I made a follow forever and it’s backwards yay!

So now I have to type them out, I guess…oh well! Sorry to everyone I forgot, there were a ton of amazing blogs that aren’t on here! These are just a few of my favorites, favorites and friends are bolded:

A-F: acceptbullshit, 17brits, a-busted-heart, adhorantion, beminetoniall, broders, brdfordz, brithaz, cutenirish, couturezayn, bangniam, doncastertea, drugniam, funkystyles, basille, dolcehoran, cheshirejuggler, cheshiremint, doncraicster, fabasslou, caradelevigne, caradellies, caramour, bradick, blowsjob, assliam, bragford, carafornias, adofhitler, edsheenan, capploucino;

F-M: loushires, jaweedzain, larrystyls, lrmuns, leedsandlarry, misfithaz, hazdaisy, im-foreverfree, griffliamdor, harloud, jfcnarrry, hakunahazza, firesflys, foreignlou, ganghoran, haztopslou, hazruld, hornyforlou, jackndfinn, lou4prez, louisgap, malikkfab, mischievlous, kardahsian, haroldstagrams, homofactor, hazcasta, lifeofafanboy, hazyard, hollywhoods, jackfin, luhndun, hazpalvin, londdun

N-Z: ofchesires, stylues, smackdoncass, sodaspops, savedhaven, owlou, nialwhore, ofnials, moanschapal, ofparis, yeshoult, zenfordz, niallerlust, vnessahdgens, zynshire, noperrie, larry-tommo, platoniclarrytastytomlins0n, simonecowell, lounitedstylsamor, niallpleasee, simonsangels, zahynmaliks, unfirish, zahhyn, wolverprince, nialwhore, ofbowties, ofstyles, nightskyss, pleaselou, snughaz, nobritish, voldermort, pornialls, snogniam

sorry no links but I don’t want to type all your URL’s three times

madee’s follow forever

You are all perfect ♥ thank you for making my dash amazing

a-c; adhorantion, beminetoniall, bicepsncalvins, boyband-ruined-my-lifee, bradfrdbadass, broders, calmyourhoranmoans

d-h; damnhary, death-by-styles, dirtsbag, duncastrr, filthyniall, hakunahazza, harryblossoms, hated-lover, hipstylesplz

i-n; inaglasscloset, kryptoniall, maybeharreh, myohmyniall, nialler, nialling911

s-z; sinister-styles, skytopniall, sociallyruinedby1D, stolenhaz, stophary, stylsamor, teatattoo, unfhazz, vaginialls, zahynmaliks

okay let's do that tag thing for once

I was tagged by Jolien

Rule 1: Post the rules.

Rules 2: Answer the questions the tagger has set for you in their post then make 11 new ones. 

Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to your post. 

Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them.

My questions:

  1. who’s your favourite actor?  Jensen ackles!
  2. the last person you kissed? My last boyfriend but i think that kiss ddoesn’t really count
  3. a place you would love to visit but haven’t visit yet?New york
  4. would you want to date someone you met online? maybe yeah
  5. what type of guy do you like?blond or brown haired! tall and funny
  6. if you could play any role in any movie, what would it be? nina in black swan
  7. do you want/have a tattoo?no
  8. have you ever kissed someone older than you? noopee
  9. what turns you on? idunno, HAHAH
  10. tell me your dirtiest secret. once, a crisp fell on the ground and i ate it anyway. is that dirty enough?

my questions for you:

  1. favourite book?
  2. what’s your favourite pizza smell?
  3. who’s your female celebrity crush?
  4. last movie you saw?
  5. favourite clothes brand?
  6. do you have siblings?
  7. pizza or french fries?
  8. dogs or cats?
  9. follow me? (shameless selfpromoting)
  10. person you hate?