I’m sure some of you may have noticed a dip in activity for us izuocha shippers, specifically that nice tagging thing we did and quite possibly why your getting tags here instead

Well hatefilledpoptarts to explain now what this shiny new blog is and how its come about, as well as some basic guidelines.

why the izuocha-tagging-squad exists

As it stands there is a slowly increasing amount of izuocha shippers interested in being involved

and if you have a look I’m going to show a screenshot of my first time tagging

a pretty short list at the start of all this

welp this was the steady increase before the open invitation

and this here is after the invitation

it got big

really big

so we’ve come to the logical conclusion keeping track of this many names and filling out a reblog for this amount of tags for every new izuocha piece we want to share is not going to cut it anymore, some of us forgot names and some of us refill in tags that were missed; its much too much resulting in confusion at times and we just can’t keep filling out this large of a list every time doing our best to remember everyone and keeping it in order.

So, to combat that stress, and to continue making the izuocha community welcoming for new shippers, a small group of us original taggers got together and went ahead to make this shared space to put it all our finds and tag everyone if thats what they want; where people who want to see izuocha on the regular can follow or even join as a member to reblog and share their own work.

What to do here

This will be our shared space where we’ll be putting all the izuocha fan works we find here instead of bringing it onto our personal blogs to tag

If there is anyone who’d like to participate as a contributing member of the blog, you can contact me in order to receive an invitation that tumblr will send directly to your e-mail.

Tagging is optional, if there are members who’d like to keep up the tradition, but it won’t be required in order to participate, just reblog or submit something if you like.

If you look here,

we do have a master list now to better manage keeping track of our members and can be updated if more requests are taken

And if you’d like to just view a lot of izuocha content then you can go ahead follow us to see all our finds ╭( ・ㅂ・)و

what should be shared

what to bring in:

  • fanart
  • fan fiction
  • headcanons
  • graphics
  • edits
  • cosplay
  • metas
  • analysis
  • absolutely any cute gushing of the two
  • wholesome memes are also good

what not to bring in:

  • nsfw material, we do take sloppy makeouts but as for drawing the line these two keep their pants on!
  • anti shipping regarding other pairings won’t be tolerated here
  • no dragging of any other ships to heighten izuocha as a pairing, lets be nice here

any side pairings are allowed so long as there is izuocha in the mix, preferred they be the main pair
no polyamorous ships plz

That should be all,

once again contact me, @hatefilledpoptarts to receive an invite

I will also open the askbox until Aug. if you have any questions about the sideblog or found something confusing. I’ll do my best to give a proper response on what we’re trying do here (`・ω・´)9

Keep in mind this is still fresh and we’re still taking our time to get a feet on the ground.

Hope to see you guys here and lets enjoy this great ship even more (^v^)

Filling in the list for one last time:
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Here are some of my thoughts for Tenya Iida and his character development that is to come.
WARNING: I going to cover some SPOILERS for the anime. Manga readers, y'all are fine.

Tenya Iida is the kind of man that follows logic and reason. He’s guided by structure in life and follows the rules to a tee. This is seen all throughout the anime so far.

What I find so incredible about My Hero Academia is the character development. It’s amazing how with only 2 seasons, they’ve already had a handful of characters grow. Deku learns to use more of his quirk, changing him from the bullied middle schooler we first see to a force of motivation for half of class 1A. Todoroki just received HUGE development. With Deku’s help, he’s starting to realize his true motivations and wants to set his life back on track.

Iida is about to receive enormous development.
If a man dictated by rules and regulation is forced to break said rules, what does that say about his actions?
With the attack of his brother and hero idol, Iida is wrecked inside. @cake-ademia pointed out to me in one of their posts that in this last episode, Iida was sprinting down the hospital hallways frantically, his hair a mess and refusing to put on a surgical mask. This COMPLETELY goes against everything we know about Iida. The normal Tenya would have respectfully asked for the room his brother was in and stepped inside it with composure and caution.
When he sets out to find Stain during his internship, he knows full well that it’s again the law to become a vigilante and go searching for the Hero Killer by himself, but he does it anyway.
What does that say about Iida’s raw motivation?
This next story arc with Stain is going to test Iida’s morality and push him to new levels. He’s going to have to sort a lot of stuff out, and boy, am I going to need a lot of tissues.
The Deku and Uravity Summer Training Plan, a my hero academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア fanfic | FanFiction

guys guys guys did you hear about this fic yet?

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edit: forgot to say this the other day (so sorry) but I did not write this so be sure to leave nice things for the author please
Scars Make The Man by Air_Quiet_Reader

Rated: T

Status: Completed, One-Shot

It is hard for Deku to wrap his mind around the fact that he is dating Ochako Uraraka, the best girl he has ever met. For an awkward guy like him, navigating romance was a monumental challenge. One that would lead him to try to hide the ugliest part of himself — his scars

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Music Vibes

Tagged by the amazing @cosmic-hoodie Thanks again man! 

Instructions: List ten songs you’re currently vibing on, then tag people!

1. Slide - Calvin Harris (ft. Frank Ocean, Migos)

2. I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd  (ft. Daft Punk)

3. in your arms -  saib

4. I’m sorry - swell  (ft. shiloh)

5. You Say Run -  Boku no Hero Academia OST 

6.  Let’s Just Live - (ft Casey Lee Williams) by Jeff Williams

7. Peace sign -  Kenshi Yonezu

8.  You Need Me, I Don’t Need You - Ed Sheeran

9. Shape of you - Ed Sheeran

10. Freaking out - Mystery skulls

Alrighty Hmmm I tag: @starryeyed-wonder @shsl-uravity @happycloude-91 @c-jay321 @hatefilledpoptarts @cake-ademia (If I didn’t tag you feel free to do it, and tag me in it! Only do it if you want though guys!)


