Fun Fact: If Jack Harkness is indeed the Face of Boe, and has lived roughly 5 000 000 100 years (from 1869 to his death in the year 5 000 000 053, plus 1874 years buried under Cardiff, plus a rough estimate of his age when the Doctor abandoned him and space for other time anomalies), and Ianto Jones worked for Torchwood Three shortly after the Battle of Canary Wharf to his death in “Children of Earth” (roughly 2 years and 2 months), then…

Jack Harkness only spent about 0.000 000 043% of his life with Ianto Jones. 

By comparison, a 2-hour movie is equal to about 0.000 268% of an average human lifespan of 85 years.

Fanfiction Idea

I want to write a story with Jack and Ianto, but centered around the “It’s not men, it’s just him, just Jack” statement Ianto made where he’s terrified of sex with Jack, but so in love with him. Ianto doesn’t want Jack to loose interest in him, and he thinks Jack wants sex immediately (because of his reputation), but what he doesn’t realize is that Jack’s been around for so long, and been in so many relationships, that he’s mature enough to realize that a relationship doesn’t hinge on sex, and that in some of the species he’s dated, there was no physical sex or anything like that, and …. omg it has such possibility for angst and misunderstandings and comforting talking and relationship health explinations and omg.

others are welcome to write their own version of it! (especially since mine will likely be very short)