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My personal Sherlolly fanfic bests so far...: Updated 2016

MizJoely has recently shared a list of her favourite fics. (Thanks Miz for providing the link!) Mine has been made from a slightly different angle. So I thought it might be a nice companion. I started making this list in 2014 and updated it in 2015. The one I’m sharing with you now is the one I had in my draft box, untouched since maybe April 2016. So anything published after that are not included, not because I don’t like them. I simply didn’t have time to follow them. 

There are some new additions and a couple of new categories. They are in bold. Please reblog if you like it! Many many thanks!


This list is based on my personal preferences. Also I haven’t read ALL Sherlolly stories. (Who can?) So the list is never intended to be authoritative or exhaustive.

The stories with an asterisk are not complete. (M) indicates respective author’s own rating, some for explicit sexual expression, others for some other reasons.

<Best of the bests>

   I Told You So by Writingwife83

<Best Sagas>

A saga here refers to a series of multi-chapter fics that traces the couple’s history.

By coloradoandcolorado1

The Lonely

Broken Pieces

The Distance

Innuendo (M)



Dark Reaches of the Night

By Gypsy Rose2014

Gabriel’s Wish

Of Small Boys and Sandwiches* (M)

Ginger Lollipops*

  Wishes (M)

A Summer Story (M)

Trimming the Tree

By thedragonaunt

Life After Death - A Post-Reichenbach Trilogy

  Part One - Aftermath (M)

  Part Two - Consequences

  Part Three - Unfinished Business

Demon (M)

Mother Love (M)

The Other Woman (M)

Loose Ends (M)

Gold (M)

Stolen (M)

Fatal Breath

Holmes for Christmas

Until Death* (M)

