adell disgaea

Disgaea is lying to us (again)

This has been pointed out before but I felt like doing it again, because I like doing this kind of shit. So here are Axel, Rozalin and Adell in the official character height chart:

The chart seems to be accurate as the height differences seem to match the heights below. But, this chart does not take the following into consideration:

Adell wears flat shoes, so he is actually 180cm tall.

Rozy wears heels which, for all I can tell, add about 5 cm to her total height, so she’s actually only about 155 cm tall.

And Axel wears freaking platform shoes that have a 3 cm sole (on the official artwork they look thicker than they do in the concept art) and heels that look slightly smaller than Rozy’s, let’s say 4 cm. So, he’s really only about 163cm tall.