I never understood why women with coarser, kinkier, tightly coiled textures believed that they didnt have “wash and go” hair. But then the Internet happened and I was like “oooooooh. Thats why.” Because the Internet has told you all that wash and go hair looks “this way” as opposed to “that way” and that only those with mixed textures, wavy hair or soft curls can “wash and go”. NEGATORY. We ALL have wash and go hair. Because every single one of our asses can just WASH and fxcking GO. Unlearn what you’ve been told and what Miss Jessie taught you. She’s tryna sell products. Dismiss what the YouTube bloggers have drilled into your skull. Erase all the imagery of them shaking their curls from side to side in slow motion. Release it. Be your own beautiful. This is my wash and go. It dosen’t move or blow in the wind. It points towards heaven. Im Glorious baybeee :)