Because I love the idea of Eri living with Izuku and Uraraka, I drew a little sibling bond thingy…with Izuku’s daughter :D

@rex101111!!! I hope you don’t mind, I made Eri age a little.

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I had an Eri headcanon and thought I should pass it along to where people will actually see it. So here goes:

After the raid on the Eight Precepts is over, with Overhaul having been beaten to a pulp and Eri carried out by Deku, they’re resting in the hospital- Deku’s got some minor injuries and Eri needs a checkup for all the stuff she’s gone through.

Anyway, Eri’s continuously thanking Deku for saving her, and him being the modest/socially awkward boy he is, he mentions that all the other heroes did a lot to help. And when Eri asks about all the other heroes, Deku starts explaining, because as a hero otaku he knows everyone’s names and quirks and gimmicks, and a rough idea of what role they played in the raid. So he tells her all about Eraserhead and Gran Torino and Nighteye and Bubble Girl, and Eri is just sitting there, enchanted.

The day after, Nighteye is has called everyone together for a debrief, and all the heroes are arriving. They’re just waiting on some of the student heroes when the door opens and Eri trots in, Deku following her- “I’m sorry, Nighteye sir, she insisted-” and she trots up to, let’s say Fatgum, and chirps “Thank you Mister Fatgum for helping stop the bad guys. Deku told me how your quirk saved a lot of people!“ 

And Fatgum is charmed, and offers her a sweet from the pack he’s scoffing. Then Eri moves to the next hero- "Thank you Miss Ryukyu for using your Dragon form to fight against the villains. Also, I like your hair thingy.” Ryukyu struggles not to squeal at how sweet this little girl is.

And Eri goes round the room, thanking each hero in turn for their respective efforts, because she’s remembered everything Deku told her. And they’re all so delighted by this tiny girl sincerely thanking them. Bubble Girl pats her on the head, Centipeder gives a little bow, Lock Rock is awkward but grateful, Gran Torino chuckles and says he’s glad she’s alright, Aizawa actually cracks a smile. When the rest of the students arrive, she thanks them too. Kirishima grins like a shark, which Eri thinks is hilarious: Tsuyu gives a croaky laugh: Uraraka kneels down and gives her a hug: Mirio tells her it was an honour and apologises for not saving her earlier- she understands: Tamaki mutters a shy “You’re welcome”: Nejire hugs her and says Eri’s horn is adorable.

Finally, she gets to Sir Nighteye and says “Thank you Sir Nighteye for bringing everyone together to stop…” She trails off, then continues “…my father.”

Nighteye’s been still as a statue, but now he unfolds his hands and says “Heroes perform their duties without requiring thanks from the people they save.” Then he smiles a little and adds “But it is always nice to hear.” Then he pats her on the head and asks Deku to take care of her.

So Deku scoops her up and plops her in the waiting room outside with a colouring book and some snacks and copious promises to come back, and slips into the meeting room, primed to apologise-

Only everyone is cooing over how sweet that little girl was. Eventually Nighteye calls them to order, and the get down to business, but everyone has a little satisfaction knowing they helped save that kid.

(Eri hugs everyone when they come out of the meeting. No-one is spared. She actually manages to get her arms a quarter of the way around Fatgum. Ryukyu promises to send her some hair decorations. Aizawa pats her hair awkwardly. Gran Torino’s just happy someone’s shorter than him. Nighteye actually bends down for the hug.)

Wow, this turned out longer than I expected!

Waahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! This is so sweet!

I’m just gonna add a little something here, so after the whole fiasco, Izuku and Eri become super close and soon she starts to call him daddy. 

Eri notices Izuku’s rush on Ochako and she starts to call her mom without Izuku knowing. The day Eri calls Izuku and Ochako mom and dad in front of the whole class 1-A is when all chaos breaks loose. Half of the class freaks out and the rest… well Hagakure, Mina, and Krishima scream in joy.

“When did you guys–?!”

“You’re a thing?!”


By the time class 1-A’s madness dies down, Izuku is passed out and Ochako’s back is against the ceiling. Somehow the news got to some people in class B too and the next day Kendou and the others gave Izuku and Ochako pats on the back during lunch, except for Monoma who was going on about how shameful it was to have a child at their young age.

Along the line, Ochako and Izuku just go with the flow and start dating.

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anonymous asked:

I'm the anon from a long time ago who sent you the ask about the squad! I love you guys so much! You're like the rulers of the izuocha community here on tumblr! You are DEKUMOM. Rex is 'Papa Eri', Poptarts is Big 'sis pop', HappyCloude is also 'big sis Cloude', Zakamore is like the nerdy best bro, ummm I don't really know what to call Cake, Chapelseed, and Shadowsage though... sorry lol.

0/////0 Dekumom???? skskalalaaaa!!!!

Rulers of the izuocha community kind of seems a little too much, we’re just regular fans after all nothing special :D

But anyway, @rex101111​, @hatefilledpoptarts@happycloude-91@hatefilledpoptarts@zakamore1 @cake-ademia @chapelseed @shadowsage Squad up!