adi goodrich

Our Droughtware 2 collection is being released tomorrow, March 11 from 12-3.

We’ve been working on this ceramics line for a whole year between jobs and life. This project has been the ‘art’ that keeps me going, something purely about shape and color. There’s not too many moments these days that I’ve been able to just meditate and use my hands for something so simply aesthetic. I’m really excited to share it with people and know that it will live for a long time in people’s homes and families. 

All forms made by Becki Chernoff and painted by Adi Goodrich. 

Come on down to the Happy Lion, 963 Chung King Rd.-LA 90012. 12 noon- 3pm.

See you there. 


fantastic school mural makeover!


Be Cool.

Motivational PSA made by me and Adi Goodrich.