mcbrilliant  asked:

When you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. Check my blog to see what I said about you!

n’aww that’s so sweet thanks..

  1. well since you’ve sent me this ima start with you haha…  you’re so sweet and like so friendly and i remember i followed you cause you were in jordan’s ff and im so glad i did.. you’re like the only person i know who likes erica so *clap clap* for that. plus you kinda torture me with your callica gifsets for which i hate you :((((((((( but still keep making them
  2. picturetoburn hi anja! haha well i love you seriously i’ve been following you for like a million years now and im so glad we get to talk every once in a while since you’re so awesome and i simply loveee your blog… also you seem like a hella great person to hang out with so if i could i’d totally be up for that haha plus you’re pretty as fuck so there’s that bye
  3. adeleology megannn so i really love the stuff you do and because of you i’ve started using ps (and im not nearly as good as you but you know gold star for trying) and i like that you’re like idk innovative in your gifs and edits i always see stuff of yours and think to myself ‘i wanna try that’ and you seem like a really awesome person
  4. serfborts hii so we haven’t really talked (except for the times i pop in your ask box and start ranting about adele-beyonce related stuff haha) but i really enjoy your presence on my dash cause you have this unique way of dragging people and sometimes i find myself laughing at your sassy replies hahaa and you make really nice stuff plus your theme is always on point :3
  5. somebodytodiefor you’re really nice to talk to and your stuff is fakoetj/3w edvbkhxjvls; and literally i want to reblog ever single thing you post we should talk more though

Hey all!

I deleted the previous version of adeleology & have started anew! The last one just became the biggest mess and I started to detest it tbh. But here we are again! This will solely be an adele blog again

So if there are any gifs/edits you miss from the previous version, I will gladly re-make them; just shoot me a message!