adi wolel


I keep having flashbacks that bring me back to Ethiopia. Where did that time go, and I want it back. It was amazing. Our days mostly consisted of waking up and heading to one of the four surrounding villages - Aynalem (a village Matt Damon’s project also works in, we worked with his Mekelle Coordinator for a while and I’m currently reviewing his Masters thesis for him *claim to fame woo*), Adi Kenfero, Adi Wolel or Debri. These were the villages where we conducted our primary research on health awareness of communicable diseases like HIV / AIDS, malaria, TB etc. We left our little apartment every morning at about 6am, arrived back in Mekelle at about lunch time, just before the afternoon rush at ‘Mahlet Snack’. Mahlet Snack was where we went for our fata. I bloody miss fata so bloody much. It’s a local dish and damn tasty. Mekelle was pretty much the only place you could get it in Ethiopia - and the whole of Africa in fact. We tried the fata in Axum which wasn’t the best and don’t even get me started on Bahir Dar fata. Although Bahir Dar makes up for its lack of fata with it’s amazing everything else. We rented bikes there and cycled around the city by the lake for a day. Another day we took a boat out to see the hippos, I have an earlier blog post about Bahir Dar I think.

Food was so cheap in Mekelle that our choice of dinner was pretty much steak for €2 or we could save some coin and opt for pasta at a measly 50cent or less. 

I miss the buddies:( Ash, Zelalem, Halftom, Abel, Selam, Robel and Meried. Christ I didn’t think I would so much. I learned a lot from them. Every day I think about Ethiopia and wish I was still there.

Nights out always proved to be exciting. I was always the only white girl ever, anywhere we went in Mekelle, I didn’t realise this would also excite all the white men who were there, I’ve grown to dislike Australians thoroughly. 

I didn’t have female contact for about five months. Crazy stuff, but the guys I made friends with were amazing. “SHIVYY!!!”.

Can’t believe I was there for half of this year…and now I’ve been home for 3 months. I wish I could rewind time and relive every second of it again. It was bloody incredible and an opportunity that is rare to anyone.

Ireland is robbing me. I’ve spent more money here in the past 3 months than I did on my flights to Ethiopia, accommodation while I was there, all trips (including flights and accommodation in Zanzibar),food, drink….everything. The whole experience from start to finish cost me roughly €1,500 and here I am..home three months already spent the bones of that on rent alone. Not a penny to my name. Shit.