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idk if I like one over the other, but both are def way stronger than they're given credit for (also, I'm super fond of thinking about Haru and Reborn bonding over cosplay like the lovable nerds they are). ...i just feel like the women in khr get shunted to the side too often and/or straight up forgotten in favor of the boys--even the super badass fighters, like Bianchi and Lal Mirch. Look at Chrome: she's a freakin' guardian but she shows up so rarely in the glamour shots of the gen x crew. :(

I must say, it is rather upsetting. although, personally, I do like Haru a tad but more, the hate is all so unnecessary. (also I believe they probably do bond over cosplay and Haru probably bakes Reborn stuff it’s like a tea party)

every single female on the series has something I could probably say at least one positive thing about, y'know, minus a couple. so, almost all females. not many do fall under the cats gory of a bad person, but a good character to the series.

Adel is dragged down to fan service, Shitt. P in the same problem but comic relief, Kyoko and Haru are dragged down to cheerleaders, Bianchi to a mere follower rather than the independent woman she was introduced as. Lal is dragged down to merely a shipping character, nothing more, nothing less. I-pin is just a child in the first place, so no one pays her any notice anyway, even if it is TYL!I-pin. Then there’s Chrome who’s just “"a copy” of Mukuro, or something to make him look stronger. M.M is just seen as a materialistic bitch, which I’ve gone over before. Nana is just Tsuna’s mother, so oblivious. Oregano ain’t remembered, ever. the Cervello are hated, for reasons I’m not sure of, and Bluebell seems to be dragged down to look like a child that sticks to Byakuran like glue with no reason behind it. Uni is just a “princess” and needs to be protected, Aria hardly got shown in the manga, let alone the anime, and Luce even less. Lavina literally gave Hayato some sort of motherly feeling even if he wasn’t aware of it, and she was forgotten so fast. Daniela was a fucking boss and no one remembers her, and Elena literally made Daemon a good guy and was nothing but kind, and is forgotten just as fast. Hana is forgotten just as quick, and she’s Kyoko’s best friend for fucks sake! Iris is the Millefiore’s strong woman fighter, and she’s hardly shown or remembered. then, not to mention Pantera, Longchamp’s female Guardian. holy shit the thought of her goes over everyone head, even if everyone remembers Longchamp.

the women in khr deserve a lot more than what they get. the fandom really does need to step up their game.

Female Appreciation Month?

So last year in June, I asked people to send in headcanons for Nana – and then next thing I knew, it had grown and we were talking about all the female characters, for pretty much the entire month…(we focused on a different group each week…) and I was wondering if people still wanted to do it this year?

If we did, I would definitely have it better organized.  I was thinking about focusing on the main females in an arc – each week being a different arc.  

So from May 29 – June 4, it’d be about the Daily Life Arc

           Nana, Bianchi, I-Pin, Haru, Kyoko, Hana

June 5 – June 11 – Kokuyo Arc/Varia Arc

           MM, Chrome, Cervello, Xanxus’ Mother

June 12 – June 18 – Future Arc (Arcobaleno Trials Arc)/Choice Arc/Final Future Battle Arc

           Lal, Iris, Bluebell, Yuni, Lavinia, Daniella

June 19 – June 25  - Inheritance Ceremony Arc

           Adelheid, P Shitt, Elena (because Daemon plays such a big part and there needs to be more love for her)

June 26 – July 2 – Curse of the Rainbow Arc

           Oregano, Luce, Fran’s Grandmother – any last headcanons for the remaining ones 

The real question I have though, is if anyone still wants to do this?  

I’d still be posting other requests, it would just be a way to encourage people to talk about headcanons about the female characters that I think most people can agree deserve some more love?

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[ DESIREE THATCHER ]? – you mean the [ MARIE AVGEROPOULOS ] doppelgänger? around savannah, i hear the [ TWENTY FOUR/ONE HUNDRED FIFTY SIX ] year old [ VAMPIRE ] is [ LOYAL ] and [ RESILIENT ]. but ever since the race for the throne, they’re more known as [ RUTHLESS ] and [ VINDICTIVE ]. some say they can hear [ RAISE HELL BY DOROTHY ] as they’re walking down the street. [ BROOKLYN, 22, EST, SHE/HER ] (adelheid connection)

accepted ! send in the account within 6 hours or MARIE AVGEROPOULOS will be reopened ! 

The Stages of Life
1835, Oil on canvas, 72.5 x 94 cm
Museum der bildenden Kunste in Leipzig, Germany

Having always regarded his art as intensely personal, Friedrich here has painted himself as an aged man alongside his family. The small boy is his young son, Gustav Adolf, the young girl is his daughter, Agnes Adelheid, the older girl is his daughter, Emma, and the gentleman in the top hat is his nephew, Johann Heinrich. They play on a hilltop overlooking the sea as a variety of ships mill about in the harbor. Each human figure is designed to correspond with a different ship. The small sailboats have only begun their voyage. The young woman in the prime of her life has unfurled her sails while the gentleman’s journey is already in full swing. In the distance, the last ship fades into the distant horizon. In this way does the painting serve as an allegory for each stage of the human lifecycle. The small Swedish pennant held aloft by his son Gustave - named after a Swedish king - is meant to draw attention to Friedrich’s Pomeranian background. The landscape depicted is itself believed to be the coast near Greifswald, Friedrich’s birthplace. All these elements suggest that, in his final years, Friedrich may have achieved a kind of peace with himself. In doing so, he produced a truly heartwarming meditation on mortality that provides a superb coda for a long, difficult career.

Hey there! We’re starting something new on this blog. We’ll be posting photos without stories every once in a while between the ones with stories. School and schedules make it hard for us to write stories for all the pictures we take so these will be like fillers. Anyways, we took a few series of pictures this week so stay tuned for more!


Photographer: Kurokage

Model: Fablehaven

Being Fabulous: Adelheid

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Say Metta,since you love big men so much,i decided to bring you these posters*unfurls posters with three guys pictured on them**Metta now has posters of Terry Bogard,Adelheid Bernstein and Ralf Jones*

[[Mettaton is lying down on bed… and he clings to the posters!]]

* This is healing material. They will heal my mental scars from my first time being sick.

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ELIZABETH OLSEN ― oh wait, I meant [ ADELHEID IVASHKOC ] is a [ HUNTER/HUMAN ] who is [ TWENTY FIVE ] years old. I heard she is [ FIERCE & DILIGENT ] but can sometimes be [ OBSESSIVE & VINDICTIVE ]… I’d still be cautious of them running around the French Quarter. (bee, 19, est, she/her)

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