His hand absentmindedly touched the lightning scar on his forehead. The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well…

Jack Thorne: Okay…that sounds fake…but ok.
HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD Is A Heartbreaking Capper To The Harry Potter Story
A complex, odd and beautiful meditation on legacy.
By Devin Faraci

“That’s the plot, but Cursed Child is perhaps the most thematically rich of all the Harry Potter stories. While the Time Turner era-hopping makes for some nice fantasy/scifi fun (and also answers all those who wondered why they didn’t just use Time Turners constantly in the books), the time travel element ends up functioning as a metaphor for the way our histories haunt us, and they way they can even haunt our children and loved ones. But at the same time those pasts, and the pain that lives forever in them, make us who we are. To take them away, to smooth those edges, would render us unrecognizable.”

I went to a small restaurant today and the guy that worked there was very handsome, they began playing Metallica songs because I was wearing my Metallica t-shirt, how cute. Anyways, the cute guy gave me my order with a big smile on his face, he looked so charming! I think I’m in love

I don´t see Scorpius in Slytherin. Honestly i see him in Huffelpuff. He is such a precious cinnamon roll. He just wanted to to stay out of Trouble, have a friend and be good in School. He just wanted to go through School without Problems. But when his friend will jump of a Train he will jump with him. Because if you do a stupid Thing i will be with you because you´re my best friend. And when you have the great idea to mess with time i will go with you even it´s wrong and stupid but you´re my friend and i can´t let you do stupid things without me. And i will listen to you whinning about your father issus even when i have huge Problems too. because it´s what a huffelpuff does.