this transaction, the US project manager managed to conduct successful negotiations with the company and reduce the average price of each plane to less than $ 100 million. This is a significant reduction compared to the planes purchased by the State of Israel so far. ”
In total, the Ministry of Defense has so far acquired 50 F-35 “Adir” A planes, comprising the fifth and most advanced generation. Five planes have landed so far in Israel, and by 2021 33 aircraft will be supplied to the IAF from the two previous deals.
The F-35 is manufactured in three models: Model A for regular takeoff and landing, Model B for short takeoff and vertical landing, and C for aircraft carrier operations. All 50 aircraft purchased by the Ministry of Defense for the IAF are Model A, but have integrated unique capabilities and advanced Israeli weapons.

Updated Request List
  • Yoongi makeup sex smut
  • Daddy Seungcheol smut (he’s daddy af let’s be real)
  • shy/cute virgin!Woozi smut (you guys r gonna kill me but it’s gonna be a nice death)
  • JB fluff (about him having a bad day)
  • Vernon smut (about visiting and having your first time oooh)
  • a Seungkwan imagine (where ur singing at each other; so psyched for this one, it’s gonna be cute af)
  • a rly cute Woozi one (about him adiring u it’s gonna be BOMB)
  • Vernon shower smut  
  • slightly angsty fluff Vernon imagine about him dating a plus sized girl
  • jealous Vernon smut
  • Jun eating you out for the first time smut (ooooh)
  • Minghao trying to impress the girl he likes (maybe smut??)
  • husband!Vernon smut
  • ANYTHING for Wonwoo (so ambiguous I love it)
  • jealous!Mingyu smut
  • Jun/Jeonghan threesome (I am so ready and interested to explore this dynamic)
  • Minghao smut of literally any kind (the hilarity of getting this as a request you don’t understand)
  • Jeonghan smut with a thong and some kinky shit oo (yasss somebody requested BAE; like you don’t understand he was my first bias for this band this shit is gonna be tight)
  • something to satisfy Hoshi thirst (might combine this with the rough Hoshi request)
  • Vernon or Jeonghan first time oral
  • Meanie threesome (i was WAITING) (actually got a second req for this so I’m gonna combine them)
  • Wonwoo/Seunghceol threesome
  • Seungcheol and Mingyu threesome (damn guess who’s gettin flooded with threesome requests; what have i done)
  • Coups smut about him getting hot n bothered when you wear his shirts
  • Hoshi studying smut
  • making out w/ DK on the beach
  • Woozi/Suga threesome
  • Minghao smut
  • Suga Daddy kink/hate sex smut (that should be interesting)
  • kinky Minghao smut (and don’t worry, I won’t screenshot it, that request stays just between me and you anon)
  • boyfriend Hoshi being a goof 24/7 but has a fuckboy side that comes out to play (love this idea so much)
  • what Jungkook is like in bed (ayoo these are getting requested so much might turn this into a series)
  • kinky Wonwoo smut
  • Vernon smut based on Wet The Bed by Chris Brown (of all the fucking songs this song makes me burst out laughing every time I hear it dear god)
  • Vernon oral sex smut
  • BTS x plus-sized girl headcanons (aka Big Booty Better Thighs with BTS)
  • seungcheol 69 smut
  • rough Vernon with dirty talk
  • Scoups smut
  • Jimin Hogwarts AU (fluffy) (and so it goes…)
  • Bambam smut
  • lazy morning sex with Taehyung
  • (insert member of seventeen) likes you but you don’t understand the cultural differences in dating for Koreans when he tries to show it
  • Seulgi x female reader smut - probably Hogwarts AU (CAN YOU HEAR ME GASPING FOR BREATH OMG I’M DYING?????)
  • Mingyu blowjob smut
  • Woozi shower smut
  • Yugyeom mommy kink smut (not emotionally prepared for this bruh)
  • Jeonghan fluff
  • Vernon bath sex
  • overstimulation with Mingyu imagine
  • Vernon or Jeonghan Hogwarts au smut
  • Church Oppa part 2 (highly requested)
  • Taehyung and Jimin threesome
  • Seventeen Divergent au (read that so long ago - kind of excited for this??)
  • Wonwoo “mouth is important for rappers” smut (hehe)
  • Vernon oral smut (getting so many of these requests I’m probably just gonna combine them)
  • Vernon eating a girl out under a desk (already getting ideas about this???)
  • cute little soccer au prompt with Amber
  • one of the cute little aus with Coups
  • Woozi as a vampire
  • Gryffindor Hoshi x Ravenclaw reader smut (waaaay too pumped about this)
  • Joshua hogwarts au smut (hogwarts au smut aaall around)
  • Joshua beyonce karoke au
  • Jeonghan x plus sized girl lingerie smut
  • Jeonghan best friend first kiss fluff
  • 95 line foursome for birthday anon
  • Wonwoo teacher x student smut  
  • leo from vixx
  • hufflepuff reader x jun or joshua hogwarts au
  • TOP daddy smut
  • Dino smut (can’t wait for all the hate messages i’m gonna get after this whoo)
  • Hoshi fluff
  • Suga fluff
  • Hogwarts Red Velvet headcanons (I am TRASH and so ready for this)
  • Hogwarts f(x) headcanons (don’t even make me cry)
  • Joshua/Minghao threesome
  • Wonwoo angst/romance/smut
  • ot13 + reader smut (this is the big one… this is anarchy… I’m gonna have to prepare for this one… doomsday…)
  • taehyung sexy dancing/idol reader smut
  • woozi’s girlfriend attempts suicide and he is called to the hospital; he blames himself for working too much (i know this is a very sensitive topic and i will treat it with all the humility that i can, because i know it’s important to write about stuff like this)
  • soonchan threesome (pretty sure you can hear me screaming from where ever you are)
  • Jihoon pegging smut (I’m dying inside but I can’t wait for this)
  • Hogwarts AU - 95 line all having a crush on and fighting over Hufflepuff reader (possible smut)
  • Hoshi x Suga x Woozi smut (gonna call this the blonde squad, cause they all look hottest with their hair at that shade of bright bleach blonde and ahhh) (also pretty sure the request meant a foursome with reader if the person who requested this sees this and that’s not the case pls lemme know thanks)
  • Luhan smut
  • polyamorous relationship with Seulgi and Amber (this is gonna be so fucking lit)
  • youngjae smut (he’s been lookin so damn fine lately)
  • Daddy Seungcheol/Jihoon threesome (i can’t breathe)
  • performance unit practice room smut (woooow)
  • Hoshi x plus sized reader smut
  • Michael x ravenclaw reader smut (hogwarts au) (…is this? a 5sos request?? someone remembered i vaguely write for them???)
  • what Vernon would be like as a room mate (headcanons)
  • Dino smut about him and reader being cute confused virgins (yasssss)
  • Dino movie smut (just saying if my boyfriend tried to finger me under a blanket with other people around there would be fucking consequences for his horny ass)
  • sub!Dino smut
  • fluffy first time Yugyeom smut
  • Seungcheol imagine where a sex scene comes on tv??
  • Dino noona smut (it was bound to fucking happen)
  • Yoongi angst fic about him dating a plus-sized girl
  • dom Hoshi smut (with Oppa kink)
  • Glenn and Amber apocalypse au (the request said crack but I am going to take this very very serious cause they are my baaaaaes)
  • “homewrecker” jeoncheol x reader - you’re in a relationship with one of the boys and there is a alot of cheating that ends in a threesome (so so pumped for this)
  • Hoshi smut based off of Jam Jam
  • Woozi bondage smut
  • female reader x irene smut (yasss more girl smuts)
  • Soonyoung/Jihoon threesome
  • rough voyeuristic mark got7 smut
  • fluffy fuckboy jimin
  • vernon pegging smut
  • jogin and yifan + a plus sized girl (maybe headcanons? the request wasn’t too specific??)
  • dom!dino smut
  • vernon blow job smut
  • Vernon/Minghao threesome (interesting)
  • Hoshi x Ravenclaw reader (a possible continuation of the Woozi Hogwarts AU)
  • Hoshi or Coups angst where they have a dream where you die
  • Hoshi imagine where you’re anxious about making an important decision and he comfort you
  • Wendy smut based off of Light Me Up (yassss)
  • Hoshi smut where you make him jealous by dancing sexy with another member
  • Jun smut with idol reader and extreme fanboy/fansite admin Jun (with Jun being the submissive) (juicy)
  • Wonwoo fluff based off the MV for AOA’s Heart Attack (love that MV so much)
  • dirty talk Vernon smut
  • continuation of the Woozi Hogwarts AU
  • something similar to “I Think We’re Alone Now” for Woozi
  • Vernon makeup sex smut
  • hot Joshua smut
  • teacher Joshua smut
  • “what would Vernon be like in bed?” headcanons
  • (another request for a meanie threesome)
  • jealous Coups smut

