There are days when I want so badly for time to move backwards rather than forwards. Some days I wake up drearily and wish that I was back with her and it was all the same as it used to be when I was there. All I want is to get to have her again. And I know that’s so cliché, to want to go back but I don’t want to do it all over again, I just want to go back to the time where she loved me and I her and that was enough. I want to trace her freckles in the afternoon sunlight and kiss her forehead as she drifts off to sleep. Not this constant wondering how she’s doing or what she’s up to. We went from being best friends, soulmates to strangers. And I’d give anything to be her soulmate once more.

Ce soir j'ai droit à mon premier bloquage, il y a une première fois à tout visiblement.

Donc la raison de la personne en question ( Ouais parce que je suis allé régler des comptes hein, on ne me bloque pas sans raison moi ) est “Oh mince, je voulais me désabonner”
Ouais bon il faut apprendre à mentir mieux que ça mon gaillard ou juste avoir les couilles de dire les choses en face.

Conclusion :

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if there aren’t any cctvs around our house and if our gate isn’t that very noisy when opened, I would really go out of the house with this outfit for an hour and smell the fresh 3am air. maybe go out to the busy streets and buy a drink like I have an id already and secretly get drunk every other night in my room. where is my adventurous friend when you needed him tho 


I might leave this up or it might come down in two seconds, we’ll see! I did a cover of “Don’t Do Sadness” from Spring Awakening. Sorry the beginning is so quiet, I have exactly 0 dollars for nice recording equipment so I’m relying on my webcam 

Becoming a Homebody

Melchior was never once introverted. Never in his entire life. He always found himself out on his weekends, whether it be a lake trip with the old college friends, or out for a night of drinking and dancing. He never found himself spending more than a week indoors. But the was until he moved in with Moritz.

“It’ll just be the usual gang. Ilse, Hanschen, Georg, you know. Are you absolutely sure you don’t wanna join?” Melchior found himself asking the older man as he put on his ratty denim jacket with almost a million patches sewn to the back.

Moritz, who was still spread across their couch, shrugged. “Sounds like a blast, Melchi. But I was gonna start the next season of X-Files tonight.”

“Well, alright,” Melchior wandered back to their small living room, leaning over the back of the second hand sofa. “I’ll be taking a cab home so don’t you worry. And I should be back by three.”

“AM?” Moritz looked up with slight confusion.

Melchior could only chuckle lightly and put a hand down on his boyfriend’s shoulder, “Yes, you nerd.”

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