Some of my first cakes that I was actually proud of :’)
In order from top to bottom:

1. Dark Chocolate cake with a light cream cheese frosting and bit of peanutbutter frosting to decorate haha

2. My favorite cake of them all! unfortunately I didn’t have a good camera at the time. Ana’s 15th birthday cake…it was a pink ombre inside as well :)

3. Coconut Chiffon cake with fresh cream (That i tinted a scary blue CRY) layered and topped with fresh raspberries*

*Look at how happy my grandparents are! ..I told harabuji (grandpa) to smile and he purposely made that face hahaha even at his age, he likes to be silly 

I like when people I don’t know reblog my photos. It makes me feel happy that someone else likes my work :)