… Choose between math and, uh, uh, uh, a story of a guy getting eaten by a whale. You have to choose you have to choose you have to choose.
No. I don’t have to choose, because both of those exist, and both of those came out of my species’ mind. I’m capable- I have a processor in my head that’s more powerful than anything Apple could ever generate because it’s capable of thinking two things at once- both equally. I am capable of creation; I’m capable of mysticism; I’m capable of mythology. I’m capable of approaching my life in a logical, and mythical perspective. I’m capable of both and you want to compromise me; you want me in shackles. Don’t make me choose between Pepsi and Coke because you’re just pushing corn syrup. That’s it.
—  Dan Harmon, talking about religion and politics in “Examine Before You Fight”