Shoutout to Sirius Black

Team Sirius all the way man. His family was horrible, his bestfriend, the only real family he’s ever known, and his bestfriend’s wife were brutally murdered and he felt that he was partly to blame for trusting Peter, one of his closest friends, he was thrown into Azkaban without a trial, everyone hated him and thought he was a murderer. And even when he did escape and became part of the order, he felt useless because he could not do anything for the order due to the fact that he was still a wanted criminal. He was alone in Azkaban for 13 years, with the dementors for company. Only to end up back in the house he wanted to forget. Shoutout to Sirius Black for being awesome. Shoutout to Sirius Black for being a great godfather to Harry. Shoutout to Sirius Black for being Sirius Black.

Not just another fandom

I don’t understand people who think Harry Potter is just like any other fandom. Jk Rowling literally created an entire world with a history and a currency and thousands of jobs and potions and creatures and people, some with complete history’s themselves.This is why Harry Potter is so special, and why it will live on forever.