Item #91300
Main Attitude  Adèle Makéda® Dressed Doll Suggested Retail Price:  $110.00 US
Limited Edition Size:  400 Dolls Worldwide  Estimated Delivery date:  Mid August 2012

Will the no.1 Parisian socialite ever stop to impress?  Of course not!  Adèle Makéda’s edgy and totally driven style continues to leave a mark on the fashion world and whenever she and her friend Véronique Perrin enter a room, everyone bows at the sight of the only true Fashion Royalty in town!  In yet another one of her stylish moments, Véronique’s BFF truly shines in this smart, sophisticated two-piece ivory ensemble, perfectly completed by a dramatic short “fur” wrap.  As usual, Adèle’s judicious choice of accessories makes this look a new achievement in style perfection!

Adèle is a 12" vinyl doll that comes with a fully rooted hairstyle, hand applied eyelashes, fashion, jewelry, accessories, shoes, doll stand and certificate of authenticity.

Brown Beauty by Erica Lynn
Via Flickr:
Beautiful brown

[dolls from the Fashion Royalty line by Integrity Toys. Nadja is in the foreground, and I believe the three in the background are Adele Janay sculpts. –MOD]

EDIT: thx @taraljc for letting me know they’re Janays! I’ve updated the info! <3


IMG_2143 by Randy White

Soul Deep on Flickr.

My most viewed picture on Flickr for 2013.

Via Flickr:
Fashion Royalty “Soul Deep” Adele Makeda by Integrity Toys

FR “Dressing the Part” top
V. Jhon skirt
FR “Deconstruction Sight” heels
FR “Live Work Play” necklace
FR “Metropolitan” bracelets
FR silver hoop earrings

Styling and photo by Doll Fashionista

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