Quiet Sunday

<Best Romance>

   Benefits of Boredom by Writingwife83

   Blue Christmas (M) by MrsMCrieff

   Catching a Runaway Bride by TheSapphireSky

   Days May Not Be Fair by darthsydious

   Her Own Tale of Love by theheartofadetective

   So This is Love by onceinabluemoon0013

   The Professor and Mr Holmes by likingthistoomuch

   The Pulse Says It All (M) by SherlollyShock

<Best Adventure>

   Did You Miss Me, Molly Hooper?* by Sherlocked-Fangirl-x

   Landing on His Feet* by Vitawash

   Sorcerer’s Apprentice* by patemalah21

   The Ghost and Molly Hooper* by Doctor WTF

   The Honest Thief by hobbitsdoitbetter

   The Pirate and the Doctor (M) by Petra Todd

   When White Petals Fall* by Irisang

<Best Mystery>

  City of Dreams by MrsMCrieff 

  Double Cross by steffy2106

  Just Human by Lanceletta

  Monster by coloradoandcolorado1

  The Return by D. A. Smith

  The Detective and the Debutante* by EloiseAtThePlaza

  Tinderbox by Anne Louise 2000

<Best Drama>

  Blind Ambition by OpalSkyLoveDivine

  Dear Sherlock, by MudbloodPride

  Deconstructing Death by Emmyjean

  Demon (M) by thedragonaunt

  In the End (M) by Lono

  Long Way to You by Lanceletta

  Racing Daylight by Flaignhan

  Through the Looking Glass by SherlollyShock

<Best Humour>

   Down Under by cactusnell

   Message Received by Emmyjean

   The Accidental Boyfriend by lizzieBdarcy

   The Custody Agreement of an Adorable Calico Demon by Bellarsam Chrisjulittle

   The Diary of a Small Angry Pathologist by lilsherlockian1975

   The Million Dollar Shot by milkforthesouffles

   Winds of Change by Writingwife83  

<Best Angst>

   Always and Never (M) by theheartofadetective

   Asylum (M) by Adi Who is Also Mou

   Far from the Tree by Petra Todd

   Our beginnings Never Know Our Ends by Elixir.BB

   Return to Me by MizJoely

   Schoolgirl Crush by Flaignhan

   Telling the Bees by satin_doll

   The Beekeeper by Ditsypersephone

<Best H/C>

   A Beautiful Mind by jankmusic

   As You Wish by Alydia Rackham

   Delicious by Bellarsam Chrisjulittle

   I Will Try to Fix You by Bellarsam Chrisjulittle

   Secrets by Fiji Dreamer

   Smoke Damage by cactusnell

   The Attribute of the Strong by Bellarsam Chrisjulittle

<Best Sherlock>

   Holiday Romance (M) by MrsMCrieff

   More (M) by Liberi Ad Somnia

   Mother Love (M) by thedragonaunt

   Of Small Boys and Sandwiches* (M) by Gypsy Rose2014

   On Paper by MizJoely

   On the Side of the Angels by Supervillegirl

   The Family Detective by I 4 2 write

<Best Molly>

   Each in Its Own Fields* by dietplainlite

   Ginger Lollipops* by Gypsy Rose2014

   Mr Holmes and His Maid by Silencebeyondthestars

 (The author has deleted this story on major fan fiction sites and it is not available anywhere on the web now. I’m keeping this in my list, though, because Molly in this story is so powerful and convincing. Hope the author will put it back somewhere in the future.)

   Secrets by Fiji Dreamer

   The Diary of a Small Angry Pathologist by lilsherlockian1975

   Tinderbox by Anne Louise 2000

   Training Session by cactusnell

<Best Kids>

   Benjamin in I’m Out Here by Fayth3

   Gabriel in Ginger Lollipops* by Gypsy Rose2014

   Melisande in Daughters, Sherlolly Family by Maejones

   Penelope in Sherlock’s Near Death Experience by jankmusic

   Scarlet in Ginger Lollipops* by Gypsy Rose2014

   Scott in All We Have by writingwife83

   Will in Defining Family by GunterRae

   William in Life after Death Part Three: Unfinished Business by thedragonaunt

<Best Toby>

    Overdressed for the Occasion, in The Anthology by jankmusic

    Sherlock v Toby: Winner Take Molls by MizJoely

    The Cat Clause, in Negotiations by HeayPuckett

    The Diary of a Small Angry Pathologist by lilsherlockian1975

    The New Doctor by writingwife83 (Toby makes his appearance from Chapter 4 onwards.)

    Toby and His New Pet by Moonunit

    Whose Flat Is It Any Way? in A Window into Change by Writingwife83

<Best Dogs>

    Cat in Of Small Boys and Sandwiches* (M) by Gypsy Rose2014

    Molly Cocker in New Can at the Pack, Sherlolly Archives (M) by MoniMcCoy

    Redbeard in Benefits of Boredom by Writingwife83

    Redbeard in Epilogue of In the Quiet Places (M) by Kyerie

    Readbeard in Quiet Sunday by thedragonaunt

    Toby in Loss Restored by Amalia Kensington

<Best Smuts>

I don’t normally read many of this kind, but those listed here are so compelling as stories that I was unable to abandon them. I’m sure there are others that are as good. I just haven’t read them.

    dreams, like soap bubbles (M) by broomclosetkink

    Holiday Romance (M) by MrsMCrieff

    Love Stories and Tournaments of Lies (M) by Nocturnias

    Parva Victoriis (Little Victories) (M) by MizJoely

    The Boyfriend Experience (M) by hobbitsdoitbetter

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you know any good angsty Sherlolly parent!lock fics? Thanks you very much

If anyone else has some favorite angsty parentlock fics, please feel free to add to this list.

A Note from Dad by his-little-troll (Rated T, One-Shot) MCD 2014

Abandoned by mizjoely (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) 2013

All We Have by writingwife83 (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) SBBC AO3 2015

and still it moves by miabicicletta (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) 2014

Bad Dreams by OccasionallyCreative (Rated T, One-Shot) implied MCD AO3 2015

The Balancing Act by T. Z. Townshend (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) 2013

the breath that passed from you to me by rsadelle (Rated M, One-Shot) AO3 2012

Burning Hearts by VintageVillain (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) Post Reichenbach 2013

The Clock Is Ticking by TuesdayTerrible (Rated T, One-Shot) MCD AO3 2015

Days of Our Lives by Adi who is also Mou (Rated T, One-Shot) Swap!lock 2013

Every blue shade of green by miabicicletta (Rated T, One-Shot) AO3 2016

For What It’s Worth by kendrapendragon (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) pregnancy fic, SBBC AO3 2015

