Puzzle Pieces (Doyoung X Reader)

I’m sorry y’all I couldn’t find a smaller gif of this but I love his bunny smile so I had to use it 😩 Also this legit was written mostly in one night because it was raining hard & I got inspiration to write randomly & actually originally was supposed to be a scenario with a random nct member with doyoung as your bff but I switched it to Dodo after a couple of seconds💞 I’m also in the middle of 2 requests that will hopefully be posted in the next couple of days so thank you for the waiting & I hope you enjoy this!!:))

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The midnight rain pounded down on your window as your eyes were glued to your phone screen. You had been texting your best friend Doyoung, when had all of a sudden he texted you two words that completely froze your entire body and heart.

“Help me”

You laid in bed, wondering if this was some sort of joke or if he was being serious since you never could tell until Doyoung clarified it himself. But after a couple of minutes, he still hadn’t said anything back so you quickly texted him asking, “What happened????” And shortly after he replied, “Help me ______”.

You knew Doyoung well enough to know that this was probably something serious so without a second thought, you shot out of bed in your fuzzy pyjamas and ran out of your room, quickly throwing on a random hoodie, which happened to be Doyoung’s, as well as random sneakers. Then after quickly locking your front door, you ran out of the house silently praying to God that Doyoung was okay and that your parents didn’t wake up in the middle of the night and pass by your room.

“Please, please, please, let him be safe” You whispered as you ran in the heavy rain with the water sloshing around in your sneakers.
Luckily, the building where he lived in was close by to your house so you were able to make it there in about five-ish minutes or so.

Out of breath and soaking wet, you burst through the front doors and ran up the stairs, not having any time to wait for the elevator. Your best friend needed you right now and you were going be there for him, no matter what the consequences. Your mind and heart were both started to race at wondering about the possible situation he could be in. Was there a robber there? A murderer? A psycho? Or all three in one? You didn’t even know nor could tell from the two message Doyoung had sent you.

Soon, you were on his floor and panting harder than an unfit gym member. You wheezed as you used the last amount of energy within you to open the door to his dorm which was oddly unlocked and you were met with pure blackness.

“Doyoung?” You called out into the darkness. Fear was starting to creep under your skin as you thought of what could be lurking as your eyes adjusted to the darkness. “Hello? Doyoung? Are you here?” You called out again but were met with silence.

All of a sudden, you saw the flame of a lighter in front of you and you cursed loudly, jumping back. You had your hand on your heart as it felt like it was about to explode out of your chest while you squinted to see who was holding the lighter.

“_________?” A timid yet smooth honey-like voice spoke.

Of course, it was none other than Doyoung, the now idiot who was going to get his butt handed to him on a silver platter.

A surge of anger coursed through you as you realized that he was completely fine and not in any danger at all. “You have exactly twenty seconds to explain why you sent me those texts and made me sprint here like Usain Bolt in the pouring rain just to find out you’re standing in the pitch-black like some wacko with a lighter.” You crossed your arms over your chest as the lighter flame came closer to you and you were able to see Doyoung’s face that held worry with fear.

“I-I-I was scared.” He mumbled. Though he was much taller than you, he was like a little puppy with his head and shoulders hung down, facing you. But you weren’t going to let him off this easily.

“Of what may I ask?” He lifted his head to look you in the eyes as he said, “Of the dark.” You tilted your head at this, Doyoung had never been scared of the dark in the past so what had occurred recently to make him develop this new fear?

“The electricity went out and it became so cold here and lonely and I felt so empty, it scared me ________.” He ran a hand through his ginger-blonde hair and took a deep breath.

“I used to think living all by myself was a good thing and that I was ready to start it without my family, but obviously I wasn’t able to. The darkness reminded me that I don’t have anyone by my side whenever i’m home so I could literally get a heart attack and die and no one would find out until days or weeks later. I know i’m overthinking it but I couldn’t help it, I feel like I have no one in my life here except for you.” His warm brown eyes glistened slightly and his voice cracked towards the end of his speaking.

Your heart was aching out of sorrow as you took the lighter out of his hands and wrapped your arms around Doyoung, rubbing his back as he cried. You had had a feeling that this was going to come one day because Doyoung was such a people and family person, always doing activities with others and not wanting to be alone for a second unless it was to relax. And since his family had moved for her father’s new job, Doyoung had decided to live by himself instead of staying with your family so he could experience “real life” as he had said it. You knew he wasn’t ready because the boy was such a cute fluff ball no matter how tough he acted so he wouldn’t be able to last a couple of months. You realized in the moment that you were right however, you hadn’t expected for him to cry and have a breakdown.

