How do you (apparently accidentally) manage to write a legitimately interesting hetero romance where the characters have a good solid development of their relationship and bond and don’t adhere to the strict gender roles typically seen in hetero romances… and end up going with the copy paste of every other bland hetero romance instead. Like, how do you fuck up that spectacularly.

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A lot of people believe it's a creator's job to adhere to every piece of criticism out there. This idea of consumerism is real selfish, because we all know you can't please everyone (and shouldn't even try). I personally think people need to realize that a creator is not going to try and please everyone, and will mostly do what they do because THEY like it, first and foremost.

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Okay so this might get a bit confusing: I found this really cool plastic fabric with a 3D snakeskin pattern and I'm trying to get ideas on if I can transfer this to other fabrics (Particularly spandex). Right now my only idea is to somehow temporarily adhere other fabrics onto the plastic pattern and use a watered down paint and let it seep into the cracks? You wouldn't happen to have any other ideas (Or any prior experience with this?)

YOU ARE RIGHT that is super confusing. BUT I think this might be the technique you are alluding to?

But reappropriated to covering a 3d printed fabric? All I can say is that you do need a very thin 4-way stretch mterial in order to cover it properly and get all the little nuances. BUT it shOULD? WORk? MAYBE? No harm in trying! 

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Noah fence but I love Harry styles

Harry Styles is my genuine icon he’s my fucking role model. Like???? He’s????? Such an inspiration???????

Like. Having a man of his fame, wear pride pins and androgynous/women’s clothing??????? And not give a fuck about gender stylistically???? Is something we haven’t had this century??? And I don’t like to push sexuality on someone, but he at least refuses to adhere to heteronormativity which is SO IMPORTANT.

Sorry I just really love Harry Styles and think he’s so important.

An interesting thing about redpill thought–and something its adherents would probably tell you distinguishes it from bluepill thought–is its focus on personal responsibility. Complaining about your husband on RPW is forbidden; your posts have to be about ways that you can improve as a partner. And I think if you commented on a PUA blog that the reason you can’t get laid is because women are bitches you’d get laughed at: regardless of whether women are bitches, the reason you can’t get laid is because you aren’t trying hard enough.

I think that mindset is part of what I find appealing about these communities. I’ve had several frustrating conversations with social justice-minded friends/acquaintances that go something like this:

me: *shares a problem I’ve been experiencing at school or work*

them: oh wow. clearly your classmates/boss/colleagues/industry is/are incredibly sexist. I’m so sorry you have to deal with that!

me: uh actually, I don’t really think that’s the issue here? I think that there are some ways I can grow as a person and I’m trying to figure out how to do that–

them: don’t blame yourself honey! this is structural oppression!!

And obviously, the “you are responsible for your own life” and “your problems are other people’s fault” narratives are both right sometimes. I think the response above would be correct if, say, I were experiencing workplace sexual harassment. Sometimes keeping a positive attitude toward your husband and becoming less demanding and more pleasant to be around is exactly what you need to make your marriage work, and sometimes he’s just an asshole and you need to dump him.

So what divides those attracted to the narrative of personal responsibility from those attracted to the blame-others narrative? Well uh, just speaking for myself, I’m an extremely privileged person. If it’s true of anyone, it’s probably true of me that most of my problems are kind of “my fault,” rather than the result of unavoidable external circumstances. And I’d guess based on any SJ-approved metric of privilege, the people in redpill communities are more privileged than those in SJ communities–in other words, the people for whom the personal responsibility narrative is most accurate/helpful.

(Of course, I’m sure both sides would object strongly to being characterized as coexisting communities for competing access needs. Either sexism isn’t real and those who claim to be held back by it are brainwashed, or all women are oppressed by sexism and those who claim otherwise are brainwashed.)

there’s a radical (and hateful) christian speaker on a literal soapbox in the middle of campus and as a part of the congregation fighting against his terrible misconstrued views of the bible, i asked a few questions, trying to be at least a little respectful.

i asked “does god still love me if i’m gay?”

he responded emphatically “of course not!”

now, i’m not very religious. up until age 12, i was raised a methodist christian in what i found to be a tolerant church community. both my parents and the religious studies i was exposed to taught me to respect and view all people as valid no matter their beliefs, sexuality, status, etc.  

this man’s comment hurt me, not only because of my understanding of the teachings of my childhood, but because even though i may not adhere to christianity (or any particular religion) there are many queer christians, muslims, jewish people, and more that take this comment on their being very seriously.

the bible has been exhaustively translated and interpreted to fit different languages and sects. the “original” words of god must be taken in context of how they have been presented. the bible is 100% up to opinion as with any text. 

but i am of the opinion that if you take what your god has said, your loving god, and use it to oppress and spread hate, are you truly a christian? 

you need to think with humanity, respect, kindness–virtues that the bible reiterates. spread the positive messages alongside the messages of caution with care as to include and overall TEACH other people about the faith.

use your faith for good. use its message to improve the lives of others, not only your own.  

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They have to construct some sort of narrative tho, that all parties somewhat adhere to. I know some people think "he found out already" was a possibility. The hoodie suggests that is not going to happen this week as some were really hoping.

“It’s an old pic and I wanted to post because I thought it was cute” 

“he found out only a few days ago”

“the hoodie was already made and they still haven’t changed the kid’s name”

“it’s just initials” 

idk man, I could go on forever 

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Sam, hopefully I do not offend anyone, as I mean nothing of the sort because I myself come from a Methodist Christian background myself.. But what in your words do you define the difference between a cult and a religion? And also do you think that all religions derive from what was at one point in some form or another a cult. That being said what does that make of standardized religions of today? Or at least in terms of the way that they are currently practiced?

A cult is an out of the mainstream movement with tenets which are odd to the majority population and which usually exert considerable power over the lives of their adherents.

Most religions were once cults. It is common to speak of First Century Apocalyptic Christianity as the “Jesus Cult”. I am certain that when the Jews entered Canaan and confronted the ancient religions of that land with their new upstart God that they were considered a cult. Mormonism was clearly a cult and now the Mormons can run major party candidates for President of the United States. Scientology is a cult but who knows what will be in five hundred years.

Knowledge isn’t a few pages of text and scholarly quotes that take up space in the mind without any true understanding.

Knowledge is the light which Allah casts into the heart of the believer and increases his insight, and its conditions are adherence and fleeing from temptations and innovations.


Tensions running high in the 12x14 sneak peek

being part of a fandom gets a lot easier once you realise there’s more than one way to interpret a character

Being an antishaladin sounds;;;;;; so draining;;;;;; as (un)impressive as it is to hating something that is fictional 24/7 how are you like;;;;; even happy actively hating something;;;;; how do you sleep;;;; put some positivity in your life;;;; like take a shit smoke some weed do something;;;;; stop using American standards to judge the rest of the world;;;;;;; please and thanks;;;;;