Harmless Fun by Potter-Street-Baker-Head (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) pregnancy fic 2014

It’s Never Twins by thewinterspy (Rated T, One-Shot) MCD(ish), Post HLV AO3 2017

Links of the Chain by broomclosetkink (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) post Reichenbach, pregnancy 2013

The Necessary Mother by darthsydious (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) Victorian!lock 2015

ONE SMALL THREAD by McGregorgirl (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter), casefic, Post Reichenbach 2013

Sustain by MaybeAmanda (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) 2011

Sustain II: Refrain by MaybeAmanda (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) 2012

Sustain III: Obbligato by MaybeAmanda (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) 2012

Truth Unspoken by mizjoely (Rated K+, One-Shot) Post Reichenbach AO3 2016

The Truth About Toby by ditsypersephone (Rated K+, One-Shot) tumblr 2015

Two by Aelen Greenleaf (Rated K+, Complete, Two-Parter) 2012

Vikings by OccasionallyCreative (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) The Switch AU 2014

Your Worst Fears by LadySolitaire83 (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) 2013

adi-who-is-also-mou  asked:

BABE BABE. IDK the entire prompt but Prompt, break up AU: They run into each other and one is smirking at the other looking all smug and then the other realises he's wearing the other's shirt (nurseydex)

Nursey tried not to take the breakup hard. 

After all, Dex was just a boy. He’d fed that line to himself for the entirety of summer break, dreading the start of the school year. And yet, here he was, moving into the Haus, one box at a time. Dex’s beat up Ford had pulled up outside as he made his way down the front steps, forgoing his last box and heading to Annie’s. He couldn’t deal, he didn’t trust himself to count every new freckle on Dex’s face, and it rubbed him raw. 

He stretched a bit while he stood in line, rolling his shoulders and visualising a calm pouring over him. He could make it through this, he could be roommates with Dex, they could stay in the attic together and exist. No one had ever called Derek Malik Nurse a quitter, after all.
He paid for his coffee, walked back to the house, and felt more prepared to see Dex.

God, he was wrong, so wrong. 

Dex’s wide shoulders were littered with more freckles than ever thanks to the summer sun and the tank he was wearing. Derek didn’t even process that he’d dropped his coffee on the floor and was reaching out to trace them until he’d toppled face first to the floor because of the wet spot.

“Jesus Christ, Nurse.” Brown eyes melt into brown when he looked up from the floor, Dex’s mouth ticked down into a concerned frown. He went to push himself off the ground and froze, a slow grin coming over him, warming him from the inside. Because that’s his shirt, his shirt, that Dex is wearing.

“Earth to Derek, come in Derek Nurse.” His voice was as dry as the desert but there’s no heat, just an outstretched hand.

“You’re wearing my shirt.” Because it’s all he could think about, what does it mean? Why is he wearing it?

“Um yeah? We’re dating? We sometimes wear each others clothes. Derek are you sure you’re okay? Did you hurt your head?”

“You said we couldn’t see each other over the summer.” Derek remembered it like every kiss that had been scorched into his brain. He’d filled five notebooks with grief and anger.

“Yeah, because I had to help my uncle on the boat. I can’t afford to fly out to see you, I didn’t want you to think I-” Dex paused. “Wait, did you think I dumped you?“ 

His eyes were watery and they burned a little as he thunked his head on the floor gently. "Yeah, dude, I did.”

“Ugh, you’re an idiot.” Dex sunk to the floor and laid down in front of him. “You’re my idiot." 

And the world was right again.

Here is a list of Sherlolly smut fan fictions–be it one-shot, completed or in-progress. I must remind you, though, that there are fan fics that contain smut but you have to read all the chapters before you get to the much-awaited coital part. If you don’t want that, one-shots exist for a reason. /wiggles eyebrows/ 

I’m going to divide them into three categories (one-shot, completed and in-progress) so you won’t have a hard time looking for that great smut fan fic. Have fun reading! And don’t worry, I’ll update this list every week (or every day, if time permits it). 


