I finally received my desirable Deviant Moon Tarot book. I have no words to describe how wonderful it is! 😍 btw tarot deck itself is my ultimate favorite! ❤

June 2016 © Aderhine photography

“Sirin - the bird of sorrow” June 2015.

Model - Marianne Odinova, Photo, edition, crown and necklace by me.

Inspired by Victor Vasnetsov’s “Sirin and Alkonost. Song of joy and sorrow” © Aderhine photography

👑👑👑 The crown is for sale now!!


In the circle of amanitas 🍄 P.s. they were naturally growing this way! 😨 I found this spot not far away from our home in the young birch forest which grows there for about 10 years after wildfire killed the old one. It was full of poisonous mushrooms

September 2016

© Aderhine photography