These are some more pictures of my newest d20, inspired by the upcoming Kaladesh set for Magic: the Gathering.

This twenty sided die is now available as both a spindown life counter for Magic, and as a regular numbered d20 for tabletop RPG games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. Both versions are available in a range of metals with different finishes, as well as in a larger plastic version. Check them out here.

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Rhythm Bastard

New Magic the Gathering Song, “The Inventor’s Fair”
Magic The Gathering is owned by @wizardsmagic

Something a little more in my wheelhouse, some old school 70′s punk! This took me longer than I’d like to write, but it came very easy to me once I sat down and wrote it.

Since the theme of Kaladesh was rebellion, it had to be some old school punk in the vein of The Sex Pistols/The Clash

“Hunting Bigger Game” (Magic 2015)
“Force Of Dragons” (Khans Of Tarkir)
“Change The War” (Fate Reforged)
“Unbroken” (Dragons of Tarkir)
“Attack on Eldrazi” (Battle For Zendikar)

“Take The Oath” (Oath of the Gatewatch)
“Anguished Unmaking (Instrumental)” (Shadows Over Innistrad)

Can we make animals of steel?
Lighting fast wheels?
Can we teach automations to learn and to feel?

Hulks made out of gears,
Clocks that run for years?
Can we make sweet music to pump into your ears?

Sights and sounds so rare,
With style innovation and flair,
You can see it there,
At The Inventor’s Fair!

Can we make boots that stomp harder,
Obedient daughters
And ways to kill rebels that won’t make them martyrs?

Bombs that kill quicker,
Palace walls thicker,
Can we make cheap swill, taste like fine liquor?

Thopthers in the air
Ghirapur’s in our care, A fabric without tear, The Inventor’s Fair

Can we build a city from the scraps of a broken machine?
Can we build a family from a mother and daughter’s dreams?

They think we’re maniacs,But we’re set to attack
And Take our city back
At The Inventor’s Fair!

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Here’s the Bingo card for Aether Revolt. There’s some interesting stuff on here for sure, and a few that contradict. It’ll be fun to see how it plays out. 

Thanks to everyone who submitted, especially to @briam516 who suggested the following bonus square, which I just can’t leave out: “After the main events of the story unfold and we reach a happy ending (barring the phyrixian invasion possibility), Ajani introduces the gatewatch to Tamiyo’s storytelling circle. After telling their story, either Tamiyo or Narset says “Well, why didn’t you just *insert obvious simple solution* rather than lead a rebellion?” Jace then has a mental breakdown.”


This pendant was inspired by the Magic: the Gathering expansion Kaladesh. It is  3D-printed in steel and coated with a gold colored patina. It measures about 44 × 15 × 15 mm (1.7 × 0.6 × 0.6 inch), and weighs about 3 grams.
The pendant has an eye with inner dimensions of 1.5 × 3 mm at the top, so that it can be easily worn on a leather cord or other kind of chain (not included). You can also attach it to a key ring, dice bag etc.        

All my designs are available through and at