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Todays pictures… me at work.. 10 days in a row by the time of my next day off. My next day off is when i run Bournemouth Marathon 😊 im hoping to be faster than 3hours 30minutes.
I have a slight discomfort in my right butt cheek though so i have been trying to take it easy and not run much. I have a slower club run planned for tomorrow.

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I'm having a laugh thinking about Elounor resigning the contract and she's like "so I'd like invites to every fashion show at NYFW this year, a campaign for Calvin Klein and Gucci,a Range Rover, multiple Sun articles about how I birthed Jesus, and some other requests I'll get back to you with". Louis *shakes his head*..."Sorry love but I already got us matching heterosexual uniforms *throws adidas track suit at her head*. Eleanor: "excuse me I'm not dressing up like Sue Sylvester". Louis: 🤓🤓🤓

i still can’t get over the bright blue tracksuits that you could see from mars

On March 2nd, full rosters and uniforms by @adidas will be unveiled for #WCH2016. Here’s a little teaser of Sweden uniforms in the meantime.

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I grew up playing Division I soccer. Playing at that level required matching team bags, an expensive team trainer, expensive Adidas uniforms, etc. I also danced on the drill team which required fire engine red lipstick, obnoxious nude tights, and bold uniforms for the football field. It really hacks me off when I see people slam competitive Irish dancers for wearing wigs, makeup, and shiny dresses. Everyone accepts the needs of other competitive events yet competitive Irish dance is viewed as a “hobby”. Kinda like the 2 foot doctors I took my daughter to who just looked at her feet and casually said, “Just don’t dance anymore.” because after all, she’s just an Irish dancer. If she had been a competitive soccer player it would’ve been a very different conversation. Ranting here so I don’t hijack someone else’s FB post. KEEP ROCKIN’ WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE TO COMPETE IN! And for those who like to judge seriously talented athletes doing their thing in competitive Irish dance - feck off.

Last but not least, a quick peek at the USA uniforms from @adidas for #WCH2016. On March 2nd, full rosters and uniforms will be unveiled.

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On March 2nd, Russia full rosters and uniforms by @adidas will be unveiled for #WCH2016. Here’s a little taste in the meantime.

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Young, fast, talented. North America uniforms from @adidas and full rosters for #WCH2016 will be unveiled next Wednesday, March 2nd.

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