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René Vincent, Cover art for Automobilia, July 1922. 

The car is a Peugeot 15 HP

René Vincent (1879-1936) was trained as an architect, but had a successful career as an illustrator during the first third of the 20th century in France. He contributed editorial art to the likes of La Vie parisienne and L'Illustration and did a considerable amount of advertising illustration, especially for automobile companies.


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“Hey, Patton!” Logan called out to the boy retrieving books from his locker. “Would you like to hang out at my place tonight? I have no one to study with because Anx is going on a date with Roman for Valentine’s Day.” It was a Friday afternoon, Valentine’s Day, to be precise. Of course Logan, being the absolute-nerd-with-no-idea-how-romance-works he was, had no date, nor anyone left to study with. Patton turned to Logan and smiled.

“Of course! I’ll swing by around six tonight, is that cool?”

“Yeah. That’ll be great.”

Fast-forward three hours, Logan and Patton were in Logan’s living room, ‘studying’.

Yeah, they were watching Disney instead. Usually at six p.m. Logan would be revising his notes for the day, but ‘since it’s a weekend and you’re my best friend, I suppose I can make an exception’.

“You know,” Patton began, sounding slightly, disheartened. “It sucks that I’m single on Valentine’s Day. I’m nice to everyone all the time, and I get nothing in return, you know?” Uh-oh, feelings. “What am I doing wrong?” Logan looked down towards his friend, who was cuddled into his side, underneath his arm.

“Nothing. You’re doing nothing wrong, Pat. You just may not have anyone actually interested in you within the small dating pool that is our school, there are many more people out there. Besides, you have many friends. We all love you, platonically.” But, his mind reminded him, there is one person that likes him romantically. Logan shoved those thoughts away. He didn’t need them right now.

“Are you sure?” Patton asked with a sniffle.

“Of course I am. Do you maybe want some food to cheer you up?” Logan asked Patton, stroking his hair lightly to calm him down. Yes, Logan had figured out how to calm his friends down when they were upset, he’s not completely emotionless.

“Sure,” Patton sniffled. Logan got up and headed to the kitchen behind him, before realising,

“Oh, wait, I can’t bake for shit.” Yeah, even thought Logan was pretty gosh darn diddly smart, he’d forgotten to teach himself how to bake.

“Language!” Patton scolded. Logan just rolled his eyes fondly.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. I’ll just make some hot chocolate, is that okay my wittle sweetie-pie?” Logan teased at a pouting Patton.

“Shut-up,” Patton muttered, blushing furiously. Patton’s eyes continuously travelled back to where his best friend was, making him lose concentration on the movie. He wished, oh he so, so wished Logan would get the freaking hint. All the flirting at school, the cuddles, everything. That boy was so oblivious. When Logan came and settled back next to him and Patton took a sip oh the oh-so pleasantly warm hot chocolate, he sighed happily. At least he was in his company.

Logan smiled when Patton relaxed. He turned his head back to the movie, wrapping his arm around his best friend. Then, out of nowhere, Patton gave Logan a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you,” he whispered, cheeks dusted a light pink.

No one was surprised when they turned up to school the next week, holding hands.

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Gabbador activities in the summer ~ The Gabbador Fairy

Idk how to translate this but DEVONO ASSOLUTAMENTE FARE IL FALO’ DI FERRAGOSTO (15th August’s bonfire?? Does it exist in the rest of the world??)
Usually on 14th August you go by the beach with your friends, plant a tent and stay awake all night long near the bonfire watching the stars. You can do other things like cooking & eating stuff, singing and playing the guitar, or getting SO FUCKIN DRUNK

They do all of the stuff above- First of all, they eat. You don’t go anywhere in Italy if you don’t eat. Maybe just a light mezzo quartino con la salsiccia stracondito di salse?? Francesco is the one who cooks (during these social events, it is common belief that whoever stays at the bbq is endowed with a magical aura of sexyness. Maybe bc this person is bound to the very idea of food, idk)

Then they sing w/ all the crew, but only fine songs like Andiamo a Comandare, Senza Pagare, or Domani smetto. They also sing older songs, like Il Cielo è Sempre Più Blu and the entire discography of De Andrè, for Salvo’s sake, who was actually dying because of the earlier songs

Then– the drinking games. Then, they swim in the sea half drunk in the middle of the night and they make out on the rocks like the mermen they are