“Shhhhhh, it’s okay, Dodo, i’m here for you now am I not?” You murmured in his ears as you felt his body shake and he squeezed you tightly with his face in your or technically his wet sweater. You kept hugging him, not caring about the drenched state you were in at all.
The curves of your body perfectly molded into his like puzzle pieces that clicked. Whenever you hugged Doyoung you always felt yourself think of him as a man rather than a friend and your heart fluttered. You blamed it on the hormones but sometimes wondered if you actually had a crush on him or not.

Doyoung pulled away, causing you to put your hands where his shoulders connected with his chest since touching his shoulders would be awkward when you were a good couple of inches smaller. “No matter what, I will always be here for you okay? Even if i’m fighting off a hundred rabid dogs, I will put it aside and go to you if you need me. And so would your parents and brother, we’re all here for you even if they may not be physically they’re there in your heart. Also, if you ever do feel like this again then just tell me that you’re sad or needing company and i’ll come but don’t freak me out like this ever again because I thought you were getting kidnapped and being shipped to Peru.”

Doyoung laughed, making you smile after hearing the beautiful sound. Though it was dark, you were able to make out his features as he gave you a smile and sniffled saying, “I will for sure ________, now would you be able to stay with me tonight?” He shyly asked. You didn’t quite understand what was up with the shyness since he rarely was like this but figured it had to because he had spilled his feelings to you and shown his emotional side that he rarely showed.

“Of course Dodo” you slipped your hand in his and he smiled at you again, his bunny teeth showing and making your heart beat faster. Doyoung intertwined his fingers with yours and led the way to his room and you shivered as the cold air hit your wet body. Doyoung noticed and looked back at you saying, “Actually second thought, let’s get you cleaned up first then go to bed.” “If I hadn’t shivered you probably wouldn’t have noticed that I was freezing then?” You raised an eyebrow as he took you into the washroom and lighted a candle. Doyoung nervously laughed and rubbed the back of his head, “Uh, no. I uh probably would have but I mean it was dark so you can’t really blame me.” You rolled your eyes, dumb Doyoung was finally back.

“Even if it’s dark I still know you’re rolling your eyes at me loser and stay here i’ll be back with clothes.” You scoffed at his words, “Where else would I go idiot?” You retorted as he walked out of the washroom. You huffed to yourself and took off the soaking sweater, quietly snickering since it was Doyoung’s and he would have to wash it. “Here you go.” You jumped and put a hand on your heart, “Doyoung! You can’t just pop out like that when it’s dark!!”

This time you saw him roll his eyes as the candle light cast a glow on his face, “You’re such a drama queen ________ I swear. And also you should be more alert because I was walking pretty loudly unless you have hearing problems that you haven’t told me about.” “Doyoung, i’m five seconds away from messin’ that pretty face up.” You growled at him. Doyoung ignored your words and grabbed your hands, placing a soft sweater, some sweatpants and a folded towel in them.

“Here, change and dry off. I’ll be in my room.” He walked out of the washroom coolly making you want to laugh yet you were slightly turned on by how he sounded like you two were going to “sleep” with each other. You closed the door then dried your body and hair with the towel before slipping into Doyoung’s comfy oversized clothes that smelled like him, a scent of musk mixed with peppermint. For a couple of seconds, you stood there, inhaling the scent of the sweater before you heard a “I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take that long to change _____!”

You blushed, realizing he probably knew that you were smelling his clothes and stuttered out a, “S-shut up!” Then picked up your clothes and put them on the sink counter before walking out into the cold darkness and quickly walking to his room. The door was thankfully open and you entered.

The first thing you noticed were the small candles lit everywhere to provide a soft glow around the room. Doyoung was laying in bed, looking cozy and you squealed, running over to him and jumping on the bed. You shimmied around a bit before your body shivered, reminding you of the cold.

“Come under the covers you goof, it’s too cold.”

You complied and slid underneath the thick covers, feeling the heat from Doyoung’s body radiate off of him to you. You yawned, feeling the sleepiness of the night finally catch up to you and scooted closer to Doyoung, making sure not to touch him. No matter how close you were, you didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable to constantly touch you even if that was what you wanted. You heard him sigh before you felt him grab your upper arm and envelope you in a hug, squishing your face into the crook of his neck.
“Doyoung-“ “Shhhhhh” He cut you off.

