First Impressions - Jin scenario

Request: cliche Jin scenario where he spills coffee on your terrible date and comforts you afterwards.

Word Count: 1397

A/N: ah, I feel like this wasn’t really good. Is it? This is my first time writing for Jin ㅠㅠ I loved the idea a lot and I hope you guys like it!! I named the guy after my ex but he’s not a bad guy adfhjkl I just didn’t want to think of a name anymore HAAHAHAH -Clar

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Tonight was the night.

You fixed yourself for the hundreth time before heading out. It was your first time going out on a blind date and you couldn’t wait. Your friends took it upon themselves to find you a man even though you didn’t really want to. He was a friend of your colleague at work, a tall man with shaggy brown hair and a winning smile. She wouldn’t stop talking about him until you finally agreed to meet up with him in this cafe for a date. He was waiting for you at the entrance, waving when he spotted you. “(Y/n), right?” he smiles and introduces himself as Mingi.

The good impression of him didn’t last very long when he slams the door into your face when he entered the cafe. Another man in a waiter’s uniform apologizes and opens the door for you. As you passed by him you marvelled at how handsome he looked before heading to your seat with a small frown.

Tonight was not the night.

It went on and on and on and on. Your date talked about nothing but himself and it was annoying you. Watching paint dry was much more entertaining than listening to him talk about how many girls looked at him as he walked to the cafe. He wasn’t that attractive. “The waiter is way hotter though,” you muttered under your breath. Plates of cake were suddenly set onto the table and you realized how close the waiter’s face was to yours. He chuckles and thanks you for the compliment before returning to the kitchen.

You were a blushing mess as Mingi started eating his cake. He was chewing with his mouth open which gathered attention from the other patrons of the cafe. “See?” he smirked, “even people here can’t help but look at me.” Holding yourself back from slapping the man was the hardest thing you had to do today as he started talking about how unbelievably good looking he was, again. Whenever you heard him say “good looking” all you could think about was that waiter.

You looked around the cafe, searching for that man. It was better than listening to Mingi. You saw him behind the counter smiling to himself as he wiped numerous glasses dry. He honestly looked too good to be working as a waiter here in this cafe, you’d think he was a model by the way he looked and carried himself. You were probably staring too much because he looked up and your eyes met. He simply threw a wink and a big smile, you could’ve sworn he mumbled to himself, “cute.” Embarrassed and flustered, you turn your attention back to your terrible date, he immediately stopped thank goodness and asked you if you were fine. “You look like a damn tomato,” he said, annoyed. His concern was very touching but the way he expressed it certainly wasn’t. Your frown grew deeper as each painfully long minute passed by.

After a while, the waiter came back with the coffee. You turn to look at him expectantly the moment you heard him whisper, “watch this.” Puzzled, you simply nod slowly and watched as everything unfolded. “Oops!” he exclaims, flipping the tray onto your date. You watched in shock and delight as hot coffee splashed all over him, thankful that he got what he deserved. Tonight was terrible but this probably turned it all around. The waiter who spilled the coffee winked at you, snickering a bit. You mouthed a thank you and he nods in response before apologizing to your date, “I’m so so sorry, I really didn’t mean it.” While the waiter sarcastically apologizes, you took a look at his name tag. “Seokjin,” it said, and you smiled to yourself. Knowing his name gave you tingles all over that put a goofy smile on your face.

Mingi wiped himself with the numerous tissues he demanded them to bring to him in a futile attempt to dry himself. He started complaining to one of the staff about Seokjin, asking them if he always did that and that he should be fired. You felt a bit guilty because he went and did that for you but you felt happy he did. When he came back you made it a point to thank him for risking his job to save your terrible night. He probably heard you call him hot and you were too embarrassed to face him ever again but you just didn’t want to let it slide.

You watched as he got scolded by an older looking man. He had his head bowed down but you could see him smiling from ear to ear. After the brief lecture he got, he immediately went back to the counter and picked up a tray. You waited in anticipation as he was headed towards your table. Having Seokjin near you again was probably more exciting than the coffee now. “Here we go,” he places your gently onto the table and reaches for Mingi’s. As you stirred your coffee a yelp came out of your date, you looked at him and saw coffee dripping down from his face. You couldn’t help but snicker at the sight, he looked better with his hair covering his obnoxious face.

“That’s it!” he slammed the table and abruptly stood up. His face probably hurt from all the hot coffee thrown on it today. He furrowed his brows, throwing daggers at you as you laughed, “I’ve had enough of you.” You started laughing harder, “I could say the same to you.” He gulped and folded his arms, shifting his gaze towards Seokjin, “all you’ve been doing during our date is oogle the shitty waiter. I’m done, you’re not worth my time.” Mingi storms out with prideful steps leaving you alone at your table.

You took a sip of your coffee, licking your lips in delight. Seokjin was cleaning up the spilled coffee as he hummed, “it’s delicious, isn’t it?” You agree wholeheartedly and he smiled at your enthusiasm, “glad you liked it. I made it.” A compliment from you put a bright smile on his face, packing up the wet rags before wiping his hand on the apron that hung around his waist.

After learning that he made the coffee, every sip made your heart skip a beat. You sat alone, slowly sipping your coffee and just thought about him to keep yourself entertained. Did he have a girlfriend? What kind of music did he like? You daydreamed about him until you realized your cup was finally empty. Standing up, you reached out and grabbed the receipt. It wasn’t there. It not being there puzzled you, but you decided that maybe they simply forgot and went to ask for a new receipt. “For what table?” the cashier asked with pen in hand. You pointed to where your table was and she raised an eyebrow at you, “but it’s already been paid for?”


Did Mingi pay for it? You got caught up in your thoughts when she asked you to move aside. Customers behind you clicked their tongue and you apologized before leaving. On your way out Seokjin approached you, handing you a piece of paper and ran to the kitchen without another word.

The paper was your receipt, with words written at the back. You flipped it over and almost squealed when you read what he wrote. “I’m sorry your date was terrible, I hope I made it better. Wait for me outside, I’ll take you out on a real date,” he draw a small heart and a smiley face. You then wait outside. He came not too long after, out of breath and in a new set of clothes. It was very… pink; it looked cute on him. He smiled and asked you if you enjoyed Thai food. He’s been meaning to visit this pretty good restaurant and he thought it would be a good start for a date.

You enjoyed the food and his surprisingly corny jokes a lot. He was different from your first impression of him but you enjoyed being with him even more now. Tonight really was the night. He took you to an amusement park after and went on a few rides with you before it got late. It was a fun night and you kinda still got the guy your friends wanted you to get. He asked you out for another date on Wednesday and you gladly accepted.

As he walked you home he started teasing you about him being ‘hot’. You couldn’t hear the end of it until you got to your doorstep. He bids you goodnight and whispers into your ear before walking away.

“First impressions aren’t always true.”