Today we want to dedicate this post to the WONDERFUL writers of Ao3 that give us new chapters thia weekend… They are: ●'Of Sex, Love and Telephone Wires’ by DarylDixonGrimes *We love your smut!!* ●'My Fiction Sure Beats The Hell Out Of My Truth’ by KatyTheInspiredWorkaholic *We ship SO BAD your history!!!* ●'The Sacred Geometry of Chance’ by bricoleur10 *I’m over the clouds with this one… it’s beautiful!!!* ●'Inferno’ by ArcticLucie *I follow this one since almost the begining and I became so adict to these two dorks!!* We really really urge you to read these stories cuz they are PERFECT for every single one of Rickyl shippers… thanks for writing and show us your work!!! ♥ #TheWalkingDead #AndyLincoln #AndrewLincoln #amc #RickGrimes #NormanReedus #DarylDixon #Rickyl #Ao3 #Fanfics

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