  1. Slow Burn - Ambur
  2. The End and the Beginning - Petra Todd
  3. Boys and Toys - Petra Todd
  4. Goodbye Academia - Petra Todd
  5. Cherry - Petra Todd
  6. Fever When You Kiss Me - Petra Todd
  7. Binding Marriage - Petra Todd
  8. When the Sun Stands Still - Petra Todd
  9. Forget Roses - Petra Todd
  10. Healing Touch - Petra Todd
  11. Contrarian - Petra Todd
  12. Trading Up - Doctor WTF 


  1. Read this Truth - Elixir.BB
  2. Death and Flowers - adi-who-is-also-mou
  3. Links of the Chain - broomclosetkink
  4. Texted Consent - conchepcion
  5. Invisible Wings - conchepcion
  6. Seven - conchepcion
  7. Thief - conchepcion
  8. The Sweet Sound - Petra Todd
  9. Send Me The Thorns - Petra Todd


  1. True Crime - Petra Todd

In honour of the holidays and the birth of my baby, Louis Tomlinson, I thought I’d make my very first follow forever! Thanks to everyone for following and if you see yourself on here you should definitely come talk to me! :) Bold/Italicized are favourites and if I forgot anyone please message me!

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Best Friend - lou-ass aka ANDREA! You are amazing. I’m so happy that we started talking! You shared bottom!louis fic recs and that louis sex link with me and if that’s not love then I don’t know what is. I’m just so happy that I found someone who loves louis william tomlinson as much as I do! So, yeah, you’re stuck with me now! :))

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Another speed painting inspired by this mini fic:

(Thank you nonny XD)

…and by these wonderful fics: 

From Darkness to Promote me by allthebellsinvenice

The darkest star by potemkinx

No Refuge by liathwen

By Any Other Name by tallulah99

Into the darkness we ride by adi-who-is-also-mou

So Wrong, So Right  by miz-joely


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esha0298  asked:

I was looking for some really angst-filled, make-you-cry-like-a-baby kinda docs. Any recommendations ??

The ones I’ve written that folks seem to enjoy the most are Dear Rosie, The Dying Detective and Fallen.

Cath100 has a good list for <Best Angst> (and if you check here you’ll likely find other angsty recommendations.)

  Always and Never (M) by theheartofadetective

  Asylum (M) by Adi Who is Also Mou

  Far from the Tree by Petra Todd

  Our beginnings Never Know Our Ends by Elixir.BB

  Return to Me by MizJoely

  Schoolgirl Crush by Flaignhan

  Telling the Bees by satin_doll

  The Beekeeper by Ditsypersephone

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I just wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to all the wonderful Sherlolly fanfic writers, gif makers, graphic makers, fandom defenders, meta writers, art makers, headcanon contributors and generally lovely people that I follow, reblog and like. (I’m a little bit of a whore for that little red heart)

I feel ashamed that I feel cannot contribute to all the thought provoking, fluffy, beautiful and often delightfully smutty wonderfulness that you all contribute daily, weekly or even sporadically to my otp to end all otp’s. You honestly make my tumblr experience one full of so many feels and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every day, you make me smile. I’m just gonna tag a fuck-ton of you to say thanks.

And to all those who follow me that couldn’t give two stuffs about Sherlock, Sherlolly or the alien beauty that is Benedict Cumberbatch…. thank you for still following me. I’ll try to post more cats and stuff about vaginas.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm looking for some Victorian aus, can you recommend me some please? Maybe tell me your favorites? Thanks for your blog! 😊

Darthsydious on has a bunch of lovely ones, T rated tops, often featuring mythea and usually parentlock (best of the best is “The Necessary Mother”, link below).

And A Garden, Drenched In Delights by hobbitsdoitbetter (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) TAB inspired, Dom!lock AO3 2016

Bathe My Soul In Colours series by afteriwake, soulmates AO3 2016

The Bridesmaid and the Groom by AquaFontem (Rated M, Semi-Complete, Multi-Chapter) 2014

I Demand You Speak by maejones (Rated M, In Progress, Multi-Chapter) TAB inspired AO3 2016

Most Respectable by allthebellsinvenice (Rated M, One-Shot) AO3 2014

The Necessary Mother by darthsydious (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) parent!lock 2015

The Resident Attachment by maejones (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) Victorian-era Canada setting AO3 2015

The Rudest Man In London by hobbitsdoitbetter (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) fake relationship 2015

Sanctimonious by adi-who-is-also-mou (Rated M, One-Shot) 2012

Plus, you know, mine are always good to read… :P

What Mummy found.

