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I was looking for some really angst-filled, make-you-cry-like-a-baby kinda docs. Any recommendations ??

The ones I’ve written that folks seem to enjoy the most are Dear Rosie, The Dying Detective and Fallen.

Cath100 has a good list for <Best Angst> (and if you check here you’ll likely find other angsty recommendations.)

  Always and Never (M) by theheartofadetective

  Asylum (M) by Adi Who is Also Mou

  Far from the Tree by Petra Todd

  Our beginnings Never Know Our Ends by Elixir.BB

  Return to Me by MizJoely

  Schoolgirl Crush by Flaignhan

  Telling the Bees by satin_doll

  The Beekeeper by Ditsypersephone

What Mummy found.

@adi-who-is-also-mou posted this and boom my mind took off.

‘I need more fake relationship Sherlolly where Mrs Holmes just assumes they’re dating and Sherlock is too big of a softie on his mum to correct her (and maybe he just likes pretending to be in a relationship with Molly shush don’t tell)
Pining and angst and UST at Christmas ensues yes’

So here you go dear.

“Sherlock dear, who is Molly?” His mother asked walking into his bedroom holding a red box.

Sherlock blinked at her from where he lay, settled and leaning against a plethora of pillows all placed by Mummy dearest herself who’d insisted that she be there to help Sherlock settle into his flat after being released from Hospital post his latest brush with death. Of course the woman wouldn’t listen to the fact that there was a former army doctor currently residing there, the woman was a force of Nature when she wanted to be and had put her foot down on the subject.

So of course she was ‘helping’ the ‘boys’ by putting the place to 'rights’ and had found Molly’s Christmas gift from years before. The one he kept hidden in the desk drawer and whose words he occasionally drank in on particularly weak nights. He’d never opened it though. To do so would be to accept her gift; her love. And he was far to unworthy of that.

“Where did you get that?” He asked, although he knew. Still, shame made him lie to his mother like a small child.

“I found it in the desk drawer, did you not know it was there?” His mother came and sat by him on the bed holding it out to him. “But Molly, now wait, I met her. She’s that sweet thing that I met at the hospital coming and going out of your room. The one with he gorgeous brown eyes. ” Mummy’s eyes lit up.

“There’s something going on between you two, isn’t there? Oh Sherlock you’ve never said a word!”


“Oh, I’m sure you want to keep your private life private. I understand. Just wait until I tell your father though. The two of them chatted over coffee one day, and I think the man feel a tiny bit in love with her himself. And she LOVES you so! See it says so right here.” Mummy pointed to those words and the three XXX’s along with it.

Mummy handed the package to him. “Mummy…” He held his hand out to take familiar box and just looked at the words, remembering her face the night he received it.

Suddenly his mother yanked it back! “She hasn’t told you! Oh what if she hid it here to save it for Christmas. It’s only weeks away after all and now I’ve ruined the surprise!” She stood “I’ll just put this back, right where I found it. I’m sure your sweet Molly wants to give it to you in private. And my lips are sealed.” Miming zipping her lips, his mother darted to replace his years only gift.

Returning she sat again. “Now what will you be getting her for Christmas my dear? You tell me what she likes and I’ll help you come up with the perfect thing to tell her you feel the same. ”

“Mummy, no-”

“You’re not going to be able to lie to me , William Sherlock Scott Holmes. I remember the look you had on your face each time I found you after her visits. She’s been upset with you being so reckless, right? Rightly so too. Not to mention the tabloid and fake financ -for-a-case thing.

But if you love her and she loves you it will all sort itself out. You’ll see. Now what can we do to show her your feelings?”

Sherlock ground his teeth. His mother had insight. He loved her, and needed to tell her. “What do you suggest?”

yeah pretty much says it all right there folks oops
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