adi season

Eyewitness Nation we keep fighting!
Adi is still looking for a new home and networks are noticing our effort!
Tweet @hulu and @netflix as often as you can. Keep asking. Keep reminding them we are still here.

Please keep updated on all Eyewitness Season 2 projects and campaigns by following @eyewitness_us on Twitter and visiting the pinned post on the updates bar on Eyewitness Nation blog at the right hand side.

You want to see how Philip and Lukas first met on-screen? Well, you can if EYEWITNESS gets a second season. Showrunner Adi Hasak is currently fighting for that, but we can all help him by continously tweeting USA Network to tell them how much we love the show and Philkas and asking them for a second season! Let’s make sure they know what we want and that this fandom isn’t going anywhere.

We only have a few more weeks until the network makes its decision about whether or not to renew EYEWITNESS and we need to make ourselves heard!

So everyone please keep sending tweets about EYEWITNESS and Philkas to @USA_Network every day, and please remember to use the hashtags #Eyewitness and #WeWantEyewitnessSeason2 !!!