@adi-who-is-also-mou posted this and boom my mind took off.

‘I need more fake relationship Sherlolly where Mrs Holmes just assumes they’re dating and Sherlock is too big of a softie on his mum to correct her (and maybe he just likes pretending to be in a relationship with Molly shush don’t tell)
Pining and angst and UST at Christmas ensues yes’

So here you go dear.

“Sherlock dear, who is Molly?” His mother asked walking into his bedroom holding a red box.

Sherlock blinked at her from where he lay, settled and leaning against a plethora of pillows all placed by Mummy dearest herself who’d insisted that she be there to help Sherlock settle into his flat after being released from Hospital post his latest brush with death. Of course the woman wouldn’t listen to the fact that there was a former army doctor currently residing there, the woman was a force of Nature when she wanted to be and had put her foot down on the subject.

So of course she was ‘helping’ the ‘boys’ by putting the place to 'rights’ and had found Molly’s Christmas gift from years before. The one he kept hidden in the desk drawer and whose words he occasionally drank in on particularly weak nights. He’d never opened it though. To do so would be to accept her gift; her love. And he was far to unworthy of that.

“Where did you get that?” He asked, although he knew. Still, shame made him lie to his mother like a small child.

“I found it in the desk drawer, did you not know it was there?” His mother came and sat by him on the bed holding it out to him. “But Molly, now wait, I met her. She’s that sweet thing that I met at the hospital coming and going out of your room. The one with he gorgeous brown eyes. ” Mummy’s eyes lit up.

“There’s something going on between you two, isn’t there? Oh Sherlock you’ve never said a word!”


“Oh, I’m sure you want to keep your private life private. I understand. Just wait until I tell your father though. The two of them chatted over coffee one day, and I think the man feel a tiny bit in love with her himself. And she LOVES you so! See it says so right here.” Mummy pointed to those words and the three XXX’s along with it.

Mummy handed the package to him. “Mummy…” He held his hand out to take familiar box and just looked at the words, remembering her face the night he received it.

Suddenly his mother yanked it back! “She hasn’t told you! Oh what if she hid it here to save it for Christmas. It’s only weeks away after all and now I’ve ruined the surprise!” She stood “I’ll just put this back, right where I found it. I’m sure your sweet Molly wants to give it to you in private. And my lips are sealed.” Miming zipping her lips, his mother darted to replace his years only gift.

Returning she sat again. “Now what will you be getting her for Christmas my dear? You tell me what she likes and I’ll help you come up with the perfect thing to tell her you feel the same. ”

“Mummy, no-”

“You’re not going to be able to lie to me , William Sherlock Scott Holmes. I remember the look you had on your face each time I found you after her visits. She’s been upset with you being so reckless, right? Rightly so too. Not to mention the tabloid and fake financ -for-a-case thing.

But if you love her and she loves you it will all sort itself out. You’ll see. Now what can we do to show her your feelings?”

Sherlock ground his teeth. His mother had insight. He loved her, and needed to tell her. “What do you suggest?”

Needs and Wants

So, after the longest week so far in my short life, I’ve finally come up with and written a concept for broomclosetkink’s Sherlolly Valentine’s Day Ficathon. 

My Valentine was non other than adi-who-is-also-mou, one of the first authors I read when entering the Sherlock fandom. Adi is well known for her Mirror Verse and many other fics, so I was very nervous upon getting my valentine! 

Better late than never! Happy Valentine’s Day, Adi!

It feels like there’s something heavy in my chest.”

Well, a heart’s a heavy burden.”

  • Howl’s Moving Castle

“-And in my way!” His hand reaches out of its own accord and in the 3.62 seconds it takes for 25 year old Molly Hooper to fall into the shelving of St. Bart’s, Sherlock Holmes knows that he has done wrong. The sobering effect of watching blood trickle out of the wound on her head is astounding, even as she drags herself back to her feet and asks if he is okay. She knows he is not, even when he was higher than a kite, Sherlock knew intelligence and her brilliance.

