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People always raved about finding their soulmate, but not just because it meant that they had found their one true love. It was because it made the world technicolor. You spent your life dreaming about what these colors were, living through a black and white haze, while people who had found their soulmates spoke on and on about these mixtures of colors you had no idea what they looked like. When your world became technicolored, that meant that you had seen your one true love in person. Suddenly, everything that once was a shade of gray, black, or white, now had splashes of greens, reds, yellows, and every other color under the sun.

You dreamt of that day, but you also didn’t let your life be hindered by the lack of color. You enjoyed your black and white lifestyle. Listened to music, made friends, and enjoyed being alive, but everyone always talked about how they wished to find their soulmate so their world would become emboldened with vibrancy. Sighing, you listened to your friend go on and on, she had recently been at the market, when she say a guy and her world changed.

Y/N, it’s so hard to describe! It’s like living in a new world! We are going to the movies tonight! She shrieked and you chuckled. Reina was always like that, she seemed to become over excited about every little thing, which is what you needed in your life. She was the positive ray of sunshine in your rather dull world, but now she had found her match and you knew that it meant she would slowly slip away.

Well I’m glad, Reina. I’m going to need to meet this extraordinary guy! You played the happy best friend as she squealed into the phone.

Oh, but I was supposed to go to the BTS concert with you tonight! She said with shock. I totally forgot! She exclaimed and you sighed. A concert alone just wouldn’t be any fun, but you had practically killed to get these tickets.

Uhm, it’s okay. I’m sure they’ll have a comeback. It’s not every day that you meet your soulmate! You tried to play it off, but you heard her sigh.

You’re still going right? She asked and you took in a quick breath. You wanted to go, but now you had lost your partner in crime. Y/N! You have to go! You love Bangtan! She stated the obvious. You rolled your eyes. You did love BTS, they were just the perfect fluffy group of guys that made your dreary world more vibrant with their music. You sighed again.

I don’t know. Concerts alone are no fun. You murmured, but Reina was not having it.

You’re going. She said sternly and you knew she would make you go, even if it meant her and Prince Charming were going to follow you to the arena. You nodded.

Fine fine. You mumbled and she giggled in the receiver.

As you got ready, you wondered why you were going alone. Slipping on a simple gray tank crop top, ripped jeans, your Adidas shoes, and a baseball cap, you looked like the most chill fan ever. As you walked into the arena, you saw millions of Jungkook, Jimin, Yoongi, and V t-shirts. You shook your head as you clipped your simple Hobi pin to the waistline of your jeans and walked in, handing the guard your ticket. As girls screamed and cried around you, you sneakily took a swig from your flask. If I’m going alone, I am at least bringing a little liquid courage. You mumbled to yourself as you took another gulp. The warmth of the alcohol seemed to wash over you, as you heard the music start to play.

You had paid for front row tickets, so you sat with an empty seat beside you, while fans pushed to get closer to the stage. As each of the guys came out, you felt your eyes scan the stage for your bias.

J-Hope. You heard Namjoon scream into the mic and your eyes widened as he ran onto stage. He seemed to scan the crowd, then like magnets your eyes met.

You blinked a couple times because the world started to change shades. The black and white scene that laid before you was now morphing into something completely different. Bursts of colors you had never seen before seemed to splash into view as your eyes blinked fervently.

What the fuck is going on? You asked yourself as you looked up at the stage. The lights were changing colors, it was all too much to really grasp.

Hobi? You heard Jimin’s voice ring through the speakers and everyone seemed to go quiet as Hobi blinked quickly. Hobi hyung, are you okay? He whispered to his elder who grasped Jimin’s arm.

Uhm, I can see color. Hobi murmured into Jimin’s ear and Jimin’s eyes went wide.

You saw your soulmate?! He asked quickly and Hobi looked around the stadium.

I must have, but how the fuck do I find her? He asked frantically while Jungkook and Namjoon tried to distract from the scene.

Guys, we have a show, we will figure this out later. Yoongi said as he ushered them back to their places on stage. Hobi looked around the large arena, in complete awe at the world he was now seeing. Various colors and a rainbow of lights graced the stage as Hobi went through the routines and songs. He wanted to drink in the sight, but he constantly skimmed the audience to see where his soulmate might be, this was a sold out show, so finding you was going to be difficult.

You walked out of the arena, you head spinning from everything new. You scrunched your eyes closed as you tried to calm your breathing. Pulling out your phone, you dialed Reina.

Hello? Her voice rang in the other end and you sighed.

Reina, I can see in color. You murmured and heard her gasp.

Wait, you found your soulmate at the concert?! What’s he like?! She asked and you shook your head.

I don’t know, I don’t know who it is. You mumbled and she went silent. I was just looking at the stage as they announced the guys and then boom! Everything changed. You explained and she took in a sharp inhale.

Y/N, you know what this means right? She asked and you shook your head, trying to wrack your brain of what she might be thinking.

One of the Bangtan Boys is your soulmate.

“white people love distancing themselves from their whiteness so much”

today I watched a marathon of a British cooking show, for dinner I ate well-done seasoningless hamburgers drowned in ketchup with a side of mashed cauliflower, then I got in a pickup truck and drove through hicksville indiana to my trailer park house, along the way I sang along to rick astley and linkin park on the radio, all while I was wearing khakis, a lord of the rings shirt, and a motherfucking camoflauge adidas baseball cap

under what circumstances am I distancing myself from my whiteness? literally all of this I did subconsciously and didn’t realize until I read this comment on a reblog of one of my posts. my subconscious is so white I should probably put on sunglasses when I look in a mirror. it’s funny when people make assumptions about your intentions when all they know about you is a tumblr post they took entirely out of context.