Non-Requested/My Own Ideas:

  • Vernon/Woozi threesome (two of my top three it had to happen at some point)
  • a smut with mah boy Jisoo and some spanking (I’m not even gonna pretend to be pure anymore)
  • The 12 Movie Oneshots, as an extension of the movie preference, listed as follows:
  • Seungcheol High School AU Movie
  • Jeonghan 20’s or 60’s Crime Drama/Thriller Movie
  • Joshua Zombie Apocalypse Movie
  • Jun Vampire Movie
  • Hoshi Feel Good Summer Movie
  • Wonwoo Werewolf Movie
  • Woozi Fantasy Movie
  • DK Superhero Movie
  • Mingyu Grunge Film
  • Seungkwan and Vernon Buddy Cop Movie
  • Dino Chosen One Story
  • Maze Runner au (cause there’s so damn many of the svt boys pls fight me on this)
  • a Coups scenario inspired by his scene in Mansae
  • a svt first kiss preference
  • a Michael oneshot inspired by “Style” by Taylor Swift
  • a 5sos first kiss preference that I started 10 yrs ago and never finished
  • something 5sos inspired by “Fast In My Car” by Paramore
  • something with Grace from Degrassi (cause she bae)
  • a native english speaking idol acidentially bumps into Suga backstage at KBS music bank and calls him “Daddy” under her breath, thinking he didn’t hear her; a couple of weeks later has a collab project with BTS and is dancing with them, and falls, he catches her and says “Don’t worry, Daddy’s got you.” aka best fic ideas come to you in the shower
  • something inspired by the Run MV
  • BTS Suckerpunch AU
  • Daddy Jeonghan smut (just bc I fucking can)
  • what kind of snapchats Seventeen would send you (been looking at waaay too many snapchat edits lately and wiiish i could make them but i’m gonna write this anyway haha)
  • Battle Royale AU (it’s happening)
  • Fire and Ice (has a title and i’ll keep the content a secret for now)
  • China line threesome (cause China line is friendship goals and it had to happen at some point like rly)