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I recently passed a thousand followers, which is just… mind-boggling, really! Major thanks to everyone who follows me. As such, I welcome you to my very first follow forever. I assure you, everyone on this list are beautiful people, and run extremely lovely blogs. They’ve made my Tumblr dashboard and overall experience of this website a wonderful place to be.

A – H:


I – P:

 kittythegrimmletsmakeitworthitlono285missdarcysmiz-joelymollyhooopersnyah86; oswinsdreamsohhotgraham; perfectlyhooperpetratodd;

Q – X:

 queenbrealeyqueeentaurielrosetylear; rosiedaresyou; scottishheartsherlollysmoochshirehobbitshippingsherlock

The Proposal - A Sherlolly Fic


adi-who-is-also-mou said: oooh ooh can i send a prompt? pleeease? -Sherlock proposes to Molly in the worst possible time (mid-coitus, while she’s in the bathroom, while she’s got her hands down some dead corpse’s stomach…) bonus points if Molly’s not that into marriage so soon after one broken engagement. <3


Mizjoely says: Two proposal stories in two days, both very different. This is rated T for implied sexytimes and I hope it gives everyone a chuckle. Thanks as always to everyone for reading, reviewing, favoriting, etc.!

The Proposal, A Comedy In Three Acts

The Proposal, Take One

“Sherlock! I’m in the middle of an autopsy! And we’ve only been together for two weeks!”

“Yes, but we’ve known one another for nearly seven years. And we met when you were doing an autopsy, so this seemed like the perfect time!” A pause. “Not good?”

A disbelieving laugh and a wry shake of the head. “No, Sherlock, not good. Now go away and let me finish taking care of poor Mrs. Goldfinch!”

“It wasn’t her heart, it was her….”

“Granddaughter, yes, I know, a bit too impatient for her inheritance. I found the point of entry for the needle behind the left ear, Sherlock, so you can tell Lestrade my findings will definitely show murder. But it’s up to you to prove it was the granddaughter. Shoo!”

The Proposal, Take Two

“Still not good? Molly, how much more romantic a setting could you ask for?”

“Sherlock, we are in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by BEES!”

“Exactly!” A pause. “Not good?”


The Proposal, Take Three

“Honestly, Molly, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you didn’t actually want to get married!”


“Molly? Is that it? You don’t want to get married?”

A sigh. “Sherlock, first of all, I can’t believe you woke me up from a sound sleep just to talk about this. Secondly, if you must know, no, I don’t actually want to get married. We’ve been together less than a full month, and I’ve already been engaged once and it didn’t work out…”

“Because you were with the wrong man.”

Another sigh, heavier. “Yes, because I was with the wrong man. But now, I dunno, I just…I’m not ready for this yet, Sherlock. It’s only been six months since I did break up with that wrong man. Can’t you just give me a little time?”

A pause. “Well, I suppose I could, but considering that you’re pregnant, I’m not sure how much more time you’d like to have before we…”

“I’m PREGNANT??? What the heck are you talking about??? I’M NOT PREGNANT!!!”

“Actually, you are, the signs are all there. You had the flu a month ago, if you recall, and were on antibiotics for ten days, during which time your birth control pills were rendered null. And although we did use a condom every time we had sex during that time, it’s hardly the most efficient means of…”

Silence as two pairs of lips crash together. “Fine. I’m pregnant. And you want to make an honest woman of me because of that? Fine. Dandy. Super. Whatever you want, Sher…”

“I don’t want to marry you just because of the baby, Molly. If you’ll recall, my first proposal was before I could have possibly noticed any of the signs of your pregnancy. I want to marry you because I love you and you love me and the baby is simply…extra impetus for us to do what we already are inclined to…”

Two pairs of lips meet again, and silence reigns in the Hooper-Holmes bedroom, broken only by breathy moans and groans of pleasure as two bodies move together in sudden urgency.

The wedding takes place four days later. Molly still has her doubts, but Sherlock has none.

