Nothing is what it seems to be || Adibella

We walk in silence on the pier, desperately needing somewhere to rest. I rub at my eye as it still felt like there was glass in it. The wind picks up a bit, making the boards underneath our feet creek.

“We need to get somewhere safe,” I suggest, looking at Camilla and Adrian. Almost like it was on cue, fun and happy music starts playing. I turn around to find out where it is coming from and read the sign that says “House of Mirrors” in swirly letters. I had no idea what that was but it looked like it was meant for fun and entertainment. At first I hesitate, thinking it was just a trap, but then I decide that we needed somewhere to go so why not start there? I glance over my shoulder at my allies then tighten the grip on my dagger and start to make my way into the place.