His smooth hand caressed your head and he smoothed out your damp hair, relaxing you while his other hand was casually resting over your waist. “Just sleep _______, you’ve done enough for today.” He murmured, his warm breath blowing on your hair. He was so warm and soft that you didn’t stop yourself from cuddling closer to him and enjoying the moment more.

Doyoung kept smoothing out your hair as your breathing began to slow down and before you could go to sleep you heard him mumble, “You’re probably asleep now but if only you knew what you did to me.” He sucked in a breath before continuing softly,

“You’re so beautiful inside and out _________, I want to hide you from the world and keep you locked in a pendant on my neck close to my heart. You’ll never understand the effect you have on me or others when you do simple things like make funny faces, talk back, sniff my clothes and worry about me. I’m so selfish but I love when you worry about me, I fall for you deeper because you’re such a caring person, willing to throw everything to the side for anyone. I was so sad this whole day but seeing you made it better in instant since you’re my happy drug. When you walked in the room, everything became brighter and I hope you continue to shine for me only but I know you won’t. I know you probably have a crush on that Taeyong guy since all you do is talk about him nowadays. And it hurts but I’ll support you because I love you. I’m glad you weren’t awake to hear this because i’d be so embarrassed if you were and maybe one day, one day I might get you to look at me like how you look at candy.” He chuckled, while silent tears fell down your face at his revelation and your heart beat quickly.

“I’m still awake you jerk.” You blubbered out, your voice cracking and wiping away your tears with your hands.

“Oh shit.”

You pulled away from his arms and looked up at his shocked face, “Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?” His eyes darted from your face to anything but you as he gulped, trying to find words to say. “I-I-I” He stuttered. “I like you too idiot, I have for a long time.” You whispered to him. Doyoung froze, his shocked face turning into one of disbelief then happiness after what you said registered in his mind. He looked down at you and smiled widely, his bunny teeth adorably showing.

Then he did the unthinkable and leaned in, kissing you. His lips were soft and his breath tasted like how he smelled, peppermint. You were frozen at first, not knowing what to do, until his smooth hand cupped your cheek and you started to move your lips with his soft ones. There was so much love and tenderness in this kiss that your heart started to beat even faster. How was this even possible?

You both pulled away for air and looked at each other’s faces, both wondering if this was a dream or reality.

“I-i’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-“ “It’s okay Dodo, I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” You murmured, grabbing his warm hand to show that you cared and you weren’t offended by the kiss. You saw him smile, his face glowing from the candles, making him seem like an angel even more than he already was. But immediately, you took you hand out of his and he frowned at you in worry.

“So what’s this about me liking Taeyong huh?” Your eyes narrowed at Doyoung and he gulped, nervously laughing and fixing his hair.

“Uh, I- well you- or well he” He paused to sigh, “I thought you liked him because overtime we hang out all I hear is ‘Omg, Tae is so cool seriously Dodo’ or ‘Taeyong’s really smart he showed me how to blah blah‘. So I thought you liked him.”

You closed your eyes and let out a deep breath, opening them to stare into Doyoung’s warm and curious brown irises. You held his hand his again, softly saying, “Doyoung you’re such an idiot you know that? I’ve never had eyes for anyone but you and even if I did, they were all celebrity crushes. I haven’t talked to Taeyong in a long time since we were kids and I just found out that he’s actually a really cool, nice guy and last time I checked, that doesn’t mean that I like him. I don’t even know him that well, that’s why I’m always talking about him because he seems like such a great friend.”

“Thank god.” Doyoung mumbled, his cheeks turning a shade of red once realizing what he said. You laughed, causing him to smile widely, showing those bunny teeth again. Doyoung then pulled you closer to him and you both lazily slung your arms around each other’s waists, hugging each other.

He kissed the top of your head and whispered, “So does this mean that you’re my girl?” You looked up at his chin responding, “You still have to ask me out properly you goof.” He chuckled, his body rumbling with the sound and you smiled to yourself, snuggling into him. With a last kiss on the fore-head, he murmured, “I guess I better start thinking of ideas then. And you should sleep _______, you’ve had just as much of a tiring day as I have and I don’t want my princess to wake up grouchy and hungry.”

You yawned and laughed softly at his words, feeling your eyes droop as Doyoung played with your hair. “I love you Do-bunny.” You sleepily said. “I love you too princess.” He kissed your fore-head again and you realized you were falling in love with his kisses too. With that, you fell asleep in Doyoung’s arms and the light scent of candles surrounding you both.

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