Sherlock, of course, is the one proven right in the end, as they remain married for the rest of their lives and produce two children, a boy and a girl, and proudly reign over six grandchildren in later years.

sherlolly29  asked:

^^ hello, love! How are you? Would you please write a sherlolly fic based on the song "Human" by Christina Perri. It might get emotional but please give it a happy ending! ^^ love you and your works!! Take care~

Thank you, dear. I really love the song, so writing a fic on this was a pleasure.  I really hope you like it. :)

A special shoutout to adi-who-is-also-mou for helping me edit this. Thank you!! 

On The Edge

(She feels like she is standing on the edge of a cliff and she fears she will fall one day and he will not be there to catch her.)


She is incapable of saying no to him.

It’s almost like a compulsion, a reflex, he would ask and she would do it before he even finished asking.

He will stride into the hospital at night, just as she is finishing her shift, demand access to the lab, ask her to smuggle him body parts, order her to bring him coffee- the list was endless- and she will gladly comply.

Even though she is tired, even though she just finished a ten hours shift, even though all she wants to do is go home, have a bath, eat and go into a peaceful sleep, Tom is probably waiting for her at home,and she should really tell Sherlock no, but she doesn’t.

She can’t.

He will look at her with his cold blue eyes, tilt his head and quietly ask if she will please stay and help him if it is not too much of a problem and she knows it’s all an act, an act done to make her agree, that he doesn’t give a fig if it’s trouble for her or not and she should really call him out on it, but she doesn’t.

Instead she smiles tiredly, opens the lab door, prepares for the experiments he wants to perform, fakes a laugh at his weak attempt at humouring her on the few times he notices her wrecked state and places herself in the corner of a lab waiting for him to finish.

On rare occasions, he will smile gratefully, genuinely at her for everything she does for him, mutter a sincere thank you and she will forget that she has ever even wanted to say no.

( She is incapable of saying no to him. That’s fine, she never really wanted to.)

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The third and final part to my 2.5k followers celebration, and I’ve decided to do a second follow forever! Since I did my first follow forever, I’ve discovered a shedload of really cool blogs run by some total sweethearts, and I’ve made friends with people who are, to quote Arthur Shappey, “brilliant!”. So I’ve made this follow forever in order to say thank you to those people, and more, for making my Tumblr dashboard a really lovely, interesting place to be. Some I speak to, some I’ve spoken to once or twice and some I literally just admire from afar, but you’re all awesomely cool regardless.

All mutuals are italicised.


Emilie (theprivatelifeofsherlockholmes) | Geli (bencumber) | Sam (thewinterspy) | Shiobhan (scottishheart)

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anonymous asked:

Morning, lovely! I'm new to the sherlolly fandom, could you tell me any sherlolly blogs? My dash is empty! And some fanfics too? I have no idea which one to choose! Thank you and sorry for bothering♥

Oh hi there ^^ we’re happy to have you here :3

I have a whole bunch of Sherlolly blogs I love so i’ll mention as many as I can think of..

mizjoely, sherlockian87 vonpeeps selenaguardi writingwife83 sundance201 petratodd lono285 bakerst-sherlolly flavialikestodraw artbylexie aquafontem geekyangie goddess-of-apples wherestoriescomefrom emedealer elixirbb floosilver8 thesherlollykiss thescienceofsherlolly thesociopathologist umeko-sherlolly uss-sherlolly o0katiekins0o potemkinx adi-who-is-also-mou sempaiko fuckyeahsherlolly fuckyeahsherlockmolly howterrifying kendrapendragon liathwen-slays-dragons collapsingnebulae conchepcion canibecandid cumberbabe-usa bassfanimation broomclosetkink benedicted-cumberbatched mollyandherjumper allthebellsinvenice fionabasta likingthistoomuch

And honey there are a whole bunch more (and I feel bad for not actually being able to mention or remember the name of every single lovely sherlollian on here) but perhaps check out whoever you chose to follow reblogs from, because chances are you’ll find some more lovely sherlollians :D

As for fic recs

Here is a small list I posted for likingthistoomuch.

And here is my bookmarks on AO3 ^^

Hope you find something you like honey :3

(and again, I’m really sorry to any sherlollian I didn’t mention, I honestly feel really horrible about it XD)